Las Fajitas Springdale - Mexican Restaurant

5266 N Thompson St, Springdale
(479) 872-1346

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Richard Van Dusen

Great staff and they dealt with a large party pretty well. We did have a few issues with the food coming out not "fresh" ie Fajitas on a sizzle platter were cold but over all it was a good experience and will go back with a smaller party next time.

Matt Conley

Flew in to Northwest Arkansas for a family event. My brother picked me up from the airport and we were starving. Sergio waited on us and is a fantastic server. We had 32 ounce beers and our food came out immediately. I’ve been visiting family in Arkansas my entire life, this is by far the best Mexican restaurant I’ve been to. We liked it so much we went back on our way to the airport. This place absolutely slaps and I will be back ???

allen diaz

Ordered like 30 mins before. I got there, order was wrong. Paid $15 DOLLARS for cold meat and cheese on chips. We had LITERALLY gone over the menu for the toppings. Never again.

Stephen Henry

Barely any cheese on my grandmother's quesadilla, the table was not level we about spilled drinks. Our server should of recognized this instead I went to bar and got drink coasters to stop this madness. Tighten up Springdale las fajitas

Ethan Shoe

"Their cheese dip is lit" -my dad.I've had nothing but good experiences here. The interior of this restaurant is very nice and open, and the staff are nice. I got the cheese dip for an appetizer and it was pretty good. Nothing special, but still tasty. For my meal, I got beef enchiladas with rice and beans. Everything was good. Not much else to add.

Chase Batt

A new server named Sergio made the entire experience. Been going here for awhile, and it’s nice to see someone who cares. Ask for him by name if he’s available! Best and kindest server in Northwest Arkansas! The food on the other hand…wouldn’t recommend. My stomach still aches. The other staff has given up. They need new ownership. I blame the leadership not the staff, because there is no management. Es triste.

Alicia Crihfield

I've been going here for years. I had a surgery to where I can't eat a lot of food. I've been ordering street taco meat with lettuce, Pico and sour cream. Usually my server keys in the ticket accordingly. I've usually pay between 5.99 to 8.99 for my little meat salad. I went there today ordered the same thing I've been ordering for months and was charged 20.00 for a small plate of street taco meat, shredded lettuce a small cup of sour cream and Pico. I explained that I can't eat the tortillas and that I asked for them not to be on the plate. I had to pay 20.00 for a full meal plus sides when I didn't even get served the full meal. The owner refused to help. We will never be back. Save your money!!!! For 63.00 total for 2 people I could have had a steak dinner and at big whiskeys! There's a lot of people walking strong with a weightloss surgery. Business' who want to treat people this way and over charge will lose customers.


"Their cheese dip is lit" -my dad.I've had nothing but good experiences here. The interior of this restaurant is very nice and open, and the staff are nice. I got the cheese dip for an appetizer and it was pretty good. Nothing special, but still tasty. For my meal, I got beef enchiladas with rice and beans. Everything was good. Not much else to add.

Jaden Cash

We tried to call ahead and order our food. The waitress that answered our phone hung up right after I completed my order. I then called again, no one responded and after 30 seconds of no response, the call ended. I called a third time asking to speak to the manager and once again the call was ended by the waitress. When we got there we immediately asked for the manager as the waitress said something to her coworker in rude tone. The manager then came out and was very in-genuine about the situation and even blamed it on us. The waitress then said something to the manager in a rude tone. He did however give us a free side of queso, which is why I gave a second star.

Jerold Glover

Very disappointed that we were not notified when ordering for taco Tuesday that tacos were no longer $1. I spend a lot of time here as my son has baseball practice right down the road. We ordered many tacos thinking the price was $1. I was shocked when I got my bill. She giggled when I asked when they changed their prices and why they aren't making sure servers are relaying the message to people. I eat here multiple times a week and last time we ate tacos they were $1. Put up a sign!!

Henry B.

Food quality is very low. Would not recommend. Literally anywhere but this restaurant will have better food quality and consistency. Used to be much better. Sad to see how low the standards have dropped.


Contrary to what Google says, this place now closes at 9:00, not 9:30. That said, we walked in at 8:58pm and were immediately offered the option of a pickup order, and we ended up waiting for less than 10 minutes inside the restaurant. The food itself was piping hot and honestly fresher than expected for something made minutes before closing. Staff was wonderfully accommodating and the fajitas were great!

Mark S

DO NOT GO HERE! The server tried to rip off my mom! pretty sure it wasn't an isolated incident. Paid with a card, server didn't give us a receipt... We get a text msg with every charge from the bank. Happened to look at the text before we left. She overcharged us by $16! When confronted about it, she quickly gave us the $16 back, in cash, from her tips... She knew exactly what she did! I would like to be contacted by the owner. How many other people do they do this to!?? We Will never go here again! And nobody else should either! Unless you want to get ripped off.

Rebecca Roeder

This used to be our favorite go-to Mexican restaurant because it’s convenient on the drive home. The last 3 times we have been shorted at least 1 entree item. We live 30 minutes away & are not going to drive up & get the missing food. The people answering the phone don’t have the ability to credit you back supposedly & we were told the manager would call back. Never does. We’ve tried calling multiple times & hes never “available “. Eating in-house a few weeks ago was just as disappointing- food quality is in the gutter now & they forgot some of our order. Never again

Jason W.

Stopped in Saturday night after the comedy show up the street. We wanted to have a few drinks and some appetizers. I ordered a Knob Creek and Coke. I took a sip and immediately cut my lip on the glass. I turned the glass and realized it was chipped all the way around. Caught the server and told him about it. He left with the drink and I watched him walk over and pour it into another glass. When he came back I looked at the glass and seen it was chipped as well. I placed it off to the side to show him. When he came back I pointed it out and he picked it up and looked at it and said he didn't see the chip. I showed him and he seemed very "put out" that I was complaining about it. We ordered the Guacamole Live and some cheese dip. He did the guacamole at the table. I enjoy spicy but it was so hot that we all took about 2 bites and stopped eating it. I kind of felt like he did it on purpose for the whole drink issue. He finally brought me another drink and I was able to enjoy it. Overall I just wasn't impressed with his attitude or the food. Did I mention that the extra hot guacamole was not fun on my cut lip?

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Las Fajitas Springdale - Mexican Restaurant

5266 N Thompson St, Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 872-1346