Applebee's Grill + Bar

208 W Service Rd, West Memphis
(870) 735-4029

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V L.

Just had a long 10+ hour drive, placed an order from their website since it allowed pick up til 1am. The website confirmed my order, took my payment, and said it would be ready around 1150pm. Got there before midnight and the place is closed. Finding every way to get my payment back but the toll free number doesn't work, email requires dine in information, and obviously the store # is not going through. This is incredibly frustrating.

Kristen Davis

Absolutely the worst experience we have ever had at any Applebee'sFirst we stood at the door for 10 minutes while 3 servers looked over us more than once no acknowledgement no host person and when a girl finally came over it was like we were a botherOur appetizer was cold we both ordered burgers and were so well done they crunchedI never saw any type of managerOur server Demerica was very gracious and gave us really good service ...She's a keeperSadly we wont be back to this location on our travels to Nashville

Joann Henderson

Enjoyed the food. Very clean. Only complaint was waitress was busy visiting with other employees. Had to flag her down to get a to go container.

Ada Hall

It was terrible waitress was new so she only did what she could do. Food was slow coming out. Employees standing around talking tables needed clearing paper and food was on the floor. Their was a big hole in the ceiling. Waitress didn't come back for a long time to see if we needed or drinks refreshed. It wasn't the cleanest. Covid 19 was in place. But plastic dividers wasn't clean it was dusty fingerprints on them. I felt service could have been a lot better. Waitress didn't bring out condiments asked for ketchup and she didn't come back. I had to ask another waitress.

Tyler Ball

A few employees smelt like Marijuana. Service wasnt the best. Food came out cold.Waitresses on their phones instead of checking on tables. Never brought out ranch and had 3 little ketchup packets for 2 servings of fries. Ribs tasted like they were 3 days old and cold. Way over priced food I could have made better in my microwave. We wouldnt have ate any of the food and walked out if we weren't so hungry and in a rush. We will not be back here ever again! Not to mention how sick we both got after leaving there. TERRIBLEEE!

Jerry J.

Applebee's in West Memphis, Arkansas. Non existent customer service. The waiter gives you attitude and takes forever to acknowledge you. Then they act like they are doing you a favor getting the food that you paid for. The food is disgusting. A 3 year old could heat up the food better than whoever works there. They decided to replace rice with mashed potatoes and the cheddar cheese with Velveeta. They didn't tell us about it when we picked up the food.  We decided to call back and the waiter argued that we substituted it. When we said no,, she changed her argument to that's what it looks like and applebees exaggerated the picture on their website. The restroom might give you some kind of infection if you decide to go in. Stay away from this joint, why waste your money? This is trash at its best!!!

My Name

Horrible service. Took 20 min to tell us they were out of the drink we ordered and another 15 to get something else. My son was finished eating his well done steak before our artichoke dip and my husband’s brisket tacos even arrived at the table. I had to ask the waitress to get her arm out of my food while she was reaching over me instead of going around. I saw maybe 5 waitresses/bartenders for maybe 2-3 tables and still was the worst service I’ve ever experienced.

mark jackson

The waiter was only one of two people on staff on the front end. He was extremely friendly, fast and very apologetic. He was so awesome that I customized his tip to 44%.

Penny Jones

Food was just ok. The bathroom needed alot of TLC. Need to make sure it stays fresh and continue to check on it especially where Covid is concerned. Atmosphere was nice played great music on the intercom.

Clarenda Busch

Always look for Applebee's on a Road Trip since ours closed down.???Love their French Onion Soup.

Rick V.

I placed two order thur Doordash and they have messed both times. The bourbon chicken and shrimp was missing the shrimp and also I oder French fries and they never put them with my order. My French onion soup is cold and no melted cheese. The first time when I order thur doordash they messed up on my sirloin steak it was not cook all the way thur and no fries with this order either and no dinner salad. I'm very upset with this restaurant at this time. Also they don't read the orders from doordash

Joeann Clark

I loves their spanish dip and I was just dropping my daughter off


Thanks for the reviews guys I will not waste my time going there. As an OTR truck driver I know all Applebee's are not the same. Stay away from the ones in the slum cities. That pretty much goes for any restaurant.

Michael Allen

I was on a road trip home to Dallas from Indiana. Me and my father stop to eat. First when we walked in i thought the hostess asked how many so I said 2. She motioned me to wait and then i realized she was on her phone. Hands free of course. The restaurant was EXTREMELY dirty. Food on the floor, tables ect. My father ordered a bacon burger and I ordered the prim rib dip. Our food comes out well my fathers food comes out and abt 5 mins later mine does. Our fries were old and "dead" I thought with the sandwich I got the dipping sauce should have been au jou. Well to my surprise it was french onion soup. Worst experience ever. Before leaving my father used the restroom. He said it was so disgusting he didn't even want to wash his hands in the sink. He came to the truck and used his wipes and hand sanitizer. Needless to say we will never stop there again.

Matt A.

Ten minutes to be seated when only two other parties present with 2 servers and 2 managers. No acknowledgement and a delay after seating. Salt and pepper delivered in tubs and the pepper literally wet. Burnt and dry burger; ribs swimming in sauce. Waitstaff largely absent and disinterested. Store dirty. 15 minutes to flag someone down and settle the bill. COVID-19 had nothing to do with this disaster!

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