Taste an American Bistro

2929 W Frye Rd, Chandler
(480) 899-7400

Recent Reviews

Brian F.

Staying in the hotel so gave it a chance. Don't waste your time. Food was horribly salty and overcooked.

Stephanie S.

Theade to order omelette was delicious which left the other items on the buffett severely lacking. The potatoes were at least a day old and badly reheated. There was Mexican dish that I wouldn't serve my dog and the sausage may have been made at the same time as the potatoes. They were dryand hard. The bacon was eatable at best. And the waitress was sleepy and served my water to a different, empty table. They did have a good assortment of fruit and juices. But for something inside of a Hilton I expected better.

Jeff M

I ate at the restauarant a few times during my stay and was never disappointed. The restaurant during my stay was not very busy that did not hinder the quality of the food or the service I received. I can only recommend breakfast and lunch. All meals prepared to order. Meats cooked appropriately/to order and the omelettes were light and fluffy. Service was excellent and very friendly and helpful.

Heath Elliott

Great Service, Good Food, Top shelf staff

Justin Martin

We had a really nice company event. Hilton always does a good job.


At here while staying at the Hilton. the service is great. The is better than I assumed it would be. Portion sizes are just right, not too big and not too small. Had the California Chicken Wrap for lunch with fries, the wrap was great, fries were not. For dinner the blackened salmon dish was great. Tried the berry cobbler and it was like a hot berry soup - not very good.

Tramp McLean

My jeep broke down and I was stranded. I was able to walk over to this Hilton and take refuge. EVERY SINGLE server I interacted with (I had to go back twice because of Triple A issues) was BEYOND AWESOME! SO LOVELY! KUDOS To Melissa and Cynthia and the manager- Anthony Palacios! They really went out of their way for me! Now, for the food. I ordered a 1/2 sandwich and salad. They accommodated my request to have the wedge salad with my 1/2 sandwich (the choice is usually house salad or Caesar). The salad was DELICIOUS! Lettuce was SUPER crisp and fresh, as was were the tomatoes. LOVED the salad, and the bacon crumbles were house made and perfect! I had the 1/2 French Dip. It was sooooo good! Their Au Jus was awesome. The hotel staff at the checkin counter (which is right as you walk into the hotel) were incredibly polite and helpful. Kudos to the folks at this establishment! The Hilton should be very, very proud of the folks they employee at this hotel. I am grateful for their kindness, their generosity, and their amazing service. If you are going to need a hotel in Chandler, I would HIGHLY recommend your staying here. THANK YOU HILTON CHANDLER! ~TRAMP


I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty this restaurant was! I will definitely be eating here again! I highly recommend the soup, salad, and salmon.


I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty this restaurant was! I will definitely be eating here again! I highly recommend the soup, salad, and salmon.

Trenisa Jackson

Very nice atmosphere. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Service is wonderful.

Peter Ferrero

Staff are friendly...very good food.

T Keisu

Good selection of beer

dana hetrick

Good breakfast


Went to dinner with friends at a place they have been to several times in the short time it has been open. I have opened new restaurants so i know a new place can be tricky to get everyone trained and be on top of their game. What a fun place! This is a place you can go with friends after work or have a nice meal for date night. At our table we have over 250 years of combine restaurant service, so we know food and service. We had the Brussel spouts, flat bread, novelty bread and family style seafood paella. It was all delicious, the rice was a bit over cooked but really all and all what a wonderful find!Although the others had wine, all of which they said was delicious and quite surprising, I had black tea which had a nice clean earl grey flavor! They even had agave for my tea (shot glass photo) lolAlthough I don’t live near by, I hope that neighbors discover this gem of a place and it really takes off!

Nick Q.

