Sizzler Sales

1115 W Sunset Ave #5263, Springdale
(479) 751-0540

Recent Reviews

Lisa Page

Nice car. Guys were helpful. The car was a great price and nice but wanted leather interior or we would have bought. Would recommend.

W Sanders

Worst customer service EVER. What a waste of time. Rude, talk down to you , and they think they are anything better than a dirt lot. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to buy a car from this place. Try somewhere else!

David Davis

Seemed to be nice and friendly - not pushy. Found a nice car

Alex Pi

Drove from Joplin to look at cars in Fayetville. Lost hope was leaving town passed this lot. Had a small honda was perfect. Purchased and would highly recommend.

Joe Thompson

Bought..........Nice little SUV..........Great people

Phil Halpert

Bought a F150 from the guys about a month ago. So far this has been a great find. The truck was clean and ran good at a fair price. Actually thought the other shoe was going to drop and have problems but it is a good truck. I will use them again.

Mike Stewart

Nice Cars. They don't finance or I would have bought one. Seem to be easy to work with.

Joe M.

If you are going to purchase any vehicle from this business then I highly suggest you have it looked at by a local mechanic to make sure it's in working condition; these folks will not inform you.

Janet McCarley Guyll

This is a very crooked car lot don't deal with them they only have junk there


Nice people to deal with. They had a 2010 Outback with blown head gasket but said it was washer fluid.

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