Fratelli's Italian Grill

1008 W Sunset Ave, Springdale
(479) 347-7562

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Very good food and excellent service! The salmon piccata is to die for. My husband devoured the spaghetti and meatballs. Definitely a keeper.

Nisha Bothra

Bad food, horrible service and worst of all: dishonest people! Never again!My husband and I recently went to Fratelli's for the first time. Our experience was awful. The server was completely uninterested in his job. The food was bland and tasteless to the point that neither of us could eat more than a few bites of our entrees. The drink we ordered smelled moldy too, like the machine hadn't been cleaned in ages.Despite our bad experience, my husband was kind enough to leave a 20% cash tip for the server, and he paid the bill using his credit card. A day later, his card charge showed an extra 15% of the food bill charged to us. The server basically put an additional 15% tip on the bill on his own accord.I cannot even begin to describe how angry I feel. I usually don't write bad reviews for restaurants, especially since restaurants are struggling financially since the start of the pandemic. However, for a server to add a 15% tip on top of the 20% cash tip we left for him is absolutely unacceptable. Needless to say, we will never be visiting this restaurant again.

Tonette Wilkes

Ok so today I ordered the Seafood Combo #2 when I walked in I forgot just how amazing this place smells! And the music just wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket. Staff was so kind and personable.This order made for a difficult drive home. That first bite was exquisite. The mussels and shrimp were tasty and tender. I was pleasantly surprised to find just as much meat in this dish as there was pasta. The sauce. Wow! Best Alfredo sauce I’ve ever had. Thank you as always for making my day.

paul childress

This place a a hidden jem. Food is always amazing. The rolls are incredibly delicious.

Phillip Bassett

Stopped in to Fratelli's Italian Grill for dinner with my wife. It is a little unassuming on the outside, but that usually is a plus for me, as small restraunts tend to have the better food and service.We were greeted by a very polite gentleman, who it would turn out seemed to be running the front of the house alone. He bussed the table, served as host, server, and checked us out when we left. His service was very good, as he performed all tasks very professionally.We started with the special of spinach artichoke dip, which the specials board showed to be made with Alfredo sauce. That was new to us, but it was a delightful surprise. I liked that it was served with toasted Italian bread slices.My wife had the chicken fettuccine Alfredo, and I had the chicken Parmigian which came with spaghetti. The serving sizes are more than a person should eat, and the prices were very good. I will say I am not sure that the noodles or bread were made in house, and not sure the chicken was breaded in house, etc., but the value for what you pay to what you get is definitely in your favor.I would definitely eat here again, and plan to on return visits to the area. I recommend trying Fratelli's if you have not already done so.

Dan Hennessey

After seeing Tripadvisor ranked it the #2 Italian restaurant in Springdale, AR, we went here for a late lunch. We arrived around three in the afternoon and therefore were their only guests. I'm sure the two or three employees I saw were busy doing prep work at that hour, but we still received very attentive service. I ordered their house special - fresh garlic, basil, zucchini, yellow squash, sundried tomatoes, and chicken breast over linguini pasta. OUTSTANDING!The owners are a delightful couple. If I remember their story correctly, they came from Italy less than ten years ago, bringing their favorite family recipes with them. Fratelli's is a family-friendly restaurant.Their alcohol license is limited to beer and wine only.

Tom Allen

When you enter into this place you do get an Italian vibe with the decor, the music. and the smell. My wife and I came in at 2:15pm on a Wednesday and were the only ones there but they still seated us. We started with the fried ravioli as an appetizer and they were very tasty and the red sauce was an excellent dip for them. Then we both had a salad with the house Italian dressing that was excellent. I then had the lasagna and I really enjoyed the red sauce but would like to have had more pasta. My wife had the fettucine and it could have used more garlic and salt. Adding salt made a big difference. We wish we were hungry enough to try a dessert, but another trip. The service was excellent!


Epic food and service. Pasta that I had in other places were always too salty. This place’s pasta wasn’t like that and tasted organic. Absolutely worth its price. Pizza also tasted amazing. A bit cheesy to me but thats about personal preference and should be adjustable when ordering. And the crust…. Wff crunchy and very flavorful.

Xime Varqas

They overcharged me for things I did not order. Won't order from them again!

Kaylie Bartholomew

We waited over 15 minutes for someone to even ask for our drink order. At that point we had been figuring out where we were going to go instead. When we politely told the waitress that she was rude and acted as though we were an inconvenience to her and grabbed the menus and walked off. It was definitely our first and last time there!

Anna M

I should have read the negative reviews before ordering. Ordered the chicken parm and it came with very bland spaghetti and the chicken itself was one of those processed patties that you see in school lunches or hospitals. Not disgusting but definitely not the quality you would expect to see for a pricey restaurant entree. The rolls that came along were hard and had no flavor. Would rate it one star but I ate here once pre covid and it was much better so I wanted to give them credit for that at least. even Olive Garden is 10 x better quality than the meal I ate today…save your money or go to geraldis or noddles in Fayetteville instead

Melissa Wright

I ordered the family ravioli last night. Sooo good and the rolls are amazing!

Shannon Miller

Overall is was okay. The flavors were good but consistent quality was an issue. The sliced Italian sausage had a nice flavor but the temperature was steaming hot one bite and barely warm on the next then back to hot on the next. It did not seem evenly cooked. Also things felt a little over priced to me.

Lee Parsons

Fratelli's has the potential to be a hidden gem. The atmosphere is very warm and the seating is quite comfortable. I ordered the Chicken Toscanini and was very impressed. My wife and mother order to differnt items... unfortunately not as good as what I experienced. The chicken tasted old and the ravioli seemed to be freezer burnt.

Darlene Parsons

I ordered the pasta sampler which was really good until I got to the ravioli which tasted old and freezer burnt. The rolls are good but the marinara is very bland

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