Lennys Grill & Subs

1806 N Missouri St, West Memphis
(870) 551-4538

Recent Reviews

Tim B

Best meal I've had in the 2 weeks I've been in West Memphis, one star lost for price. $11 is a little steep for a sandwich with no sides or drink.

josie williams

I suggest that this Lenny's find someone to work their switchboard. The young child was rude and had a nasty attitude. Trust me, with that attitude, she could NOT work at Chick fil a.

John Sauls

I've been to Subway and Jimmy John's in 6 states. Lenny's has them all beat: FRIENDLY service. Wonderful veggies n meats. Fresh bread. No contest! Lenny's freaking rokz!

Tennessee Life

Food is good but the attitude of the drive thru order employees SUCK….. The don’t listen to the order because they’re too busy talking and playing…. I order a chicken philly salad on mixed greens ADD black olives… WHAT I GOT WAS shredded lettuce, with black olives… ?…. I’ll just keep my business at Chick-fil-A because they can get my order correct so I don’t have to go home and doctor it up after just trying to purchase what I wanted…. IM DONE!

Amanda B.

Paid $11 for a sub that was so soggy!This is not my first order that hasn't been what they used to be at this location.Do not mind paying their prices but give me something for my money.One star for the sweet tea which was wonderful! Not everyone can make good sweet tea.One star for the bag of chips.


Service was fast and friendly. My sandwich was very good. Will definitely go back.

Lady T

Food always fresh & good love ?Lenny's

Fred F.

Couldn't ask for better sandwiches however, they need to stop buying Dart lids for the large cups they don't fit tightly and I nearly drowned while driving.

Lavetta Griffin

I ordered the 13 inch American Club, the bacon was left off the sandwich and I asked for extra tomato’s and barely got a piece of tomato. I called the store, they were already closed and whom ever answered the phone stated to me to bring the sandwich back tomorrow and they will fix me another one. So I’m assuming we have to go to bed hungry because they want the sandwich back. This is not the first incident . If the sandwich was a $1 I wouldn’t complain, but Lennys is not cheap. Poor service at Lennys in West Memphis

shelia martin

I have been to this Lenny several times always thought that they were a little prejudice But on this day it showed The assistant manager Was very rude and I was afraid to eat the food I understand why she thinks that she could treat people this way because the owner is not Any better. !!!

Phillip Mansfield

Over-priced at $13 for a sub, chips and Coke as usual. That's why no 5 stars. Everything else is spot on perfect Lenny's. Always love their subs!

Terri Gould

Fast. And. Friendly. Would give 5 stars if my order had been correct, but speed and service deserve credit.


The food was delicious once I got the right sub! At first they gave me someone else's order! When I made it home I openedit and it was the wrong sub. I had a Chicken philly and I got beef. I had to drive backup there and wait in line another 10 minutes or so!


I was down for Mother's Day this year. Oh My God. Me & my daughter goes here everytime we visited. The subs was digusted & nasty. Our sub was not hot it was cold and just nasty. Never again. I guess this was a slop up order you did for us. The price of the subs are too damn high. Never get my money. Never

joseph johnson

Great hot subs. Be sure to try the hot relish.

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