Patrick's n-out burgers

3976 Elm Springs Rd, Springdale
(479) 751-9245

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Northwest Arkansas

Great place to grab a burger!Side note: Tharesa Martin is a Russian bot and giving random reviews to businesses in order to generate points with google. It’s a shame but all of her reviews are indeed bunk.

Tharesa Martin

I was impressed upon entering. My sister and I ordered our food and went to be seated. The floors were so sticky I asked to be sat somewhere cleaner. When we received our burgers and fries everything looked to be well made with decent portions until biting into the burger. The burgers were cooked dry and the top bun had completely fallen apart but the 3rd or 4th bite. . We asked for ranch and tomatoes on our sandwich and there was only about 1 tsp. worth on the bottom bun and two small Roma tomato slices. Which both cost extra so expect to get my moneys worth. I went and asked for some mayo and tomatoes. The server was polite about getting me what i needed, but when he told the cook what was going on she very clearly looked at me rolled her eyes and shot me a dirty look. It doesn't take much to make a customer feel valued and to serve decent food.

tracey Cheney

Great food ! Have no issues with the food!! Customer service stinks! Do not call and ask about your ticket. I was on the phone with a nice young man and some girl picks up the phone and butts in. She was very rude and did not like me questioning the prices listed online. I ordered fried okra and didn’t get it because they don’t have it. I asked why the girl that took my order didn’t tell me that, and I got the old “ she’s new story “. I’m very reasonable I deal with people every day and no one deserves to be talked to that way. This is too bad because I really like the food.

Shane Wilson

Responding to the person know as Diane Smith... This is the guy with the limp. I have talked to the girls at the register and none of the know what you are talking about. The ones that are still employed there like to work with me. The only ones I can think about being grouchy to is the ones that just wanted to stand at the register. The one that thought she was above carrying out orders, cleaning tables or taking out the trash. All other employees know Patrick's is a small family owned buisness and will jump in a help out wherever they are needed.As to the comment about ( THE NEWEST OWNER.) She has been there her entire life and loves that restaurant. It is part af her life. Patrick's has never been owned out of the family. If you have eaten a burger there then you have eaten her food that has not changed in 30 years. So it has not gone down hill. There was a guy that was cooking at night that did do it different. And he has also been replaced as Well as one of the ladies in the front. Kinda funny how when an employee walks out because she was being rude to the mother of the owner and was told to be polite the restaurant gets a bad review naming things that that same person was always talking about.So to the Patrick's fans that have been with them throughout the years. We apologize for having to close down for a few hours to get restocked for the nightly rushes. We are refilling possessions to proudly serve you in the future.

Matthew Warren

The cashier Jennifer C was quite rude for no reason. She was even more rude when I brought up the fact that the menu has a bacon cheeseburger for $6.50 and I was charged $7.35. I don't mind paying $7.35 for a burger but it is advertised as $6.50. She then proceeded to tell me the end hasn't been changed because they are short staffed. THE MENU IS WRITTEN IN CHALK! When I received my food the burger was good but the tator tots tasted like onion rings. I've heard so many good things about this place but in my experience your money is better spent at 5 guy's.

Kim Grindstaff

Absolutely disappointed in the service today. 3 different orders and all of them messed up. 1st forgot the cheese sticks and then the “voice” from the back said that no one paid for cheese sticks, so the receipt was provided in order for a refund. Then a second group went in and the burger was made wrong 2x and only one order of fries for 2 meals. And yet again there was another confrontation with the “voice” from the back asking “what’s wrong now!?!?”. She was told that no worries, we’ll never bother her again. Definitely do not suggest Patrick’s anymore.

tony alves

Have ate lunch here for many years, April 9 2022 went in like normal. Wasn't busy, in fact only one customer in front of us. Other customers had their food. Ordered hamburger special, and two cheeseburger specials, one with mustard. Waited 45 minutes, waiter came out with same order like 4 times and nobody took it. Waited another 20 minutes, finally someone came up and ask us what we had. Told him. Now after we order quite a few people came in. Waited another 30 minutes and watch people that came in after us order get their food and leave the restaurant. Went up to front counter and ask for my money back and the guy told me that our order was cooking. Watched three more people get their order before my table. When I got the food finally, my order was wrong. Also watched customer who didn't want to pay extra for what he ask for, who already paid and they tried to charge him more, actually get his money back and get the burger also. Was very upset, very disappointed. Unacceptable to treat your customers like they are last!!

LeAnn Hayden Casto

Y’all.. I don’t even like burgers and this place has the BEST burgers I’ve ever had. Delicious ❤️ will definitely be back this weekend for more!

Mike Grindstaff

Ordered 2 cheeseburger specials. After the 3rd time taking 1 burger back (and the lady at the grill being a smartass intentionally where we could hear her) that was special ordered, discovered we only got 1 order of fries with 2 specials… @ a cost of $22. Disappointing… previous visit I was told I didn’t order the extra side of cheese sticks I ordered, showed the same lady the receipt that I in fact DID. No apology, just refund my $4, nevermind the 10% tax on that too… I know her grandpa would roll over in his grave seeing her treat customers that way.

Jerry Griffin

Food is good, but it really depends on who's working, the teenagers that work there seem to be to busy with each other to get the job done right, this was one of my favorite places to eat years ago. But unfortunately things don't seem to be the same now.

Jon Phillips

If you're getting food from Patrick's, go ahead and get two orders of fries. They are awesome!

Gary Apon

Long time fan over 20 years. Something has changed with owner or management. While waiting overheard employee telling another about a complaint on undercooked meat. The double cheeseburger was undercooked and red in the middle of the burger patties. I am one of those, can not eat undercooked meat. Sad to see this restaurant struggling lot of poor reviews.

Patty Craig Pianalto

I get food here every 2 weeks or so and tonight was a disappointment. I ordered chicken fried steak dinner with extra gravy. I got my meal and no extra gravy. Told the girl I paid for it and showed her my receipt. She went to check on it, came back and told me that there was no more gravy. Did not offer a refund on what I paid for the gravy and was also charged for ice when all I got was water. Very disappointed in the service.

Seth Jacobs

Great burgers. I had a bacon cheese burger with all the fixings, tater tots and a soda. Would be five stars if they did not fill the soda cup completely fill with ice. Need more than three pulls from the straw. Food was great. Burger filled the bun and was meaty, not greasy. Toppings were fresh. Do not drive by this place with out stopping!

Shaylynn Wall

They never disappoint me with their food. I'll be returning whenever I have the money to spend because Patrick's is one place I'd probably want to order one of everything from someday lol jk. But I would love to try all sorts of their menu. Fried pickles are perfect.

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