Flyway Brewing

314 Maple St, North Little Rock
(501) 812-3192

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Shawna Martin

All the food we had was delicious! We ordered Buffalo chicken fries, sliders, several pretzels, Buffalo wings, and some cheese fries...we were not disappointed with anything!Love the outdoor seating too.

Barbara A.

Omg I miss the tofu bahn mi so much. I guess it's not popular enough for tent city. Anyway best neighborhood beer, excellent Covid procedures, and great menu except for my missing love.

Christopher Gilbert

Wow what is even going on here? I came here after reading the menu with a very healthy appetite and full wallet but left 10 minutes later thinking to myself, "what have I just witnessed?". It's all outdoor seating, which is fine, however there's no rhyme or reason to how people are seated (i.e. being put on a wait list.) We tried to order a beer and food without having a table in the hopes that one would open while we waited but we were told we can't order without a table and we would have to "find one" first. Aka stand around awkwardly and steal a table from another group of people who may or may not be waiting? It didn't make sense to me, I left hungry and disappointed wondering why there is no system in place to get people seated. I'd love to give this place a try but the staff and ownership needs to figure this one out, or at least give guidance to guests.

Robert T.

Decent beer selection. They have outdoor seating and allow dogs. Wasn't too thrilled by this brewery. Staff was also not knowledgeable about their own beers. Probably won't go back. They had some food available but we didn't order any.

Jamie J.

We made our way to Little Rock for the first time and our friends wanted to start our tour at Flyway. It's just a few blocks away from their apartment so we decided to walk there. It seemed like a good idea until we realized how blazing hot out it was. This is no fault to Flyway, but it didn't help the cause when we sat in their tent city. I think it was an awesome set-up and the staff was great! I know so many businesses have struggled to find news approaches to bring in more business so I enjoyed their creativity. We stayed for only a few drinks because we were drenched in sweat, but we were happy to have stopped by to try their beers which were also pretty tasty. They have other adult beverages for those who do not like beer so it's nice to have that option.

Natasha M.

I visited Flyway on a warm Saturday afternoon and was impressed by their tent city and smooth delivery of social distancing. I enjoyed my carrot cake ale and my husband liked the Oktoberfest. He ordered really thick steak fries (that were tasty) and I ordered a perfectly executed bahn mi sandwich. I would love to return once things cool off. We also stopped by their side project, Brood & Barley for some tasty lemonades.

Andrea Ruz

Great beer and food, with lots of options. I love the tofu sandwich, and the staff is always nice.

Brandon J.

Stopped in for lunch last week on a road trip. Overall they were doing a great job with COVID guidelines, but the service from the staff at the ordering station was underwhelming at best. Sweet potato fries and the pretzel were great, but the sliders were pretty bland. Wanted to try a flight, but they can't currently serve them, so I just had the brown ale, and it was not impressive. Wish I could have tried more to give a more complete beer review, but perhaps next time I'm in town.

Maria J.

Shadow Hands Pretzels are outta this world. Definitely wanna try the Shadow Hands Brew next time. Sliders are great. Friendly knowledgeable staff

Halle J.

Beer was delicious, tables were spaced 6ft. apart and shaded, and they have a great curbside pickup option. They are definitely trying to make the best out of a difficult situation, and have plenty of safety regulations in place that made me feel comfortable being there. This was the 1st LR brewery I've been to and I was not disappointed! The staff was very accommodating and friendly. Check them out for sure!


Sometimes effort alone is nice and they do just that with a tent city craft beer space. Ipa's were great and a blonde just ok.10pm Saturday and the party is over in little rock Arkansas.

Trinity Knight

It was awesome!! Very Covid friendly, loved Tent City! Alex was pretty great! Could’ve used some hip music!!

Kurtis DeLozier

Love tent city. Not a single covid in sight. Alex was the dopest. Could use more 90s hip hop though.

Jeff Higgins

Great food, great beer, and great people. Easily one of my favorite places to hang out with some friends in all of Central Arkansas.

G.D. S.

Great little gem. Good food and drink. Fantastic staff. They have a young man there named Odell (?). Guys like him can make a "good" place into an " outstanding" or " don't miss" establishment. Check it out!

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