Cupbop - Korean BBQ in a Cup

9410 W Hanna Ln A101, Glendale
(602) 860-2713

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Someone Different

Genuinely some of the best food you can get. Well worth the price. Their tangy fried chicken is some of the best chicken you'll ever have. I also love their spicy rating, but anything under a 6 I would say is somewhat mild

Curtis Wagner

Good tasting food, great idea for a restaurant. But the amount of meat you get for 11 bucks.. I won't be going back. You're pretty much paying for rice and noodles. But if that's your thing it does taste good.

Ashley Durham

Tried this for the first time tonight and it was mighty tasty! Decent selection and you get a lot of food for your dollar. You can curate your own meal and tailor it to your tastes. We will definitely go back!Only negative was the fried chicken was a bit overdone but we did come late. I’m sure out perfect if it’s fresh out of the fryer.

Amber Wiste

My husband and I love this place! We discovered it a few months ago and love that their flavors are so unique. Their sauces truly make the dish. We now eat here almost every time we are in Westgate area or Desert Ridge. We both enjoy combo bobs #5 spiciness.

Honor Siemann

Our food is amazing! We did the combo bop with tangy Korean chicken and bbq beef, level 3 spiciness. The kimchi is great too. Perfect! Portion size is very generous! Staff was friendly! We are definitely returning! Please put a CupBop in Surprise!

Jeff Vaughan

Friendly servers even though they seemed short staffed. The food was unremarkable. I had the Rock Bop Chicken which was little more than fried chicken pieces like you find at a grocery store deli. The noodles and rice were fine but the sauces were laid on so thick the chicken and noodles were drowning. The kimchi was really good. It was the only thing I enjoyed on my plate. It cost me over $16 for the main course, the kimchi and small drink. This restaurant is little more than a Korean Panda Express only with fewer choices. The difference is that I would return to Panda Express. This place will not see me again.

Steve Hiner

We absolutely love this place. I took my twin daughters her a little while ago and we all loved it. Then when their 17th birthday came around and we asked them where they wanted to eat the both wanted to come back. This time our oldest daughter and mom joined us, making two new fans. It's now a favorite restaurant for all the of my daughters.There taste profiles are excellent. We love the choices for sweet vs spicy sauce. My twins really like the tofu even though there are other things on the menu they can eat.My one complaint, and it's minor, is that it is not spicy enough for me. However, I like REALLY spicy food - at Thai restaurants I order my food hot or Thai hot, depending on the restaurant. I got spice level 10 here and it wasn't very hot to me. I feel like I need to order spice level 15. Again, that's a minor complaint and I will totally happily eat here many more times because the flavors are wonderful and I also enjoy food that's not crazy hot.

Lance Nightshade

Tried it with friends, it was delicious. All of us are wishing we had one closer to home. Would definitely go back next time we're in the area.

Dallin Higgins

I used to go to this place when it first started in Idaho. It was incredible, and this location holds up the legacy of amazing Korean BBQ. I'm going back, over and over again. (The kko kko bop is my favorite, and some mandoo, and get your sauce on the side)


Good customer service, meat is delicious ????

isaac Chamu Life

Absolutely delicious, I love that they have many vegetarian options and they have different levels of spicy u can choose from 1-10!!! ?Sweet to Spicy?

Liz Carrion

This place is my latest crave! I have to have it at least once a week. My kids love it as well! Everyone is so nice and when things don't go as planned Cupbop always tries to make it right. No complaints just good food! My favorite cup is the tangy chicken with Korean beef! Mmm

Priscilla Ruiz

My husband and I have been trying the new Korean places recently added around this area and we'll we chose this place and sadly worst food I have ate in awhile, food is preheated like a super fast food place that is just not pleasing at all. Flavors are just not great, it has nothing to do with the service, we grew up eating authentic Korean food and know what it should taste like and this place is just not it. Out of courtesy we did not ask for a refund even though our whole bowl went to the trash but if we could of got a refund that would have been great.


It's a no frills, non traditional fast food style Korean bbq in a bowl type place. You have a choice of meat, fried chicken, Korean beef, BBQ chicken or pork for in your bowl. It comes on top of rice, with a few veggies. Then you choose your spice level 1-10. The spice level is based off the different sauces they had, sweet to spicey, but I couldn't find it listed even on the website what the sauces are. I chose a level five, which had a good flavor to it, and I thought it had a slight peanut undertone. They had upbeat music playing, which was good. I went about four hours after opening, and they where apparently out of kimchi, which is a Korean staple. I did a chicken, beef combo bowl and potstickers, all tasted good and the portion size was large enough to really fill me up.

Paria Pourmalek

The food is great. I was ordering it every Friday to reward myself! Unfortunately I moved from that neighborhood ans it’s not close to me

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