Little Caesars Pizza

995 W 4th St, Benson
(520) 586-8855

Recent Reviews

Debra Gonzales

Running around doing errands and needed something for dinner, Lil Ceasars already has pizza done ordered on line, paid for it on line and picked it up.

Karen E

I guess nobody in this place knows how to do a time delayed order. We originally called and asked for our order to be ready at 6:00. Realized we were going to be delayed and called at 5:25 to find out that our order was already made. And what happens when we get there do we get a fresh pizza? Nope! They gave us the pizza that was sitting there since 20 after 5:00 so it was an hour old when we got it. I didn't even eat any My husband barely ate any and the rest went into trash.

joshua thompson

Ordered our pizza early for a family get together and everything on time and perfect.

Nani C

Never have I ever had a fully cut pizza from this location. Been ordering for about 2 years the pizza always come out great and the staff are awesome, but the pizza cutter must be full or something because I’m not kidding when I say I’ve NEVER had a fully cut pizza from this location.

Peter Elizondo

I love this place staff always great and the pizza well you know

Seth Dyer

First little caesar pizza in two years and it was amazing ?

Terri Dexheimer

It was a small shop bit they got a pizza done right and quickly.

Jan Hebert-Parmenter

The pizza was good but wasn't ready as advertised.

Wandering Mobi

Just as one would expect: nothing fancy, but perfect for gatherings.

mason salt

Yep. They don't pick up the phone. Call G&F Pizza Palace instead. They actually pick up the phone.

Linda Wilson

I tried for 20 minutes they still didn't answer the phone and there were three of them there no excuse also there was another customer that said the same thing manager needs to pay attention

Arizona Lloyd-Kilpatrick

This store is always clean and worker are always polite and friendly and my order is always done as fast as possible and the food is always good

Jason Reilly

Good cheap pizza when u are not quite sure what sounds good pizza generally fits the bill. They always seem to be adding something new to the menu as a special.And of you order online you don't even have to interact with anyone just enter your code on the machine and take your pizza.

Robert Kirschmann

They dont answer the phone, half the time they won't take app orders. The service is just awful.

Linda Wylie

It is fast. Ho-hum ?.Did I mention, they are fast?!?

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