Applebee's Grill + Bar

208 W Service Rd, West Memphis
(870) 735-4029

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William P.

I heard on CNBC that Applebees was a failing chain. I can see why. We went to the one in West Memphis, Arkansas. The company should close this location to protect their brand. The service was somewhere between terrible and non-existent. I asked the waitress how much a margarita was. She didn't know (!) but said she would find out. She never did. I ordered one anyway, and after 15 minutes it still didn't come. There were lots of employees milling around as if there wasn't anything for them to do, but there was plenty to do and they weren't doing it. The place was not that clean. The waitress seemed to know some of the customers and spent a fair amount of time socializing with them and ignoring other customers. We ended up just walking out. Cleary, they need a new manager.

Marcus Suthern

Was very disappointed. Walked in and stood at the door for a while and watched the waiters and waitresses just stare at us from the back. Finally the Gentleman behind the bar came out and started seating us and he also waited on us. Very Friendly Guy he apologized and took great care of us. Was satisfied with the service he provided. Food was good, no issues there, only the service.


Worst restaurant experience we have had in years. Place was not very clean and should have followed my instincts and walked back out but decided to stay because it was raining and we were tired of driving. After 15-20 minutes finally took drink order, 30 minutes later and one cold meal out of three was brought to table. Waitress said cook was angry and didn't want to do his job. After another 20 minutes or so one more meal arrived and we just decided at that point to go ahead and leave. All wait staff seemed unhappy to be there and mostly standing around talking to each other. Manager was unfriendly and did not seem very concerned about us leaving, made no concession or apology. I would definitely not visit this restaurant again.

Cheryl Taylor

Waitress was fine food was terrible but they tried to make it right. We BOTH sent ours back. Its 3:20 on a Friday. No one here so what's the problem? Should have stayed home and saved our money..

Corie Dyche

Very poor service. Waited 5 minutes to be seated. Waited 20 minutes before we got asked what kinda drinks would you like. Drinks were flat an watered down like. Waited 30 minutes for food which was cold an not what we ordered. Didn't get all we ordered. Tried getting to go plates an didn't get acknowledged for 20 minutes. Waited another 20 minutes just to pay an leave. Still didn't get what all we ordered. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING IN THERE.Will never go there again.

Rick Holmes

Sat for 10 minutes before anyone asked our drink order. Also ordered appetizers at same time. Appetizers arrived after our meal. No dipping sauce with appetizer. Forgot the macaroni and cheese. When it finally arrived it was cold and shredded cheese was unmelted on top. Food was warm but not hot like it was just cooked.

Angelica Cammarano

Just left here. We had such a great dinner and phenomenal service. The waitress was new (her 2nd day) I wish I got her name and the guy who was helping her because we were so happy to finally get good service! My kids enjoyed their meal and my husband and I enjoyed our salads. We went to Colton’s the night before and had a terrible experience so we were hesitant to try other restaurants in the area. Glad we came here our last night in AR.

Victoria S.

Our server was super nice that is why we gave it two stars the food took a real long time and there were only four tables. It seemed like everyone that worked there except our server were at another table. It seemed to take super long to get beverages beverages after my husband ordered their my husband ordered the 3rd beer and it never came out the waitress had to take it off of our bill at the end probably would have went really well at dinner and been 5 stars if the people from the kitchen weren't hanging out at the other table.

Emmanuelle Tate

This is my birthday and they treated me so good I thank you so much Applebee's

Mary Tonsor Brammeier

If I could give no stars I would. When unwrapping my dinnerware I found a dirty fork and a rust spotted knife. My cheeseburger was crisper than my fries. It took 45 minutes for my sister and I to get our food. The head person was on her cell phone the whole time. The hostess was outside talking to someone until she saw someone walk inside. She may have been working overtime? It was 11AM in the morning. Not a good experience.

Kim LaRocque

It was the worst!! The waitress, did a good job, but the rest of them need better training! There was no hostess at the door and we sat in a closed section, and I guess it was the manager who said really loud Boone going to help them over in a closed section! And the hostess didn't even come over to tell us! My daughter in law got a glass of water and the cup was nasty dirty! It's just a shame!

Travis R.

Would give this place negative stars if able. Stood around for 20 minutes with no acknowledgement from anyone before deciding to leave. I understand if a wait and told a time, but NOTHING.

Chloe T.

I've never been one to write reviews but my family insisted I do so. We've been on the road for about 8 hours, driving from Indiana and stopping for the night in West Memphis. Applebees is a restaurant we were familiar with so we went there. The food was mediocre and what you'd expect but waited ages to order it. Not very many people but there was only one poor waitress bouncing between tables. Music was fairly loud but the table was covered with wax and there was like white chip like crumbs on one of the booth seats, had to wipe it off before we sat down. Asked for a cheeseburger but got a regular burger (thankfully I got charged for the regular burger) and when my grandparents asked for one of the sandwiches, was told they didn't have any. I asked for strawberry lemonade but was told they didn't have any although it was listed on the menu. Waitress was nice though and the servings of ranch and ketchup and coffee was good. Doubt we'll ever be back though.

Terri Gould

The online ordering was down and the staff had never had a walk in on a family bundle but they didnt say they couldn't do it, they found a way. Applebee's is great for a hardy family meal without all the work if you are willing to pay the price. All the family meal deals are under $100 and feed from 4 to 12 depending on which one you order. There was barely anybody inside so about the time school gets out is the perfect time to stop in and order dinner for a mom's night off.

Debbie Z.

I am struggling giving this place one star. If I could I'd give it '0'. We waited forever for our food over 1 hour, only one other table of diners in the place. Ordered prime rib sandwich. We ordered 2 other things on menu were told they didn't have that at this time. Suppose to come with aus jus , didn't & two others were eating at my table & were almost done when I got my food!! Plus then the prime rib was like beef jerky on toast. Terrible!!! ! Terrible experience!! Don't go here. Help was more interested in friends coming to visit them than the diners in the place!! I have never quite experienced such a lack of caring or a disgusting meal. We were on a vacation, from over 10 hours driving today we thought a Applebee's would be a nice break because we all love them, but this should not have the Applebee's name on the sign! This franchise needs to be closed!!! It was a awful!!

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