Hail Fellow Well Met

5519 W Hackett Rd Suite 101, Springdale
(479) 332-4283

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OpenTable Diner

A little biased because Onyx is one of my favorite coffee roasters and was my introduction to specialty coffee. Food and drinks are incredible, prices are reasonable, the space is beautifully designed, and service is excellent. Saw Andrea Allen, the owner of onyx and well met, during our visit today and she served us our drinks. I think it says something about her character and the company for the owner to be sweeping floors and interacting with her staff and customers like we saw today. I will definitely come back and would highly recommend.

OpenTable Diner

We were there for post engagement brunch and it was perfect! Thank you!!


This place is fantastic! Great brunch for me and my three daughters. Food and drinks were amazing!

OpenTable Diner

The food was amazing!


I love this place! Yummy coffee and delicious breakfast! Fun decor!

Jade B.

Food was flavorful, cute place with a nice aesthetic. Not my favorite but it's a nice experience!

Edie B.

Good food, but too expensive. Extremely unwelcoming environment. Servers are ingenuous, but polite. My first time eating there and I was left to fend for myself; it was hard to find the menu and I got very lost. Latte was lukewarm, not hot enough. I was treated like an imbecile and felt insulted. Wouldn't eat here again.

Jamie W.

This place is hyper trendy, they have outdoor seating too. The coffee was really good, they have some interesting mixes, mine had dark Chocolate and cinnamon. The croissant was probably my favorite thing and will try the chocolate one next time. The yogurt bowl was very different but pretty. The prices are definitely on the high side but it was a fun place to visit.

Chris B.

Spending some time in NWA and had breakfast here on a Saturday. Really cool ambience, loved the decor, music, overall space vibe, also very open roomy space. I just had coffee and a cinnamon roll, my wife had the croissant egg sandwich and a latte with salted caramel and browned butter. The latte was amazing, rich, not too sweet. Drip coffee and croissant sandwich were both very good. The cinnamon roll was over baked, so very dry and tough. Frosting was excellent so helped the problems. Anyway, add good service and really glad we went, jealous locals have such a fun spot!

Margot V.

Beautiful dreamy looking place with great real pastries and food and coffee is great but never hot enough :(

Haley U.

I love this restaurant because it has a great brunch and coffee menu as well as a great happy hour appetizer and drink menu. Gluten free and dairy free options that still taste delicious. Would highly recommend the yogurt and granola for brunch with a terracotta latte or onyx delight.

Makaylia Porter

I would leave 10 stars if I could. This establishment is the epitome of perfection. Amazing, kind, knowledgeable staff. The food displays flavors and art that leave you in per bliss. I literally can’t say enough wonderful things about Hail!

Shirin Z.

I loved finding this gem on our way to Branson and can't wait visit on our way back home!

Lindsay B.

The ambiance is nice, the staff is friendly, and the food is beautiful. I really wanted to love my experience but I was disappointed in a few things. The staff was quick to greet me, took my name, handed me a menu, and told me the table I could sit at once I placed my order. After reviewing the menu quickly, I admired the baked goods on display for probably 5 minutes before the person taking orders acknowledged me. She seemed busy with the computer so I wasn't pressuring her, but I started to feel out of place juggling a toddler and those 5 minutes seemed like 15! They handed me a Mia tart (the best part of my meal!) after ringing up my order, and I went outside to wait for a fall coffee (they don't have all the same coffees as Onyx so she suggested something similar) and the Miss Biscuit. We were outside for 10 minutes before they brought my coffee to me and this point my son had devoured the tart but made a huge mess in the process. I then realized I needed to grab my own napkins, and found them at a wait station. I saw a woman walking around with a drink but she didn't seem to find who it belonged to and hadn't asked me, and I think this ended up being my drink. While it was beautiful and good, it had cooled significantly. My Miss Biscuit came out 5 minutes later and the first bite was delicious. It was even beautiful to look at. But after the second bite, my son and I both slowed our roll. I couldn't eat more than 3 bites. As I was cleaning up a waiter came by to ask how everything was and I told him I was taken aback by the salt. I told him the ham likely was the main culprit but it was so overpowering I couldn't finish. He was very cordial and said he'd communicate that with the kitchen. In summary, the set up was a bit confusing. I wasn't prepared for the self service set up and I hated that I had to find and go to the station 3 times (I thought surely they'd bring out napkins/utensils with the coffee and forks with the meal). Also, I imagine the Miss Biscuit is amazing on any other day, and the coffee (Onyx coffee is by far the best in the region), as well, but I guess I caught it on an off day.

Rachel Andersen

It's like walking into a Cafe in 1974! The retro, eclectic and happy little restaurant offers unique breakfast dishes, coffees and adult beverages. The atmosphere is funky and bright, the food was almost too pretty to eat, but amazing. Definitely stop by this restaurant, welcomed change of pace in NWA!

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