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422 E 5th St, Texarkana


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If i could give 0 stars i would. This place doesnt fix what they messed up. I payed 78 almost 79 dollars plus gave a 4.50 tip to both women and i got one pizza not done. I live 1 hour and 30 minutes away. So they said it was the distance driven. I took a bite of my pizza as i was leaving and it wasnt even cooked. Also i payed for double the breadsticks and they lied and said i paid for only one. They are sleazy people. I suggest you dont go.

I really enjoyed eating at Joe's. As atmosphere goes, Joe's is not the most Italian original. However! Atmosphere losses it's allure, when you are served Joe's streaming hot, scrumptious Italian food. The food offering at Joe's is absolutely some of the best you will eat. Hats off to the cook. To satisfy your Italian craving, you may pick choices from an ample menu. Drink selections are numerous, and the staff is not afraid to complement your meal with on the spot refills. full review

My husband and I were looking for a pizza joint for dinner and we are so glad we went! Service was outstanding and they were very friendly. Their pizza was so good and not greasy. The crust was fluffy and thick! They also served us bread that was homemade with the house sauce that was delicious. I recommend this place if you are looking for great Italian. Next time we are trying out the pasta and the chicken Alfredo pizza

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