Buffalo Wild Wings

9404 W Westgate Blvd Suite C107, Glendale
(623) 877-9127

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Santos P.

Fire the staff and train new ones. Starting with the take out desk kid from 9/16/2022 evening. Me: my door dash app says my food is ready and I'm ready to pick up. . Kid: ok the kitchen is backed up and it always says it's ready when it's not. . Me: ok, (as i notice a bag waiting) . 15 min later...... . Kid: This is yours i think, there's no name on it. . Thoughts... so instead of leaning on the counter and collecting your hourly wage, perhaps giving a smidge of customer service would be helpful... "Looks like there's no name on this order, what is it that you ordered maybe i can see if this is it" . "Sorry, I'm not sure if this is your order, maybe i can take a look" . Anything is better than..... ‍i think this is your order and it's been staring at you for the last 15 min.

Neal K.

We got sat here and it was dead as far as the amount of people there so I figured we would be served right away. Unfortunately, we waited 15 minutes without being served, greeted, given water, etc. We could literally see the wait staff not arguing about having to do work such as greeting table or much less take their order. The people who were being seen were getting poor service. Again, was not full at all and they had the staff to see us.

Dean H.

Two stars is too generous. We waited 20 min, just so they could sit us at a table that was free the entire time. The hostess was quite rude, could easily tell she doesn't care about her job. Now at the table waiting 10 minutes and still no server. Do yourseld a favour, find a different place to eat.

Erika C.

Don't even bother to come in this place. It's a waste of time did not get my order right 3 times. I'm frustrated beyond what I should be right now

Sergio A.

Bring your patience and low expectations. The table was not clean, we waited a while to have the server come over to say hello, everything took way too long, specially the food. Worst part was the food came out cold. In addition some of the items we ordered were replaced (with no notice) because they were out of what we wanted. Will not return to this place. Glad this isn't local to us but please work on your service as the local clients deserve better.

Tamara J.

The Buffalo chicken wrap looks way bigger in the advertised picture, but it still was delicious! We sat at the bar just after 3pm & our server was very attentive. Great service!

Tabitha Crawford

I honestly do not know how this place got four stars it is extremely dirty all of our items on our table were nasty and dirty not to mention we ordered chicken wings and boneless wings and got all of our food in under five minutes of ordering now I’m no genius but my husband is a restaurant manager and we just knew something wasn’t right. It’s just all-around bad we will never waste our money here again! The managers here need to hold their employees to higher standards in serving their customers this is extremely ridiculous!

Jesus V.

el peor lugar para venir a comer, nos hicieron esperar mucho tiempo más de lo esperado y los meseros pasaban más gente y a nosotros no nos atendieron. servicio cutre y lugar sucio mal servicio.


This is the worst Buffalo Wild Wings, waited an HOUR for 6 boneless wings order. This Buffalo Wild Wings needs a new manger asap

Brittanie Thueringer

I don’t eat a Buffalo Wild Wings often. But we came in at about 1:45pm. Took a couple minutes before anyone saw us to seat us. But got our drinks & our food. The fries were very mushy. My daughter is also a huge cheeseburger lover. And she just couldn’t eat the burger at all. I got the Buffalo chicken wrap which is always good. But to be completely honest. The service SUCKED! We were there before 2pm, even ordered before 2pm actually hit and they couldn’t honor their lunch special to us. Also our waitress had no personality. Her and another waitress even sat at a table both on their phones. I have a picture of that. Like tell me you don’t like your job without telling me you don’t like your job. Haha. $50 went down the drain today.

Vanessa P.

Haven't been to a BWW in awhile. I only came to this location for their open late hours. Anyways I didn't want to wait almost 2 hours for 2 people. I saw some seating outside but seems like they let anyone sit there. I just hope you guys get the idea to let us make reservations.

Destiny Salcido

Service was HORRIBLE. We called an hour in advance to ask about wait time & they told us it would be a 30 minute wait, when we got there they told us 40 minutes and they offered to split us up on tables but then they said they we would need to wait another 20 minutes to get the tables together. A whole hour later when they tell us our party is ready to be seated they put tables together where no one was even sitting! Server was horrible seemed like she was on drugs & was trying to overcharge us to come up on an extra tip; our receipt said $75 & she came back with a whole other receipt & whole other amount and attempted to charge my mom for drinks she never even got! Be careful going here they may overcharge you to come up on an extra tip, check your receipts if you don’t wanna be scammed. If service was great we would’ve left a well deserved tip but this whole crew didn’t deserve any tips, the tip they deserve is to learn better customer service!

Jason Loehnert

If you like slow service, disengaged staff, and mediocre food this is the location for you.I have been several times to this location, usually with long periods between. After visiting I remember why I don’t typically go back. This last time I was quoted a 20 min wait, that would be fine but I could count at least 12 open tables from where I stood, and several others that needed bussing. I get there are staff shortages, but it seems to be a regular occurrence here. If wait staff is low, do you need three people standing at the host stand? I feel our waitress did her best, but you could tell she had too many tables. Maybe someone from the host stand could have jumped in as they seemed over staffed, or maybe it needs better management.Food was ok, I feel that too has been declining in quality. I don’t really feel the need to go back to this location, as there is better quality and service elsewhere.

Sara P.

I came in to watch the Stanley cup game, which the series could have ended today. They put me and my partner at a table to which I asked if we could move to the bar. At the bar we really couldn't see the tv as the bar glasses we covering a portion of the tv so we moved to another table. We waited for 15 minutes and didn't even get a menu. Not to mention MULTIPLE waiters walked right passed us and didn't even acknowledge us. I walked up to the front and asked for menu and even made sure the place we were sitting at was okay. The host said yes and gave us our menu. We waited another 20 minutes and couldn't even get drinks. Multiple times I would look back and see there was AT LEAST 6 waiters chatting in the front of house. It wasn't even that busy. My partner and I ended up leaving to Twin Peaks to which it was a fantastic time and the waiter there was very pleasant and attentive. Zero stars if I could give.

Mike O.

I see a lot of bad reviews but I don't see why, I've been here a few times at the bar and service was good staff polite and food was good. I'll slide again

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