Neal's Cafe

806 N Thompson St, Springdale
(479) 751-9996

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Worst chicken fried steak I've ever had in my life! And for the price I paid, I felt bad throwing it away, so I fed it to the dog.The chocolate creme pie wasn't very good either. I've had better pies from Sam's Club or Wal-Mart. First & last time for me.

Mac Giolla Ghuala

Like a good old fashioned home cooked meal. Only negative, for me, the salad as a side should be more than lettuce, a couple of carrot slivers, and salad dressing. Very generous portion sizes.Food: 5/5

Amy Bell

As a connoisseur of fried chicken originally from the deep south, I've been wanting to try Neal's for a while. After all, they claim to have some of the best fried chicken in America and have been around for decades.First, the good. The ranch dressing on my salad was some of the best I've ever had, and the fried jalapeños were excellent. However, that was about it except for great ice and excellent service.Now, for the not so good. The mashed potatoes were real but flavorless, and the white gravy tasted like bacon grease but was otherwise flavorless. My bone-in fried chicken was moist. However, it didn't seem to have any seasoning except a little salt in spots. I was absolutely amazed at how forgettable the chicken was. Then, there was some sort of dry, coarse, yellow cornbread that was cake-shaped but neither filled with nice things like onions and peppers nor sweet. My husband said his chicken fried chicken was ridiculously tough. And his brown beans had no taste besides bean flavor and no accompanying liquid.Maybe this is just how food tastes in Arkansas, but we're accustomed to food with more flavor. Plenty of people seem to like it, though. It just does suit us.

Ken Johnson

Very basic food.Nothing special here.Prices are not in line with the food quality.Staff is friendly enough.Ordered a BLT, very basic, it came with a small bag of Lays chips, really?For the price your better off at Denny's.I won't be back.

Rick Carlton

My maternal grandfather took me to Neal's Cafe as a two to three year oldFood: 5/5


Upon using Trip Advisor app, we saw this spot ranked high!!! Our waitress(do not remember her name, ugh), shared the history of the restaurant!!!! Food came out promptly~ Fried chicken-very tasty, reminds you of Grandma’s Fried jalapeños w/homemade ranch-the bomb Rolls-very good Small Chef Salad-huge with lots of ham Coconut Cream Pie-added delicious bonus We even had the pleasure to meet Don-the owner. He was exceptionally polite & very pleasant. He added logs to the fire & sat down with 2 of his waitresses! He seemed to know most patrons! WE WILL RETURN!!!!!

Dean Garrett

Awesome. Food!!! I had thr chicken fried steak with brown beans mashed potatoes apple salad and cornbread. I'd never had apple salad but found it to be delicious. The service was top notch and spot too. I'd give 8 stars if I could.

Tammy Pearson

Breakfast was really good. But, the Service was EXCELLENT! My coffee was never empty. They work as a team, and everyone was super friendly. Higjly recommended Neal's!Food: 5/5

Bret McCormick

Old school diner food and service. This is the way the world ought to be. Omlette will keep you full all day long.Food: 5/5

Brooke Cummins

I am going to give this a 0.Omelette needed salt and pepperHash browns were not cookedBreakfast burrito was under cookedLeft this place with only eating three bites of everything and feeling sick to my stomach.Lunch and dinner could be better but as far as breakfast i do not recommend

Lori Homsher

This is a fun and homey place. The fried chicken was great and I enjoyed talking with a little girl from another table who was wandering around the restaurant checking out the mounted animal heads. It's like a visit to grandma's kitchen, if your grandma was a big game hunter.Food: 4/5

heath england

No trip to Springdale is complete without a fried chicken dinner at Neal's. Great people and great food in a place that hasn't changed much in decades. Daily specials (my favorite is Tuesday - chicken and dumplings) and your choice of 3 sides with most dinners.Food: 5/5

Michele Etzkorn

Great for down home cooking. At the end of our meal, we ordered 2 slices of pie. One chocolate and one apple. We got apple and some sort of banana or lemon pie, but didn't know until got home...NOT HAPPY!!

Susan W

I have been wanting to try this place for awhile since its a local favorite and highly rated. This restaurant has been in business for 75 years and has a great story which written on their menu. The building is painted a distinctive pink which is their signature trademark. Once inside, its open seating with vintage decor. There were large animal heads all over the walls including a buffalo, and fireplaces on both sides of the room, Despite that, the place was spotless. We went on a Thursday morning for breakfast. At first glance the menu was very overpriced. One egg was listed as $7.99, you can add an extra for 1.99. Most everything was a la carte. We decided to try the Don’s special for $7.99. It included biscuit, sausage and gravy, egg and cheese. The picture showed everything stacked on a plate and covered with gravy. I asked for my egg scrambled on the side. Our plates came to the table and they had put the egg on the side, but left the cheese on the biscuit covered in gravy. I was able to take the bottom part of the biscuit and cheese and put it with my egg. Good thing too, because the gravy was so salty i couldn’t eat it. I am always skeptical of restaurant sausage, you never know what kind of mystery meat you are getting. So i decided to skip it. I ended up eating the egg, cheese and biscuit. It was good. The biscuits were huge, about 4” square in size. One thing we noticed was they make and sell a lot of home made pies. Overall, the staff were very friendly, generous with coffee, and the place was very clean. The food was just mediocre at best. We may come back to try their dinner and definitely a pie, but I think we will skip their breakfast in future.

Leslie Halpern

The food was wonderful, just as good as my mother's, who was a dietician! Served fast, not a long wait and they were crowded due to it being lunch time.

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