Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

4374 W Sunset Ave, Springdale
(479) 751-0305

Recent Reviews

Logan Murphy

Dine in experience was slow paced. It took 12 minutes to get our food. The place was clean and there was someone walking around making sure other tables have been cleared and wiped down.

Richard Mullens

This Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store was awesome. We haven’t visited a Braums in quite some time. Our favorite is the yogurt twist in the waffle cone (of course a large). It was as good as we remember. It was fantastic. We would definitely return to this Braums if we are in this area again. The employees were friendly and fast. The parking was adequate.

Jared Robinson

The food and quality was great, the service was terrible. I arrived Oct 14th around 630pm. It took them 20+mins to get my food. At least 10 cars came after me, received their food and left. I ordered two cheeseburger combos, it should have not been that difficult.

B Conrad

Staff allowed to wear pants below their Crack. Unprofessional. I will say that both the offender and the manager handled my complaint and staff person was polite, clean and well groomed

C. P. & T.

Got here almost closing time. The staff were super friendly and nice. Orders came out hot and right! I asked for no pickles on my bacon burger with extra mayo. The hubby got a triple patty burger and asked for extra mayo and extra lettuce with NO cheese. They did everything correctly. The fries were salted just right and fried just right. Some small bits were crispy, how I like them. The only small complain I have is that the diet Dr. Pepper was so watered down. But I understand that it can be tricky to get the right mixture combo for these fountain drinks...though, it will be a nice touch to make sure that their beverages taste good, too. The burgers were really good. We will be back for the burgers and fries.

Jeniffer McGee

Ice cream is great. The store gets my non- ice cream order right about 80% of the time.

G Kent

Best place for ice cream options. Got sugar free cherry percent, good sweetener ingredients. No bad aftertaste.Great fruit and veggies. Try their market!Not just a RESTAURANT??


Love this place. You can't go wrong, so many flavors of regular ice cream, no sugar added, frozen yougurt and sherbet. Wish I lived there to try more!

Mike Farley

Classic burger and ice cream joint with an unexpected mini grocery store inside. 50s vibe with a huge selection of ice cream in the grocery store. A local favorite and I can see why. One of the best burgers I've ever had from a drive thru.

Maria Brandenburg

Clean, friendly environment. Employees were so kind and the restaurant was very clean and well stocked in their Fresh Market area.The fries were some of the best I have had in a very long time...perfect amount of salt.The burger was delicious and I love how the bacon was done in a basket type pattern and perfectly crisp so it covered the whole burger and did not come off the burger in one bite. Will definitely visit again when I am in the area.

Ryan Fagan

This Braums is kind of stingy with their ice cream. We order a double dip sundae from a Braums across town yesterday and it was full to the top of the lid. When we ordered the same thing here, we got 2 tiny scoops that barely made it past where the base and lid attach.

Barry B.

While I think this is one of the best Braum locations in NWA I am finding a negative among both Springdale and Rogers. When I order a vanilla shake I am consistently getting some type of solid in the drink. I would say it is probably from the bottom of the bucket where the ice cream has melted and sugared. This time today there was so much in the drink I threw it away. This has been so frequent I will no longer order a milk shake. I also want to say I think these are great restaurants but this needs to be improved.

Lloyd Krizan

I do love Braums. We don't have them where we live so it is a treat to stop and eat there when traveling. We usually get the shakes for dessert when we leave.

Charley Jay

What a place. Delicious everything. Love their cheese they put on our burgers. My favorite is two Scoops of strawberry ice cream. It's better than blue bell, I promise.


Braums is amazing, but this location is awful in terms of service. The girl at the window asked us to pull forward when we were the only customers in line, and when we pulled forward I saw her clearly making less than appropriate gestures through the window and waving at us with her arms. When she brought our food out she was fairly aggressive and nobody there will answer the phone after the fact to address the issue. Not sure if management was present today but I wouldn’t want somebody working at the window who is rude to customers, completely unprompted. Everyone has tough days, and the service industry is awful to its workers, but this person was taking out some misdirected aggression on two completely unrelated people just purchasing food in a drive thru.

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