Big Sexy Food - Downtown Springdale

107 E Emma Ave, Springdale
(479) 334-5451

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Linsey Blevins

Someone told me that is restaurant was the best, I'm sorry to say we found it to be the worst. I love me some brusulsprouts but theirs were burnt to a crisp and I do mean crisp. Like eating freeze dried leaves. Their menu was very confusing to us, their choice of foods blended together were the weirdest combinations iv ever heard of and I couldn't bring myself to order but one thing and that was the grilled cheeses burger. Apparently they really ment a grilled cheese sandwich then the beef patty, that was not seasoned, with toppings and then another grilled cheeses sandwich. The sandwiches were ok. My nine yr old daughter wouldn't even eat her sandwich, said it was ok but that was it. The fries were the only thing we ate that we liked.

Eric Smith

The food is a really unique take on the basics and it is so filling! The friendly service and atmosphere is so like visiting a friends house! Those appetizers and burgers are the bomb and will have you wanting to walk downtown Springdale! Ask me how we know!!

Matthew Lawrence

Great food best burger joint ever do your self a favor and get the “nuddy buddy” and Brussels

Maria Smith

Since the pandemic my GOAL has been to support local eateries/shops. Big Sexy Food is amazing and has excellent service. The quality of food is A1. Looking forward to trying Brunch.This restaurant is a MUST HAVE dining experience.#NWALife

Kevin Wright

My wife and I had a great meal this evening. The staff was friendly and helpful. It's a cozy spot near the railroad tracks if you are riding the train to Winslow or Van Buren. Will definitely go back next time we are in the area.

Lonnie Sanders

Da Nutty Buddy Burger !!! Don't knock it til you've tried it of the best burgers I've ever had but...the Brussels Sprouts ...OMG when she brought them out i thought I'llnever eat all of that but I absolutely could not stop eating them , I took half of my burger home just so I could eat the Sprouts!!! Definitely coming back soon !!

Sheila Burk

Must try the ring of fire if you like spicy hott and the other burger was awesome.

Carolyn Peace

FAB-U-LOUS! This is my second time visiting in a very short time span and I was impressed again! Wait staff is fun, thoughtful and efficient. The Mushroomator hamburger made by Jack was spot on and the melted, crunchy cheese was to die for! Brussels Sprouts amazing (however I do wish the walnuts would have been chopped a bit and/or toasted instead of raw.) Great price for what you get! Kudos to Jack and the wait staff!

LadyGodiva BBW

This was horrible.Like truly.The gimmick of the presentation is it.The meat was dry,sprouts burnt a $40 tab for food my sister&I took 2 bites out of the entrees.The mozzarella egg rolls were good&the sauce I enjoyed but they are severely over priced.The Ring of fire isn't stuffed or filled it is a $14 sandwich comprised of no flavor&4 slices of Texas toast.I would have fared better at a McDonald's.They should have stayed closed COVID isn't the reason for a shut down here.By the way we sent back items also The Mac in cheese is more of a macaroni salad deal.The server saw and heard that there were issues with the meals.Noting when she picked up our plates 'OH I see nothings moving here do you want to go boxes?' .Now we sent back food.... don't you think 2 gluffy girls would ear bread and cheese happily lol.Yeah garbage.

Melissa T

Great burgers, but even more surprising are the delicious dogs! Loved the food and trivia night was weird yet delightful. Happy to have places like this in Springdale.

Mason Conner

One of the best burgers I have ever had. The service was amazing. Brussels sprouts sides are the best ever. Worth your time and every penny if your visiting anywhere in NWA.

Tiffany White

Absolutely my new favorite place! The vibe of the restaurant was so fun, played the best music, the food was AMAZING, and the service was top notch!

Heather Swope

Excellent Sprouts! The Veggie Sammich with added chicken was yummy. Great service.

Devin Worstell

Large prices and meager portions... It was very good but I left just as hungry as when I arrived. Also like a 90's vibe which I did not get from the name. Strange place.

Paul Aviles

Good food. Good service. Prices are not bad.

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Big Sexy Food - Downtown Springdale

107 E Emma Ave, Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 334-5451