5908 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale
(602) 283-4848

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Tammie S.

Excellent job at catering. We ordered boxes for a celebration of life hosted at a park. They delivered on time, and set all the boxes out for us. Very professional, and courteous to my family. They had proper procedures in place for COVID. I received a text when placing more order with a point of contact to make sure my large order would be processed properly. I highly recommend this location. The catering boxes are perfect for gatherings outdoors where you want to have a food option while still practicing social distancing.

Gino Valdez

Phenomenal, First Rate, Outstanding, I had the Grilled Pepper ? ? Jack Cheese Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich ? and it was Scrumptious. I recommend adding pickles (because it doesn't come with any) it was tender, juicy, the skin was just falling off the meat....mmmmm... you have to go get you one.***When you order tell them you read Gino's Valdez review and that's why your trying the sandwich****Enjoy your meal as much as I did.Remember this is geared to those who love Spicy food, if that is not to your liking, then I recommend the Grilled Chicken Deluxe ? ? ?

Karen Dean

Great service, great food, love the drive thru process. During high customer lunch time. I was in and out in under 15 minutes. Love this location.

Samantha Ross

Never liked chick fil A. Tried again today. I am a huge fan. Price is good. Food is good

Rebecca McGill

Love the chicken sandwiches. I stop when I see one since there aren't very many locations

Brenda Guerra

Yummy food. Breading on ckn isn't heavy or greasy like most places . For the drive thru option, its amazingly fast and their pretty darn precise on each driver's order.

Janice Stockton

This is one of my favorite locations. Employees are always super nice!

Tyler W.

This Chick-fil-A has been awesome even with Covid. They give me what I need and did it in a timely fashion. Thank you guys!

Claudia Corral

It was a good experience, the service was fast and efficient, no need for human touch and they have nice settings for AZ weather

Tonya Simpson

Misters in the drive thru, friendly customer service team members able to take your card payments and exact cash. And everything tastes like delicious!!!

Dee Rannie

Unprofessional staff

Dan McIntosh

We eat here 2 times a week usually. Im gonna have to start going to Agua fria center location. The last 4 times I have been to this location I order the sMe things. Evrytime I got home i get screamed at because no one get the correct food. I have left messages but don't get called back. I'm tired from work and don't feel like going back. Every time i order the 8 pack nuggets. Everytime I get grilled. Even though I specified I want the breaded ones. Normal nuggets. RRRRRR! Its so frustrating to spend $40-$50 to get screamed at when you get home. But this last time takes the cake. I checked my food before I left. I got q gallon of sweet tea. I grt home. Pour a glass. I sit the gallon on the table. Im eating my food qnd I take a big drink. It tastes funny. I look over at the gallon. It has somethinh floating in it. It looks like do.eone spit in it. My wife says it looks li k e a paper packet of sugar or a te back has determined inside from sitting in it. I wish I could up load a picture because I woildnt believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. $6 for a gallon of tea and I cant drink it. It has ruined my family on tea. They will never drink it again. I hope im not the same way. Its all I drink.?‍♂️?

Christina Fierro

I really hate leaving bad reviews but I have to now, I have gone to this location about five times now and the fries are ALWAYS either under cooked or REALLY over cooked and their buns don't taste buttery and fresh like the other locations, but I didn't mind to much because their the closest to my house but I decided to write this review because I now have food poisoning. I went there 2 nights ago with the family and we got sick that same night a couple hours after eating there and I have been throwing up for 2 days now with a very very upset stomach. The other times I went I didn't get sick but I would never end up finishing my fries I would throw most of them out, so this time was the CHERRY on top for me it hasn't gotten better it only got worse... We will not be going back we will be making the longer drive to the other locations when I have the stomach to eat Chick Fil A again.

Wendy Lynn Dickson

always quick and efficient service. Plus the best food! great friendly staff. Tyler outside is so friendly and professional always friendly! We come often and some of these kids are pretty awesome for sure! thanks for supporting first responders as well. i tried to pay for meals a couple times only to be told it was taken care of. when i asked if i could bye the meal for those that paid i was told it was through the business. so very cool what you all do. be proud of yourselves and we will continue coming bi-weekly if not more! also the shades and misters are a great addition. I'm sure cost was high but it's not unseen. keeps cars cool and the employees makes me proud to shop yet again!

Erik K.

Cannot even get an order right after having it repeated back to me twice (and only 2 items!). Called to let them know they forgot half my food and they left me on hold and then started reading off random people's orders instead of making mine right. Had to call corporate just to get food I ordered because no one at this location knows how to do their job. Go somewhere else for your chicken.

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