Taqueria Guanajuato #2

812 N Thompson St #6, Springdale
(479) 750-1947

Recent Reviews

Joel Gardner

It was ok. Standard fare. Tasted good.

Camille W.

Love coming to this place! Not only is their food amazing, but all of the team members there are always so nice! As everyone else has said, their tamales and tacos are the best around. If I could, I would eat their carne asada tacos every day!

Steve T.

Best tamales in the area! I call the day before and order (2) dozen and give them a pick-up time. Walk in, pay, head home, and enjoy. Nice people and good food not a fancy place, but damn good food.

Blue Luna

Way way WAY too overpriced for what you get!! Or she purposely over charged me because I asked her if that was right and to check again. Things still didn’t add up right so I’m just going to say not to trust this place. 10.50 for one burrito?! Just a burrito and no sides. Our breakfast for TWO people was almost $30! They charge you for water too and don’t even give chips or salsa for these prices. The food was nothing special either. Definitely won’t be going back. Super disappointed and regret spending my money at this place.

Judd S.

Fantastic enchiladas, burritos and tacos. We ordered 3 plates for the 2 of us. We ate all 3 plates because we couldn't stop. Small hole in the wall, but lots of customers and now we know why! Highly recommend!

Erika M.

I went to AR for work, and ran into this place by chance. These are the BEST TACOS I've had in my life. The server was super nice, wish I could remember her namer. If you have the chance to go DO IT, it's absolutely delicious. Order the guacamole too, so so good! * Fui a AR por trabajo y encontré este lugar por casualidad. Estos son los MEJORES TACOS que he tenido en mi vida. La mesera fue súper agradable, ojalá pudiera recordar su nombre. Si tienen la oportunidad de ir a háganlo, es absolutamente delicioso. Ordenen el guacamole también, muy bueno!

Tricia B.

The service was great, the food was ok. The cilantro taste was strong (in my opinion) in the salsa, but not unbearable. The torta was really good....and HUGE. My husbands wet burrito was good, he didnt care for the red sauce. We ordered: Chips & salsa ($2.00) Pambazo torta ($9.35) Wet burrito ($9.80) A dr pepper (20 oz bottle) A diet coke (20 oz bottle) Im not sure what a 20 oz bottle of coke costs, but Im going to go out on a limb here and say approximately $4.00 each, considering my total was $32.09 after the $0.50 charge for using a card (per their sign) and of course, taxes. I should have asked for an itemized receipt. Just be aware of pricing. If you dont ask for an itemized receipt, Im sure they'll charge you what they want.

Daniel H.

Delicious flavors Friendly staff Al Pastor was the winner for me. Guaranteed good meal regardless of what you order.

michael b.

amazing food. high quality ingredients! I love that they stay open late too. the tortas are unbelievable!

Sylvia M.

Chorizo tacos are fantastic! So much flavor and the verde sauce they give you just puts them over the top good. Asada tacos are good as expected. My husband did not like the sauce they put on top of the chimichanga. It was a thick red enchilada sauce that was tangy. The service was very good and the workers are very friendly. We got our food pretty quickly.

lupita coria

Great food and great place to eat

Bill Causey

Real homemade pupusas

Don C.

I don't know if it's I just missed Mexican food from Los Angeles but the food was good and the flavors on point. I may not be Hispanic but I've had many tacos and sopas from LA. We had the carne asada, pastor, lengua meats. Staff was friendly and helpful. The red salsa was spicy which was great, it just lacked something. Not sure what. I'll be back to try more of their other items

Rudy G.

Doesn't look like much, perfect definition of a hole in the wall, but the food is some of the best, most authentic Mexican food I've tasted in the 6 months living in NWA.

Gabe M.

Haven't been there in quite a while, but if memory serves me correct, I had a great hangout with a couple of friends late after an event we had gone to. The torta that I had was just so delicious!

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