Applebee's Grill + Bar

208 W Service Rd, West Memphis
(870) 735-4029

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Darlene Woodard

We had never eaten at an Applebee's before, my husband had always heard the ribs are delicious. We were passing through West Memphis around lunch time and decided to try it. He had the ribs and I had the chicken Alfredo with broccoli, Onion rings for appetizer. The onion rings were way overcooked very dark brown, the onions used to make them should have been thrown away, we couldn't bite through them , they were the very outside of the onion right under the skin when I cut one and pulled the onion out it was green like the outside of the onion. We cut them all in half with a steak knife and they were all that way! When our entrees finally came my husbands ribs we dried out tasted like they had been cooked awhile. My chicken breast was so dry I felt I couldn't chew it enough to swallow, the waitress brought me extra Alfredo to pour on it but it was congealed in the dish. The bread stick I got with my meal was so greasy I couldn't eat it. I will try Applebee's again (because we have always heard they have good food) but not in West Memphis AR! I think it will take at total overhaul of that place to begin to have a good thing! I feel like it's a shame for the owner to have that location for a very reputable restaurant and not be able to pull in the business from that interstate.Parking: Parking lot was empty at 12:10 p.m on a Friday that should've been the first sign something wasn't right with that place. The parking lot was very trashy too!

Mary Lipsey

This restaurant seats you pretty fast. However, once seated the service was completely slow! It was 20 minutes before a waitress arrived at our table! After the drinks & food order taken of course the drink order arrived 23 minutes later. Something about the bartender/manager in a meeting the reason for the long wait time. Received our dinner order 30 minutes later. The food was overcooked and charred not to mention served as a small portion kiddy type plate. I'm very disappointed with this Applebee's Service and food preparation.

Kandace P.

I haven't had applebees in a long time and wanted to try it out instead of driving over the time i'll take the drive. I placed a mobile order on the app and waited a while for pickup. When my food arrived they didn't have the desert i bought and was still charged for it and asked for some sort of replacement or reimbursement. Once i got home, I was missing yet another item from my order along with broccoli that had been well submerged in butter and salt. I really wanted this to be good, but i certainly will not be back at this location.

Bryan C.

Could not get seated, host was too busy chatting with others. Had plenty of time to find a better place while waiting.


Our waitress was amazing!! We got the Meal for 2 which is (2) entrees and a appetizer with a few sides, absolutely delicious for $22. Our waitress was so sweet, attentive and kind, she told us about the $6 Drink Menu & we were so grateful to have such an amazing waitress for our Easter Lunch. Cannot remember her name but she truly was great! All the staff welcomed us very warmly when we walked in.

Catherine Dean

What a mistake! Never got seated. Place was empty except a lady eating at the bar. One tabletop occupied. Saw one waiter. Saw 1 person shuffling their feet past the kitchen door which looked FILTHY! No hostess ever showed up. Waiten 10 minutes then fled! DO NOT GO HERE!Service: 1/5

Rachel Caraway

Well, where should I start...there wasn't a bad wait time to get a table, which is great. However, it took over an hour to get our food which was barely warm. The shrimp was hot but real greasy. I ordered the Shrimp Parmesan sirloin and it tasted great considering. My boyfriend ordered the chicken Alfredo and it was salty, dry and cold. When it got time for a refill, I had to wait 30 min to get 2 Styrofoam cups, one with ice and the other with my drink. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because my food tasted great.

Sandra Chamberlain

The food was awful. The appetizers were overcooked. My shrimp was overcooked and the lettuce wilted in my tex-mex protein bowl. My husband's chicken was dry in his Alfredo. It was NOT worth the money I paid. They had plastic silverware. But one table was seated with real silverware. We could hear the conversations being had in the kitchen.

Melissa Duque

First off the service was absolutely horrible! It took over 25mins just to get our drinks once we were seated not to mention the wait to even get our food. I ordered the Bourbon chicken with grilled shrimp the chicken was dry way over cooked. We had also ordered the all you can eat ribs but due to the waitress never checking on us we were only served the first plate. Our drinks were horrible, just the entire experience was not great. We will definitely not be returning back here again!

chris leonard

Honestly once inside it looked like some local restaurant not an Applebee's. There where only one or two ladies working the entire restaurant never got drink refill and food was cold when it came out. Took 20 minutes to get change so we could even leave after handing them cash. Will never return there again honestly not sure how they are even open. Definitely not up to Applebee's standards.

Mike Swire

Placed a to go order online an was told that it would be ready for 7:35pm. When I finally received everything that I ordered it was 8pm. When I got back to my hotel cause I was out here because of work, they had put my main course in the middle of the bag between the salad that was at the bottom of the bag and the dessert that was on top. My food was cold witch I was not happy about. I will never be going back to this location.

Bruce M.

Do not eat here. Worst applebees ever. No one to seat you. A patron had to come and tell us you have to seat yourself after we stood there for ten minutes. He said that even then it took quite a while for someone to take their order then over an hour to get their food. Pitiful. There were workers who came out and saw us then turned around a went back in the back. We finally just left. Go there at your own risk.

Kayla M.

They were very short staffed but our food was still served hot and the waitress was very kind. Food, prices, service was all great considering all things.


One star is not low enough to describe how awful this restaurant is. Over and hour and a half to get cold Mac n cheese. Do not ever ever ever eat at this restaurant. Everyone that works there is unimaginably slow and should be mopping floors or working at a corner store instead. This restaurant was so bad I had to download yelp just so I could leave this review.

jud Abernathy

Food was bad a hair in my wife's salad boneless wings were greasy and way too salty ordered a Caesar salad which they serve with ranch dressing the dressing had water on top of it. steak was ordered rare came out burnt all the food was way too salty drink orders were wrong and the drinks we did get tasted off the fries were served cold. The place has more of a old waffle house feel to it the seats are ripped and have been patched with duct tape. The restroom had fries behind the sink laying next to a clump of hair paper towels running over from the trash bin. It was lunch time on a Saturday and there were maybe five occupied tables but still took more than an hour from being seated to getting our check. no one was friendly and our server acted as though the experience was somehow my fault. Had diarrhea within an hour of leaving. Would only recommend to an enemy. Go elsewhere for your own healths sake

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