Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

6800 W Sunset Ave, Springdale
(479) 927-6901

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Vikki C.

This place was not busy when we arrived. They got everyone's order wrong. Many ordered no onions, they gave us onions. Many ordered alternate sides, they gave everyone fries. They only serve two flavors of custard and one was out because the chocolate custard machine was down and they said it had been broken a long time. So you have your choice of vanilla or vanilla. What the heck?! The patty melt is made on rye bread. But you don't know that until your food arrives, but rye bread is gross! The fries here are shoestring skinny, so they are only hot for a split second. The only nice things I have to say about this place have nothing to do with the food. It's clean, the decor is interesting and the employees are very nice.

Dana Hollman

Food is good but more attention and time needs to be invested in cleaning. You can see stuff splattered on seats that been there for who knows how long. Sticky stuff on edge of my seat. Pictures on walls have splatter smears on them. Card reader was nasty.

Sebastian G.

Love the people around here it's a lil pricey but food is honestly amazing I can't to come back !!

Reina Gattino

I'm giving 4 stars because my guys love this place. Their burgers make my stomach hurt after so they are just meh for me. The fries are yummy though as is the frozen custard. YMMV on the burgers but I don't mind coming here for the other food.Food: 3/5

Rachel Braun

I have been a big fan of Freddy’s. I had it today and it immediately tasted off. Super greasy and salty and all around weird. I now have major food poisoning.

Barbara Barrette

You have a great team, working for you me and my sister went to Freddy's last night in Springdale and they were very kind they did everything that we wanted, and we really enjoyed ourselves, and we asked to talk to the manager to let them know that their team's workers were very good, they have some great people working for Freddy's ?Food: 5/5

Ronni W.

Quality of food has gone way down. Chicken sandwich taste like rubber! Fries are cooked with old grease and this is at 1:00 pm on a Saturday! I won't be eating at this place again!

Alexander Reyes

They are a bit pricy for a burger place but they are very good and their frozen custard sundays are fun for kids with lots of variety. The style of burger and fries is much like steak and shake.

Zachary Dawson

The food at Freddy's is always good. I give it 4 stars because it's slightly overpriced, but not based on quality, only based on competition. Freddy's tastes great, and this franchise specifically was really good. They gave me a free ice cream cone once when I came by for late night ice cream. Super nice staff, always prompt, we never spend much time in the drive through line.

Barbara S.

I want to thank everyone who were so kind to me because of a stressful situation caused by Grubhub! I made an order which I thought was going to be delivered and I waited for over 30 minutes and then I learned it was a pickup order, so I ended up being an hour late getting my order. The staff at Freddy's were kind enough to keep my hamburger warm and had my ice cream order made over, fresh.

steven shipley

So I loved this place until today.. went to refill my drink and noticed about 6 aunts floating in my cup. I took my cup to the cashier where they admitted they knew about the issue and made my drink from behind the counter. I had already drank almost a full cup. If they knew about the issue why not put out of order sign on the machine until the issue is resolved? Gross!

John Carson

Serious food safety risk.Son ordered takeout. Got back to work and had bugs in the cup. 15-20 ants. Smashed in the lid. Tried to call. No answer. Reached out to "corporate" and social media. No response. Nearly a month later a "manager" called me and assured me it had been fixed and would mail gift cards. Now multiple weeks past that and no cards. Talked with a District manager over email, and they don't answer emails now. Corporate doesn't care.So, just be sure to check your food before you eat it for unwanted surprises. Guess I'll have to call the health department to look into their sanitation practice.

Nancy Langley

Jason who worked the front counter in taking our order is the absolute best in welcoming, taking orders, and always with a big smile. Also very helpful. Enjoyed watching him interact with customers. He is the best I have ever encountered. Thank you Jason. ?

Linda Gamblin

I've loved your burgers since you opened..I moved but when I'd come for a visit always made sure I'd get your burger..had to come to town for an emergency yesterday got a burger from you but it was not a Freddie's burger it wasn't wasn't crunchy on around edges itwas likea burger from another place I was very disappointed..

Kim Williamson

Got to Freddy's at 8:45pm. The chairs were on the tables, they had no chocolate custard, and they were out of chili. They had already cleaned the ice cream machines! The girl at the cash register told us they were out of everything because they close in an hour. They close at 10pm! An hour and 15 minutes before they are supposed to close and the store looks closed and they are out of everything. They offered my friend a liquidy chocolate ice cream in a cup. Who wants that!? Horrible experience and so disappointing.

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

6800 W Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR 72762
(479) 927-6901