Caramba Mexican Food

9455 W Glendale Ave, Glendale
(623) 979-4444

Recent Reviews

Louis D

I drive from the far east valley for their stuffed quesadillas & giant burritos!!! Sooooo good! I've loved Caramba's for decades. Their commitment to quality and value hasnt changed -at all- in over 25 years.Food: 5/5

Sambasivarao Yarramsetty

I have been this place before and they had good bar tender and mixed awesome cocktails. But last two time they don’t have the bartender but bar was open with whoever available. They made margarita and I felt like drinking raw taquila. I got headache and hangover after coming back home. It happened twice. These guys need to work to find the good bar tender instead of running with who ever available. Please don’t waste our money.

Rob Freedman

One of my favorite Mexican food chains here in the Phoenix Area! Their tacos and enchiladas are beyond amazing! I eat there a lot when I am out in Glendale shopping or attending sports events. I also like taking friends & family from out of town to this place too.

Noi Thanigsakul

Our favorite Mexican restaurant when we were in Arizona for a shot visit. Excellent prices and delicious food.

Greg Cobbs

We usually have a great experience. Today unfortunately the bar tender was a tool! Prepaid for a round with a nice tip and got stiffed. Won't be back to see that knucklehead!


This place is great. They have a huge menu and the prices are right. It is hard usually to distinguish a great Mexican restaurant from a good one as I loved almost all Mexican food. This is great. I had the tacos and they were delicious, the rice and beans perfect and the chips great. I will stop here every time I am in the Glendale area or anyplace else they have a Caramba in Phoenix.


I was really impressed with Caramba. The food was top notch and the prices were better than any fast food joints. They have a lot to choose from. They are super friendly. The food comes out fast. They provide free tortillas with a very large assortment of self-serve salsa's at the salsa bar. I bought a meal with a drink and with tax and a hefty tip I hardly broke 10 bucks.

Ramon Ortiz

First time here! Food was delicious! I loved it. From out of town and had a very good experience. I would definitely recommend.

Azucena Williams

My son got the carne asada tacos for $9.50 (no rice and beans)- The meat tasted old, stale, flavorless and cold. My other son got the chicken taquitos. They had no flavor. I had the Caramba Chicken salad which was a head of iceberg lettuce and tiny chicken pieces in a stale fried flower tortilla bowl….Oh they threw in some black olives. With two small drinks and a tip it came out to $39.00.Never going there again

Donald J

Great location. Tacos and food is pretty decent, great deals on taco tuesday. Delicious pico, salsa and chips. Love sitting outside. Friendly cashier and workers.

Marie Barstow

Not date night ambiance. Kind of deli meats Mexican. The fajitas were great but my husband didn't like his burrito. Also that primo margarita was strong and delicious. Oh skip the savicha, it was sweet and had way too much cucumber

Elias R.

Good food. As far as customer service horrible. A worker was ver rude on the phone and when I picked up my food they did not greet me.

Aldo O.

If Taco Bell sold chilaquiles, they would out sell this place. For a "Mexican" restaurant it's not even close to how food should be. A waste of money, should be embarrassed to serve what they do. They literally warmed up tortillas cut them in half, half, threw them on a plate and splashed "sauce" ! Like wow!! So disappointed!! I HAD to give this a star in order to post my review it if actually would want to be paid for putting in the time to warn others.

Amy Baynard McKnight

The food is amazing and the portions are huge! Margarita primo is the best and you can get margaritas to go ! Love love love

Alexia H.

Great Service, staff is extremely friendly. Love going to a place where employees actually smile. The mini chimis are great. We ordered two #18s, an order of beef and chicken. Mexican Pizza can easily be shared between two. Overall great lunch spot for Mexican food with quick service.

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