Prologue: My fiancee and I were on our own for this Thanksgiving Day, so we decided to let somebody else do the cooking, and it turned out be a very good decision. The Plot: Their traditional Thanksgiving buffet offered all of the following standard items: Roasted Turkey (including, to my delight, drumsticks and wings - more about that later) with Sage Pan Gravy, Brown Sugar Glazed Ham, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Caramelized Onion Stuffing, French Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions, Maple and Pecan Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Orange-Cranberry Sauce, House Salad (with Dried Cranberries, Gorgonzola Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Mixed Baby Greens, Balsamic Vinaigrette), and Pies, Tarts, Cakes, and Cookies for dessert. The Scene: To put it simply, this was the perfect, traditional Thanksgiving dinner we would all like to have at home without any worries or clean up and more time to enjoy lots of good food. My portion of turkey consisted almost entirely of two wings. Lots of crispy, crunchy, perfectly seasoned skin along with a few bites of moist, tender meat and I was in turkey heaven. It's true that some of the meat on roasted turkey wings can be dry, but for me it's worth it in exchange for all that crispy, fatty goodness. My fiancee enjoyed more of the turkey breast and she was completely satisfied. I truly liked the way the sweet potatoes were prepared, which was not mashed as I had expected. Instead, the potoatoes had been cut into cubes with skin on, probably prior to cooking, which added a wonderful texture. That, along with the perfect seasoning, resulted in what was perhaps the best sweet potato dish I've ever tasted. My fiancee loved everything about the Green Bean Casserole, including the taste and texture of the beans, the consistency of the sauce, and crunchiness and seasoning of the topping. The Apple Cranberry Tart easily satisfied my over active sweet tooth and the miniature Bí»che de Noël was the perfect conclusion to a truly satisfying holiday meal. The Rest of the Story: The dinner was well attended and we ended up being seated in the lobby adjacent to the buffet tables. Turns out that is was actually a little more roomy and comfortable out there and not too noisy or busy so we were quite content. The price of $26 per person was well worth it for all of the good food and convenience. Epilogue: We happily award 4 stars for a Thanksgiving meal that exceeded our expectations. Photo Design: by Billie Z.


The food is okay here..I ordered chicken skewers but they weren't for me, and the waiter immediately took it back and brought me macaroni and cheese which was just right. Very accommodating and kind


On the ground floor of the unassuming Chandler Hilton, you can get a very nice lunch for $10.Warmer than a cafeteria in ambiance, and rather quiet, Taste is a great place for gatherings, where you can actually hear each other speak. They will oblige you with separate checks, if you so choose.I elected the 1/2 French Dip sandwich, which was very good, and the Crawfish Gumbo, which was remarkably tasty and filling. From someone who has been to New Orleans multiple times, this Gumbo is top-notch.I only wish that they would bring back the weekend brunch. I would eat my weight in Oysters, half shelled!

Marcia K

We had lunch in the dining room 3 times and a buffet breakfast on Sunday. We had food from the restaurant and ate at the lobby bar for dinner twice. Everything was great!

Ray K.

Finding the closest place to eat while staying here at the hotel. The staff was super friendly and I just ordered their special lunch for a quick bite. Also tried the gumbo which was pretty tasty. I got the Cobb salad which is huge. I should have ordered the half portion. Cobb salad was really good.

Phyllis S.

I'm almost afraid to write this review, for fear that it will cause my favorite Sunday restaurant to get crowded. Several months ago, I was looking for a restaurant for Sunday brunch that took reservations. I came across Taste, which is located in the Hilton on Frye Road. My friends and I went the next Sunday, and we are hooked. The decor is lovely and comfortable. You can order off the menu, or enjoy the breakfast buffet for 15 dollars. Eggs any style, breakfast meats, cereals, fruits, pastries...nice! The food is consistently delicious. For me, however, the big draw is the service. Every server or manager that I had encountered(I've been there 8 or 10 times) has gone out of their way to make our experience special. One day, they were a bit crowded, and our regular table was taken. The manager apologized. We never feel rushed, often sitting there long past closing time. One of my favorite things: they know my name! Buffet is closing? They will bring you fresh food from the kitchen. I love this place!