Buffalo Wild Wings

9404 W Westgate Blvd Suite C107, Glendale
(623) 877-9127

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Maria Victoria Estril

good was absolutely great!!

Monica Ramirez

muy rápida atención y todo muy sabroso

robert vasquez

I work for Buffalo Wild Wings - Westgate and let me tell you that this place is the best I ever worked... The staff is very much well mannered and polite. Acouple of times my daughter was sick that I had to take her to the hospital and the managers were considerate. They told me to unwind and make sure my daughter was alright.... I Love working with the B-dub family

Rob Kerr

It has been 8 years since I have been to a BDubs..... We don't have them in northern Alberta.... Great food great atmosphere

Shannon Smith

Went on Halloween to watch the Cowboys game. 30 min wait, not too bad however it did seem to take longer than reasonable to get the wings we ordered. Service was good, food was good. No complaints

Miguel G.

When my girl and I arrived there was a twenty minute wait which we waited. Before we were even offered drinks we waited for 15 mins. We ordered 15 traditional wings, with 6 additional boneless wings. Waitress ended up bringing 20 traditional wings and never brought the boneless wings. Not once was I offered water after my glass was empty. Server was completely careless. Once I got the bill i noticed it was over, due to the wings that were added accidentally by the server. When I asked them to take off the additional items the server took another 30 mins before I was even charged. I had to call the manager so they could help me with the payment. After paying I noticed my change was $20 short. I had to chase down the manager again so she could get me the correct change. Completely horrible service. Don't waste your money on this location. Thank me later.

Ahriyanna J.

I am currently at the restaurant, Barbie was my server if that's even her name very rude and unpleasant , extremely unprofessional and had us waiting forever, management needs to take better charge complained to manager

bradley valenta

Ordered through GrubHub. Worse burgers ever. So greasy it was dripping through the box they were in. Order was messed up, one of the fries had nasty lemon seasoning and way way too much, other fries was suppose to be wedges. No drinks even tho I ordered with drinks. This was 6pm 10/13/21. Won't order again, I'll go enjoy my clogged arteries now.

Miss Benally

Was a great lunch had about 20+ wings. The only thing. We wanted to watch the AZ cards when they came on they made us wait... hello. We are at the birds nest we wanna watch the home team ... thanks for great service...

Monse O.

Waited for an hour and a half just for the food to come out cold. Mac and cheese was completely dry and cold, and the wings were not even warm. Ridiculous. If I'm already waiting more than an hour we'd expect the food to come out at least warm. There were more than 5 waiters sitting by the host table just chatting. Terrible service. Not coming back.

Deborah Brand Probst

We stopped to watch the Monday Night Football game. We have been to many Buffalo Wild Wings across the country. The food is pretty much all the same so the difference is really ambience and service. This one is stellar. We got charged $21 to park because there was an event. In our parking space it was unclear which pay to park system we had to use. We didn't realize we had to pay via phone until after we had already fed $6 into the machine and it didn't generate a receipt for us. So had to pay an additional $15 for the real parking cost. Outrageous price to eat at BWW but apparently this is what happens all game/event days. Fortunately we whined about this to the bartender who promptly told us that if we have our receipt Buffalo Wild Wings reimburses the parking. Great! But our receipt was digital and that didn't count. Stupid rule it had to be paper. The manager came by to talk to us and she confirmed that she couldn't reimburse us without an old fashioned paper receipt (who does that anymore, especially in COVID land) but she did take our wings charge off which was the same price as our parking! That was awesome and really helped. That turned a grump situation into a good one. I still think if we hadn't complained to the bartender we would NEVER have known they reimburse parking so that could have been more helpful in the front and I do think the mall is a mess with the parking situation that would really hurt some of the businesses during game days but overall a good experience.

G R.

It's very disappointing to know that even when people try to maintain a safe environment to have the enjoyment to be able to gather with friends to celebrate their achievements to have this place not allow anyone to eat on their very large patio instead of eating inside. What a disappointment. Now I cannot father with my friends because I will not put myself inside a restaurant to eat that has an outside patio for safety purposes.

Adina Marie Myers

The waitress was great, but the bar and kitchen staff were very slow

Melissa Wilson

Waitress was very polite awesome drink recommendations and the food was delicious.

Antonio R.

Literally waited an hour for no wings cause they didn't have any. I don't know why they put us on a wait list if they didn't have wings. Most horrible place.

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