Orient Express

2600 Lakewood Village Dr L, North Little Rock
(501) 758-2627

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marian moxley

I was staying in N. Little Rock just one night on my trip from Missouri to Louisiana. I read reviews and felt there were more good reviews so I took a chance. I was happy to see their menu had Egg Foo Yung!. I ordered the pork Egg Foo Yung. It was delicious!!! Also, you can place your order and pay online from their website. They also have a drive thru window so I didn't have to get out of my car. The lady at the window was very sweet and food was hot and ready when I got their. If I'm ever here again I'll definitely order from the Orient Express!

Casey Roller

The food is the best Chinese food in the area. We love how delicious the food is! We order sesame chicken and general tso chicken with white rice and it is always delicious, hot and fresh. The lady recognizes our order and is very friendly. We order almost every weekend. Highly recommend! ?

John Jones

Food was very good, but, they forgot the egg rolls that were to accompany the meal.

Officially Tuda

This place gets a visit from my lady and I every weekend! They are wonderful, kind people serving really good food that doesn’t break the bank. (My 5 star rating comes from a combination of customer service received and the actual taste of the food)Sidebar to new goers: Every restaurant has its staples/best dishes that best suit your tastes. Be patient and be open to trying multiple dishes from here before making a judgement on their food.

patricia arendale

Food is always fresh and never greasy. The owners are very nice and friendly. They have the best egg rolls and Wonton soup

Dennis W.

I never had their food but I picked up orders from this restaurant many times. I can say that their service it great. The lady is super nice, she prepares the usually on time. I

Dee' Can't Stop!

The food is Legit. The people that's runs the company has a good heart ❤️.

adrian jesse

This place should be an example of how you shouldn’t trust Arkansas reviews. This place had 5 STARS!!!! This was the most disgusting, slop food I’ve ever encountered in my life. Don’t eat here and don’t trust Arkansas reviews of restaurants If you’re from Arkansas, Enjoy! You sick f

Erkan D

I don’t know how the food taste but The owner of the restaurant/lady is super nice person. They usually prepare the food on time.

Sonya I.

The food is always great. I have a few Chinese restaurants around where I live that r closer but they r not nearly as good.

Zarko Ijacic

First time here today. Ordered the chicken lo mein, beef broccoli, and szechuan beef for the three of us. There was a lot of food, but it was disgusting. The fried rice is not fried rice at all. Just regular rice with some soy sauce mixed in. All three of the meals were prepared with the same sauce, and was ver disappointing. To make a long story short, this is my last time here. GROSS

Nunya Bidness

Absolutely the best Chinese in the area. Not much atmosphere to sit and eat. More popular for take out. Call ahead for pick up at drive thru or use BeyondMenu app or BiteSquad. Highly recommend the egg rolls, shrimp rolls, gee gee beef, any fried rice. I thought I hated egg rolls. Now I can't get enough of theirs.

Dakota Hillman

Have gone here for years. Amazing food every time and great service. The family is super nice and tries to treat you great. Go get their food, you won’t regret it.

Ethan Bond

Huge amount of food for the money! Soup was fantastic. Sesame chicken had good flavor.

Tim Mceuen

this place is amazing for not being a big expensive chain restaurant. They make their eggrolls fresh by hand, and they are THE BEST ive ever had. Their sauces on their dishes actual tast different unlike so many other Chinese restaurants. Their orange chicken and sesamie chicken are amazing. BIG PORTIONS for a great price, trust me, im a big guy and i can not finish the regular sized meal... they are closed on Tuesdays.

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