Phat Tire Bike Shop

101 W Johnson Ave Suite A, Springdale
(479) 717-2073

Recent Reviews

Gabby Devore

Excellent, friendly and extremely helpful service! This is an amazing resource and welcoming place for all cyclists at any level

Natalie Gregory

Always friendly and knowledgeable. The place to go for anything cycle related. The staff go above and beyond to be helpful. I’m always appreciative of their expertise. A pleasure each time to do business at Phat Tire.

aaron hosman

Danny was very helpful throughout the process of custom building a Surly Krampus. All conversations were very helpful and informative, with the end result being a great looking, high functioning mountain bike. I will highly recommend the shop to others.

Tania Johnson

The best part of Phat Tire Bike Shop is its customer service. Soon after arriving in NWA from Florida, I realized that my bicycle was not equipped to withstand the terrain of the trail systems in this area. Ben was determined to help me find the perfect bike for my needs. He succeeded and I am extremely satisfied with my new Yeti SB115. Every time I ride it, I am so happy I made the investment and enjoying every minute I spend riding this bike. Danny has been helping me every step of the way in modifying this bike from new wheel set to matching bling to accent the color scheme. He has spent countless hours researching and finding the perfect items to make this a perfect build. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who asks!!! A very satisfied customer!!!

kathy bell

Great customer service! I unloaded my bike for a ride on the Greenway and had some trouble getting my tire back on securely. I stopped in to ask for some help, albeit sheepishly, as I purchased my bike at another local shop. Not only were they eager to help with my problem, they also noticed my rear brakes needed some adjusting and took the time to do that as well! Grateful that kindness still exists in the world today!

Anna Negrete

These people are genuinley amazing people. They have helped us out now twice when we were in a pickle. The first time was when my husband's bike tire had a flat tire and we had no way of airing it up. They were technically closed but saw us struggling and had compassion on us and fixed the tire! The 2nd time they helped us was after I got hit by car on a cross walk on Emma and they checked my bike out for me for free and made sure both the bike and myself were OK. Very grateful to have them here locally. They really take care of people.

S Jackson

Danny was highly professional and generous with his time. Made excellent recommendations for future maintenance to keep my ebike running smoothly. I recommended him and Phat Tire to my friends.

Kathy Sharp

We went here a few days agoI'm in the early stages of bike shopping and know basically nothing. The guy with the beard (I'm pretty sure he had a beard) was super patient and helpful. Very kind and very knowledgable. Thanks :)

Matt Cesario

Got some dope recommendations for places to ride in NWA. The service they did on my bike was completed a week ahead of schedule and they did an amazing job. Love this shop!

Thomas Schiller

They have bike you can rent to try out before you buy. Excellent service.Had a warranty issue on a product over a year old which they covered without my having to produce proof of purchase or documents. Don’t think you can get better service anywhere

Jamie Cousins

Great service from Phat Tire Bike Shop in Springdale. The guys in the shop were really friendly and helpful. I've used the Phat Tire Bike Shops in Rogers and Bentonville, with similar experiences. I will definitely use them again in the future and would recommend them to friends too.

Ben Treece

They have basically anything you could need but their brand selection on most things is limited and is fairly pricey if you're not an avid cyclist. Their maintenance and repair services are excellent and definitely worth it.

Matthew Gibbon

I purchased my Electra Towne Go bicycle a year ago from Phat Tire Bike Shop. I would recommend Phat Tire Shop to my friends and family. Before making my purchase I analyzed many different options. Build an E-Bike, purchase an e-bike online, or buy one locally. The reason I would recommend Phat Tire is that they offer excellent customer service and maintenance. I've utilized both Fayetteville and Springdale locations for tutorials and service. Having thoughtful instruction from knowledgeable technicians enables me to have a safer and more enjoyable ride.Thank you, Phat Tire Team!

Gloria Flores Passmore

Super friendly staff. Maple cinnamon latte was delicious! Loved that we can refill our water bottles while pit stopping there. Ben informed us that we can get other services for free when cycling on the bike path.., he also informed us of taco Tuesday ride among other things. Love my new fleece lined leggings I bought on sale!

Juanita Morris

Ben was very helpful. He listened to what we were looking for in a bike. He is very knowledgeable about everything. He answered all of our questions. We will buy my son's bike from him all the time. I would highly recommend them to everyone

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