4507 Fairway Ave, North Little Rock
(501) 771-4141

Recent Reviews

Madison O'Brien

Nah the drive thru moving at 0 miles an hr I’m good

Everet Starr

Always love subway, great subs and great prices.

Billy Hodge jr

They were out of most every wrap

Valencia E.

I love their tuna. I only gave a 4 star rating because they no longer have provolone cheese.

Bruce Holsted

The service is on par with all other fast food and convenience stores. I was buying a gift card. I got at least one grunt out of the staff, so I'd recommend. Better than most.

Penelope Martin

Great food. Don't have to worry about to many calories.

Deborah Pope

Worst sandwiches l have ever had from Subway. The bread was so dried out it was inedible. Waste of money! The shop was clean and the customer service good, but that old bread should never have been served. I won’t be back.

Marcia Childress

Great food and customer service!

Ronnie Kalatizadeh

Very friendly staff and fresh ingredients

Ever McDowell-Boulware

Did make the order correct should of just went in side n not drive thu

Travis Barton

One of the best easy to get in and out always clean and the staff is awsome

Miguel Cossio

Not good at all. Bad bad bad service in the evening. Got eyes rolled at my girlfriend and I had flies all over my sandwich. Definitely not a great experience

Victoria Hensley

Love SUBWAY.... Fairway location (NLR), the JFK location (NLR), and the Cantrell Road locations !!!! BEST! Cantrell location folks are awesome! They know i love those cookies too!

Charlie Zona

Sandwich good as always. Man whipping tables. Pants down pasted his butt checks. Not good.. Needs belt.

T Richmond

My boyfriend and I both had a BMT, it was really good. We don't eat very much fast food and this sandwich was a reminder that Subway could be a healthy option, which is a good thing when you need to eat and have been working or traveling, we were gardening. This subway has a drive thru, is very clean and the people were super nice! Very good experience, I will keep Subway in mind next time I'm short on time and tired and need to eat and for just a quick lunch. They have chips, both reg and low fat, sodas, water fountain and bottled and juice for the little ones for a happy meal.

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