La Placita Cafe

424 Monroe Ave, Buckeye
(623) 386-4632

Recent Reviews

Beth P.

Didn't look like much and I was skeptical when a friend took me there but I was super pleased with the service and food! Great for big group gatherings and take out! If you're in need of some yummy Mexican food this is a great place to go.

Marty L.

3 Street Tacos, so yummy for me, and my son had the Green Chili Beef Burrito and he wants to return on Monday. Hopefully they are open.

Kimberley Boucher

Good food and service was very nice. Lunch and atmosphere went together great.

anita escobedo

Best Mexican restaurant in Az. Everything on the menu, portions are grand. DELICIOUS

Shannon M.

Horrible. Wasted 45.00 on take out. Cheese enchiladas almost "cheese less " and were cold, the sauce has no flavor, the rice has no seasoning, the beans were "meh", Taco Bell has better beans. Stay as far away as you can

Johnny Tse

Enjoy a freshly made Mexican entree. Delicious and hot. Carne asada burrito was super. Enjoy!

Kevin Cooley

good salsa. great food for a good price. great lunch menu.

Jess Wilhite

Waitress Tanya was to busy to wait tables and take care of the register and phone. I had to get my own table, own menu, and chase down my check. Ridiculous! Don't get any chicken tacos. Its boiled with absolutely no seasoning. Beef tacos and cheese enchiladas were good. Who doesn't at least season chicken at a Mexican food place. Save your money and frustration. Sit in the back by the bar so you get better service if you must go, but stay away from the boiled shredded bland chicken.

Ian Valenzuela

Great chill spot. Same nice faces from back in the day and some new ones too. Food is still great! My all time fav is definetly still the GCC! Never change guys, your doing great!

Dave Wiechens

Food is great, as well as the service and atmosphere. The chips and salsa are hard to stop eating. Very good

Ginny B.

The food is marginal. The service sucked, the waitress got one of our orders wrong; we had to wait additional time so everyone could eat together. The plants are dying and to top it all off, when I was eating my burrito, a roach, yes a common house-hold roach scurried across the table. Now, in my experience if you can actually see roaches, the place is infested. I would not eat here again, nor would I recommend this place to anyone. I'm surprised FSIS or WHS has not closed this restaurant.

Chris Gorski

Been going here since I was in high school. Some of the same faces still work there. Great place, great food, great service.

Dina Ahmed

Great food, great salsa and nice environment

Jessica Killman

Hands down one of three best mexican restraunts in west valley! And best sit in by far! Mom and pop owned with big christian values. Please come down and try their amazing fajitas, home made tortillas, and the best salsa i have EVER HAD. WILL provide pics next visit

Ashley Meigs

Food was good. Great services. Presentation of food was good.

M M.

Real good Mexican restaurant. The "green enchiladas" were great. The house made salsa was perfect. We will be back. Nice people.

Craig Hodgson

Went there for dinner last night. My dinner date chose the place, as her friend recommended it, and while she said that her Burrito was good, my Quasidilla was not.

Johnny Leyba

Food was excellent and we will definitely go back.

Reese Ready

Best Mexican food in Arizona. I've come here since I was in high school. This is the spot for dining out with family, old friends and neighbors. The down home country vibe and authentic Mexican food can't be beat. You'll also find big screen TVs in the back AND a full bar. It's nice to see several generations sticking around to keep it a family tradition.

Tom F.

A Wonderful restaurant located in the smalkt town of Buckeye, AZ on AS 85 highway. Food selection was varied and looked Good as delivered to the many customers when we visited. The Service was EXCELLENT with Very Friendly and Helpful staff! Will return again when in the area to be sure!

Milas McCraw

Great Mexican food wish they had mild hot sauce though they have hot sauce it's good but a little too hot for me


I'm New to Buckeye, great Mexican spot. Great food, great staff. Will definitely be going back again. Keep up the good work

Jeff Wysocki

Needs a remodel up front but bar area kool. Food was very good!


There is really GOOD food here.You are able to sit yourself so there is now wait to be seated. They have a variety of food to choose from. From yummy traditional American food to the yummy traditional Mexican food. There is also great customer service. They are always around and they bring out everyone's food at once. And as you are waiting for your food they have really good chips and salsa.

