Fat Olives

2308 E Rte 66, Flagstaff
(928) 853-0056

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Cissy L.

Great pizza. Worth the wait. Awesome that they have gluten free options for my husband who has celiacs. The artichoke appetizer is amazing.

Keith C.

We absolutely love Fat Olives and try to go every time we are in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is a college town and Pizza is everywhere. The best Pizza is at Fat Olives. It is Neapolitan style and they have many unique topping combos to choose from. The crust is always just the right chewy / crispy blend. I especially like the Ms. Piggy or the Adovada. The creamy pesto on the Ms. Piggy is super tasty. The service has always been friendly and attentive for us. The bartenders are pretty good too. You can get just about any cocktail and they are solid pours garnished properly. Fat Olives is the place!!!

Marie M.

I was staying in Flagstaff for a few nights and came across this place. Let me preface this by saying Italian food isn't my first choice, I usually have to be in the mood for it. But my friend wanted to go so we went. After eating here, I've come to realize that Italian isn't my first choice because I haven't had good Italian until I went to Fat Olives. I had the Rigatoni and my goodness, it was seriously the best pasta dish I have ever had. The meat sauce was perfection and the mozzarella was so good. My friend had the pizza and she said it was amazing as well. Let me tell you how good this place was ... we returned the next evening for dinner. Unfortunately for us the wait was too long and after a long day of hiking we didn't really want to wait. But trust me, if the wait wasn't so long we would have eaten there 2 nights in a row.

Lakeisha M.

I ordered from this restaurant because the reviews were pretty good and the pizza I ordered met my expectations! I was a little disappointed that the reps couldn't explain the difference between the two margherita pizzas listed in the menu, but the margherita D.O.C. was tasty. Would recommend to any Italian food and/or pizza lovers.


Awesome place. Mike was an amazing server and pizzas were AMAZING! Tried five pizzas between us all. Perfect amount. Ms Piggy pizza was my favorite

Courtney F.

So good. Seriously, go here. I will say that they don't have a large drink selection, so don't come here to drink. But definitely come here to eat. Because it's the bomb. We got the roasted artichokes, meatballs (holy cow these were so good), stracciatella (so cheesy and delicious), and the brussel sprouts (the star of the show). I ate so many good appetizers, I just got a salad, which was good. Their house dressing is super tasty. Their pizzas looked great too and everyone raved about them, they were huge!! We had to get the s'mores pizza for dessert, which again, a must. The only issue is you won't be able to decide what you want. Everything looks and tastes so good!!

Judy B

Although we had a 30 -45 minute wait - it was well worth it & I was so impressed with their wait option. We waited in our car since the waiting area was small and crowded but they took my phone number and sent me a link to an app where I could see where I was in line. Then they texted me when my table was ready -- super efficient and informative. We were promptly greeted by our wonderful server. He gave us suggestions on the meu items. He was so nice and attentive as well as all other staff combined to insure our food was served hot, refills made and dishes removed in a timely manner - well oiled machine ...aka well managed staff. The open kitchen allowed us and watched the chef make pizza throwing it in the air - We had past and pizza nd both were excellent. My husband had the specialty beer of the night and really enjoyed. Our server even gave us the name of a place in Sedona to visit - even wrote it down for me. Highly recommend this place - & evidently they own another place that is probably just as awesome - Salsa Bravo


It makes complete sense why there was a 40 minute wait before we could be seated on a Monday night at around 9:00. The server was outstanding and made fantastic recommendations. The food arrived promptly and exactly as ordered. Such amazing taste and interesting combinations of flavors. We are only in town for a few days but fully expect to be back before we leave.


Fat Olives serves pasta and other dishes besides pizza. We got the pizza, (Miss Piggy) and it was fantastic!! Our waiter Mike was a blast! This is a must stop if your a Italian fan of food. Definitely would come back when we visit again.

Hmmmmm O.

Great pizza base and very very tasty tomato basil bisque served with fresh made bread. Lasagna with Caesar was good/ not excellent. Would return to try other things. Only gripe on my pizza was the add in of a teaspoon of bell pepper and mushroom - hardly visible and hardly any mozzarella. . Awesome service from Alex!

Katty D

We went with several friends on a stopover in Flagstaff. Great food, and a variety of choices for both vegetarian and gluten-free. Everyone was happy and got what they wanted. Nice service, great drinks, and most of all the food...delicious.

Tim H.

Authentic Italian food at its best!! Wow!! The pizza is made with Validated ingredients from Italy . Yes, seriously.


Found this restaurant while planning our road trip and so glad we did! The food is absolutely amazing and Mike (the lunch guy) is an awesome and attentive server. What a great start to our vacation!

Barbara D.

We were visiting Flagstaff for one night and decided to check this spot out since it was on DDD! This place did not disappoint. Make sure you make reservations because this place was busy! We saw what Guy Fieri ordered on the menu but went with the other great tasting meals instead. Out of all the pizzas we ordered, the best one was the Miss Piggy. That has the best flavors with bacon and pesto! The service was also very excellent here and you really can't beat how they cook their pizzas in this awesome wood burning stove oven that they had made in Italy! I was impressed to read that they use DOP certified ingredients and everything you order here is delicious.


We had the fennel sausage pizza, and it was heavenly!! Our server was friendly and attentive. Great spot for yummy food!

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