Dickey's Barbecue Pit

105 S Dixieland Rd, Lowell
(479) 347-2633

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Mike Hill

Two older dudes that clearly didn't want to be there, just went through the motions. One dude kept coming down to sit and watch the game until a customer came in.Green beans were rancid. Mac & cheese had curdled. Bread was hard, dense, and stale. Pulled pork was decent. Brisket was mostly fat.Whole place had an odor that just wasn't good. Several bits of garbage around the floor.Depending on funding, two years tops, and they are out of business. The entire atmosphere was morose and sad. No soul left. Maybe their proximity to JB Hunt office saves them as people might not have much choice.Parking: Strip mall parking. One store is a Dominoes Pizza, so should be plenty of parking.

Phillip Thomas

Ordered loaded baked potato which comes with bacon on the menu but if they put bacon on it is a up charge.

Gina Richey

We haven't had much luck with commercialized BBQ restaurants until this one. This one is on a different level when it comes to a franchised restaurant. The food is just amazing. To make the experience even better, the level customer service that Rick and Jerry gives their customers is fantastic! It's like they are welcoming you into their home. I highly recommend stopping by and checking this place out!

Mitchell Sawyer

I pass by this place everyday and finally decided to try it. I bought the 3 meat plate, I was so disappointed when I got home. Both the pieces of brisket I got were over half fat, I'm not talking a little bit of fat on there it was pure fat. The two pork ribs I got was nothing but bone. The whole meal was so disappointing I can't believe I spent 18 bucks to not even be full waste of money. Wish I didn't stop in


Inconsistent. I've eaten the ribs here enough times to know that sometimes they're perfect, and sometimes they're dry as hell. I'm not willing to gamble my money on whether I'm getting good or bad ribs on any given day...

Dia Cunningham

Great bbq. But understaffed for evening rush hour. Took 30 mins to pick up a to go order. Great smoked turkey!

Kelley Elam

We are very dissatisfied with the management of this establishment! My husband, daughter, now son-in-law and myself recently paid to have them cater a wedding. We were told in the meeting that they would provide tea, sweet tea and lemonade for our wedding reception. They told us that soda would be an additional charge which was fine. We did not need soda.Fast forward, they showed up with NOTHING for drinks. We were lucky to have had a case or so of water and some jugs of tea.The food and staff were wonderful but GET IT IN WRITING if you select them for an event and have a backup plan! Very unhappy!

Jason Hudson

Was craving one of my local BBQ faves but it was Sunday and it’s almost impossible to eat local on Sundays here. Fortunately, Dickie’s was open. Very friendly and efficient staff and the food was very good and allowed me to get my BBQ fix. I got the poultry plate and both the chicken and turkey was very tender and flavorful. Their sweet BBQ sauce topped off a great meal!

Patrick Forseth

Maybe not the best BBQ in town, and maybe not the best priced… However, our service was top notch, and that made for an awesome visit. Our impromptu Easter stop ended up pretty awesome. They were caring enough that I made them write their names down. Cell & Aydn we’re working and ran the place probably just as good as the owners would. They did so good, my 10 year old daughter demanded that I leave them a great review ?

nick myhre

They like to be lazy and close early. Don’t waste your time trying to go there after 8pm on a week day, kids probably got tired and went home.

Beth Smith

They had a guy in training and no body was supervising him. I had to tell him my sides 4 different times and he still messed it up. I only got 2 of the sides i asked for. The other plate i ordered was just meat and a roll ?‍♀️ The turkey and brisket were dry and looked like theyd been reheated several days in a row...This is not my first bad experience with dickeys, i dk why i keep trying...

Tim Marks

Dickeys is a nice consistent BBQ chain. This one was quick, clean and friendly.

Krystle Poirier

Dickies is good if your craving BBQ and can’t get elsewhere. The buns are USALLY hard as a rock, the meat is either super dry, or so fatty you pretty much paid for fat. And the sides are basic. I like it for a fast food bbq. But most of the time I end up disappointed at the end of the night.

Nate F

My first time visiting any Dickey's BBQ. It was delicious!! I ordered the burnt ends sandwich, great flavor and I love their BBQ sauce! I will definitely be returning and I would recommend others give them a try

Samantha Navarro

The food is ridiculously amazing, the bakers are my absolute favorite. And customer service was phenomenal, there had been an issue with my order and not only did they handle it beautifully but really went the extra mile for me going to another restaurant of theirs to get what they were missing because of their delivery service delay. Y'all have no idea what that meant to me. Thank you!!!

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