Ginny Check

Good food. Beans were a bit soupy, rice was good, spicy salsa. A little pricey. Nice atmosphere.

richard sartor

I have gone here for over 40 years and the place may have change but the food is good. Try a GCC , love them.

Italia Cruz

There is really GOOD food here.You are able to sit yourself so there is now wait to be seated. They have a variety of food to choose from. From yummy traditional American food to the yummy traditional Mexican food. There is also great customer service. They are always around and they bring out everyone's food at once. And as you are waiting for your food they have really good chips and salsa.

Melissa Goodman

Awful service. Weve been here twice before, and while the food is usually pretty good, this time their service was so horrible, it was hard to even enjoy the food, which was mediocre at best. Waited too long for a waitress to come by or to be served chips and salsa, brought me a red wine when I'd asked for pinot grigio. Told me that was all they had. Waitresses are rude, inattentive, and seem like they dont even want to be there. I dont know what happened to this place, but we will never be back, and they should probably take the Amabisca name off the restaurant too.

Maureen Killian

Food was good, seemed a bit short staffed - ran out of menus. The chips and salsa were good and the guacamole was great!

Spenser Garner

My wife grew up on GCCs! I love this place! The food is awesome and so are the people that work here! Highly recommend eating here!

Ashleigh Bates

Very large restaurant and very clean. The food is pretty good and not very expensive, however the portions were on the smaller side. I definitely recommend and would come back again.

Larissa Benninghoff

The locals love this place! Lots of rooms with a ton of tables and a huge bar!

Janis W.

Our first visit. Food was excellent, but service was very slow and confused. We will try again another day. Staff seemed very confused and under trained. First, another tables food was brought to us, when our actual food arrived, we still had not received our drinks. Our waitress informed us she could not serve alcohol which is why it was so delayed. After we got our food, no one checked on us. Never got drink refills or any condiments throughout our meal.

Barb S

My husband and I been here 3 times now and neither of us see what the attraction is. The restaurant is old, kind of dark and not necessarily clean. The food is pretty bland. Edible, but nothing to write home about. Servings, however, are huge, so you can't say you don't get enough to eat. Our table server was excellent, very sweet and helpful. Unfortunately, she wasn't old enough to serve alcohol, so another gal had to bring us our drinks. She didn't seem that happy about it, even though they weren't busy. She also helped bring out our food and again, showed her displeasure at having to do so. Too bad the young girl had to rely on her for help. I'd have rated the service at a '5' if it had only been the young girl waiting on us. She was super!

mike mike

I agree with the other reviews, the food was totally bland, meat dry, and no sauce on anything and no sign of cheese. Sorry to say it, but the service was, "the worst” we have ever seen in any restaurant in our lives. They say they lost our order, and when we did get it served, there were no, utensils. We had to ask twice for utensils versus eating with our fingers. They then overcharged for both dishes from stated menu price. On the bright side the margaritas were decent. We won’t give them any more chances.

Jessica Kramer

Always love going here on my visits to az!


Absolutely Love this place! Here's a little secret. Love to sit on the back side. It's the side closest to the Main St which is the original building. The reason; it is quiet and usually only a few folks on this side. The bar side is hopping. No joke. My wife and I always have a great relaxing quiet time on this side. Oh and the food and service is outstanding. Enjoyed a huge ribeye steak seasoned perfectly with sour cream and butter on bake potato with huge salad and melt in your mouth Texas Toast for 23.95. We split it and had more than enough. Love this place. Give it a try!

Justin T.

This place is a true childhood memory for me! The food is always great, as is the price! The service can be a little slow, but the food is worth the wait. If your new to this place, try their GCC! You won't find anything like it anywhere else!

Rose Jarrett

It seems to be a local favorite but we found the food rather bland. The shredded beef was very dry and so was the chicken. The salsas that was served with the chips was supposed to very spicy, so we asked for mild which was delicious but they charge extra for it. $2.50 per dish also $1.50 per sample cup of sour cream. That really pads the check really fast.

Lara Batie

What happened? Did someone buyout my favorite Mexican food restaurant? The quality just wasn't there and now you charge for your great tasting salsa which was always a great bonus to go with the thin crispy chips (which weren't thin or crispy anymore) while you wait for your food. I'm so disappointed! Hopefully you guys can get back to your roots and bring that element of tradition back into your food. There's a reason why you aren't as busy as you used to be. This is a fine example of the saying "if it ain't broke don't try to fix it "