Chipotle Mexican Grill

9405 W Glendale Ave suite 100, Glendale
(623) 239-4906

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Coleen Farrell

5 stars for Emily she was carrying the whole load of orders while having her manager clearly talking down on her in front of customers but not doing anything to help out whatsoever. She kept a great attitude, great smile and speedy service on her own. I wouldn't recommend this establishment other then Emily being a great example of great customer service despite lack of a supportive team!!!

Angelito Schultz

Price of food went up. For 2 bowls is 40 dollars. The people were slow, and they don't make you feel welcomed in. Service sucks all the way aroundFood: 3/5

Loren Kutsko

Checked Google maps before deciding to go there to make sure it was open. Google Maps says open until 10. Arrive at 9:30. Sign on door says open until 10. Chairs on tables. Signs on bathroom door saying "closed for cleaning." Teenagers working clearly ready to go home. Very much less interested in helping a dad with three hungry kids get fed after a long night. Alas, they serve us some food that looks like they were about to throw it away. I order a salad because I like their salad dressing. All gone. Make more? "Not today," say the teenagers. They start locking the doors at 9:50 leaving other hungry customers in the parking lot. Astounding. Maybe one benefit of all stores being corporate owned instead of locally owned in 2022 is that there's no local small business owner trying to surprise on good customer service? Maybe that's not a benefit. It seems super simple to just change the sign to, "Closed at 9:30." But this experience was pretty sad, especially for $66.

Julio Sinaloa

The food was good , but the customer service was horrible, the employees looked to be in a bad mood and in a hurry therefore not paying attention to the customers.Side note , they didn’t fill the guacamole sides I asked for properly, I’ll post pictures, I honestly don’t leave bad reviews but this was bad.


Horrible customer service every timeI come here! You pay $14 for a “double” (2x1/2 scoops) meat burrito and when you ask for FULL scoops you get attitude, eye rolling, sighs and a manhandled burrito. The value for the money just isn’t there- the food can be good at times, if the cook actually cares a little- I’ve had bland meat, and extremely flavorful (almost too much)- they lack the consistency for a franchise.I think it’s a lack of supervision, because every time I come here is the same, I’ve yet to have a good experience at this new location.Einstein’s insane, I guess- coming back expecting something different.


Refused to sell me a kids chip with my meal. Went down the street to another chipotle who took care of me no problem. No wonder this is one of the worst reviewed chipotles in the valley. Poor management, poor training, trash customer service. Bye.

Walter Shade

The food is always great. The people that helped us the day we went seemed uninterested in being there that day. Not very welcoming. Hopefully when you guys go it's not the same crew. They may suck the energy out of

Donald Moyle

Amazing delicious food!! For $10 so before you get crazy with the toppings, ask what will cost extra. Enjoy your food we did and will return

Ryan S.

This was totally repulsive if I had a chance to put zero stars I would The service was bad we pay them $20 for delivery all of the food was messy in around the whole entire bag half of our food was gone.

Brandon S

This is one of the worst chipotles I have been to. Ordered online for takeout. Got there at it’s ready time, and only had a 5 minute drive back home. Got home and the bowl I got was only about half full. Also, the beans, rice, and meat were all cold as if it just came out of a refrigerator. I had to heat it up in the microwave. People can get sick from food like this, mainly the meat.Do better chipotle

Ken’Yauna Wilson

I LOVE This Chipotle Location. I Drive 10 Minutes Past The One Closer To My House To Go To This One. I’ve Never Had Any Issues From Them, The Food Is Very Well Seasoned, The Vegetables Are Always Fresh, It’s Well Worth The Drive.


If you want a basic cheese quesadilla so your kids can share, they won’t oblige. Instead they will argue and say that you must have the weird crunch-wrap style quesadilla even though they’re too fat for the kids to bite through. Absolutely no willingness to compromise (even though I ordered a half-folded quesadilla at the Arrowhead location 4 days ago?!)

Kyle P.

I like chipotle a lot But I just learned to never mobile order as you'll get about half the food that you would get if you just walked in and ordered. Wow that was the skimpiest burrito bowl I've ever seen

Lorena Hendricks

The food was delicious but the line was long and there was only one person dishing up the food and one person being the cashier. I will definitely go back again.

Carlos F.

Make sure you always check you order before you leave. You can count on them messing your order up one way or another

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