Kroger Bakery

Kroger Bakery, West Memphis
(870) 732-2692

Recent Reviews

Jimmy McKinnon

You don’t allow truck drivers to park in your lot and restock on much needed groceries, you allow a plainclothes dipshit to pull up in an unmarked vehicle and threaten to call the cops?? what’s up with that?? If it weren’t for truck drivers your shelves would be empty, ever consider that? of course not, extremely unfair and you just lost ANOTHER faithful customer for life.

Stephen M.

For a food store it was a little on the dirty side. I would expect it to be maintained a little better.

Alex H.

Today when I did my grocery shopping I went to Walmart first to try to find everything I needed. They were out of a few essential items so I headed to Kroger. Kroger was extremely clean. There were Lysol wipes available when I walked through the door as well as hand sanitizer. There shelves were stocked with everything I needed and more! Plus they had toilet paper! I got in and out quickly the staff was kind and I didn't feel nasty when I left the store good job west Memphis Kroger!

Judy Holland

We love Kroger Bakery I have good pastries and breads

Jenn C.

I want one of these in Alabama!!!!!!! Great store. Great prices. Floored at the produce variety. Friendly cashier. I throughly enjoyed my walk through the store. Got a new Gumbo base to try. This will be a first for me and just my luck it'll be delicious and I won't have access it.

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