Carrabba's Italian Grill

5646 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 863-6444

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Savannah V.

Yikes. Very sub par personally. Server Chris did not pay any attention to us. She would be rushing past our table as to not have to deal with us and we'd have to shout to her to get help. Seemed annoyed to help us and obviously didn't want to be at work. She would come up to us once every 25 minutes and ask if we "needed" more bread. Will not come again. This experience was not good. Thank you for having us, better luck in the future

C H.

Decided to go to Carrabba's after work. I must great experience 2 times in a row. The ribeye steak was cooked just right and flavorful, spinach seasoned, and the Alfredo creamy tasty.

Kaelee P.

My boyfriend and I had plans for Valentine's Day to come in and celebrate on Friday night about 730 pm. We get there and it was a 15 minute wait to be seated as normal. We waited and got seated within 10 minutes. It wasn't super busy either. So we had high hopes and excited about eating here. We got seated and normally someone greets you, we sat and waited 30 minutes before any waitress greeted us or even asked if we wanted water before ordering. Finally the waitress showed up and she says " my apologies I didn't know you were my table" at that point we tried to give the benefit of the doubt but we had waited so long, we decided to just tell the waitress we were leaving. It was very disappointing , I wouldn't recommend this location.

Jenai Whitmore

Carrabbas used to be my favorite Italian restaurant, but I won't be dining at this restaurant anymore. I was seated all the way in the back. I sat there for over 20 minutes and the servers kept walking by my table. When I was walking out the host that seated me asked was everything good, knowing I wasn't there long enough eat any food. I definitely won't recommend this place to anyone.

Tiffany Smith

Took my daughter on a little dinner date here, the hostess was very kind and sat us immediately. Our server was very patient and attentive as we decided what we wanted to eat. Their bread is deliciousFood: 5/5

James B R

To quote a line from a favorite movie: "Nice. Nice. Not thrilling... but nice." Love the bread and dipping oil. Food is well prepared. Service was satisfactory plus. Inflation has taken some of the shine away from dining out lately, but that's industry wide.Food: 4/5

Anna G.

Hubby wanted to mark his birthday with enjoying his most favorite cuisine, Italian, from the comforts of home. We live nearby and Carrabba's menu was appealing to us. Ordering online was very easy for the most part and I love how they allow different payment options. There are 3: pay right away online, pay at the restaurant, or pay by Carrabba's gift card(s). I haven't seen the different payment methods ever offered anywhere else so I greatly appreciate this.During the online ordering, we encountered an issue with their fries where you could not add either a side of fries or entrees that came with fries to your cart. For those entrees, you would be forced to select a different side in order to continue. I did bring this up to the server when I arrived at the restaurant and was able to order a side of fries in person.Our order was ready shortly after the original quoted ready time and everything was neatly packed with nothing missing. It also appears that staff has a system in place to double check the order is correct before sending it out as I notice markings on the order ticket. Definitely appreciate this as well as it makes me feel like they do care for their guests.Our meals were a big hit and hubby and I have plenty of leftovers. Our kiddos enjoyed their meals as well as they managed to finish it all. My other critique after the online ordering issue for the one item is that there are no obvious signage to direct where to go to get your pick-up order. I walked to the front entrance first and there was a sign posted to the door directing people to go to the back to get their pick-ups. I walked around back and there was no one inside at first, leaving me confused. My server did show up shortly after I arrived and everything was smooth sailing afterwards. I did bring up my confusion and he agreed that there was no obvious signage and wished that there was.Overall, I would love to order again from here or come back to dine in-person.

Jim P.

I dont recall exactly what we ordered betweenthe 2 of us all I know is my veal marsala was good and they they delivered it! Where else are you gonna order veal to your house? Nowhere I know of.They have a pretty extensive menu and we'll poke thru it some more for sure. Check it out

Cynthia Valencia

Went for my husbands birthday. We got seated right away. The host seemed a little down but our server, Madison, was awesome. Very attentive and great communicator.

Rick Mudaro

If you Love Italian? Stop here! Service is good, I found the food to be Delicious! If you like Lentils Soup? It's Must try! A little pricey, but you will leave satisfied!Food: 5/5

Priscilla Yazzie

Great food, great service, good wine! Food portions were worth the price. Only down side is its chilly inside so bring a sweater.Food: 5/5

Brett B.

Today was a head to head match between their rib eye and filet... and given the choice, the clear winner for taste is the rib eye.I recommend the marsala sauce (contains mushrooms) for an additional $4.We went with a Cabernet Sauvignon, but the Pinot might have been a better way to go.The cannoli cake was good, but the end that was rolled in chocolate chips was a detractor, in our opinion.

Kyle McLean

Jacob was the most helpful server. This was my first time eating at a Carrabba's. He was extremely nice and answered all of my questions. The food was exceptional, and I would definitely come back.

Anna Straka

Food was great a nice step above other chain Italian restaurants for just a few more bucks a person. Portions were very generous and tasty. I loved the creamy parmesan dressing.Food: 5/5

sarah noel

It was nice because we didn't have to wait! My husband was turning 40 so that was awesome I just love to be with him in general we were out with his parents this night my husband and I both got sick from eating the sausage that night but the surface was great and we heated up the sausage more than the next day and the food was awesome just got to make sure and cook that sausage all the way! But it shows that the food is fresh thank you for my one man birthday show we were glad to add to it! Thank you for celebrating my husband's birthday with us it was great minus the extra inconvenience that night if you know what I mean! Everything else was great!

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