Poke Hula

2607 McCain Blvd, North Little Rock
(501) 414-8065

Recent Reviews

Lorenzo Zee

I love this place ❤️ Customer service is good and even though the prices went up it's so worth it. God Bless the store owners during this outbreak. I wish you the best.

Regie Longoria

Ok. Sushi in a bowl.. I mean come on how can you say no. They do have cooked chicken for those who don't want raw seafood and various bowl bases to choose from. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Jacob Aaron Flippin

The food is delicious and fresh!

Cristine K.

7 months after my initial visit this place had gone downhill. Last several visits either: no one was at the counter to serve us or the food just didn't taste fresh. Perhaps it's because they don't get enough traffic given it's in Sherwood, or they can't hire right folks to deliver a good service. Won't be returning.

Eagle F

They were ok. We were not that impressed. We felt like they could use some more sauces to choose from. The staff weren't that friendly.

Stephanie Martin

Very disappointed. Usually one of our favorite go to places. The quality and portions the last few times was meager to say the least. The last time being the worst had to add scoops to try to get a good portion in the bowl. Prices increased which normally we wouldn’t mind because of the quality and portions. Now it was less food, less quality, and way more money. Extremely disappointed. Tried to even send an email as loyal customers and got no reply.

Ralph L Nelson

Great Great food. Healthy selection. Hawaiian style sushi menu

Jate J.

Poke Hula, thank you for being YOU! Who doesn't love CYO Poke' spot??? I would frequent this place a lot during the hot summer months when I needed something refreshing, light, and filling. The staff is always nice and the place looks clean. This is very important when dealing with raw fish. The prices are super affordable too which is a PLUS! I'm for sure a fan and will be returning!

Cami W.

Love this place, HOWEVER, I went in this week for a bowl to go. The girl working was sitting outside on the ground smoking. There was one guest inside eating. I walked inside and the girl working came in, smelling of cigarette smoke, put some hand sanitizer on her hands, the whole time, on her cell phone. She finally hung up and said, you know what you want? I said i do and proceeded with my order. The food was fine, the wasabi appeared to have been out all day and was turning brown. She swiped my card for payment, put my card and receipt on the counter and walked off and got back on her phone before i had even signed my receipt. Needless to say, no tip for her...None the less, the food was fine. However, if i see this young lady working when i decide to come, I will leave. No personality, smelled of cigarette smoke, had dreadlocks, no hairnet or not even pulled back. Maybe she could at least pull it back? and use gloves?? Ick.

Roy Middleton

Good poke, Aloha


Absolutely love this place! Fresh ingredients and great flavors.

Erika S

Absolutely love this place! Fresh ingredients and great flavors.

rochelle tatum

Love this place it's always so fresh

Paradise Breeze

A must try!! Fresh & so good, will return

Jennifer A.

Went for a late lunch today around 1:30-2pm. The employee was great and helpful. However the food.... All of the fish was brown. The avocado was very brown.. it was obvious that everything has been sitting out for a while. The rice is hot and the toppings are cold (fish was room-temp). It's now been a few hours since I ate and I'm now hugging the porcelain throne. Food poisoning is not how I wanted to spend my afternoon.. I should've known to turn around and go right back out the door when I noticed everything was brown the next time I have a sushi craving, I'll go to the hibachi place next door. I won't be back :(

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