5161 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale
(602) 978-5442

Recent Reviews

Mark Manlove

Hi eye have been going there for A Few years .Eye loved the Waiteress they were very nice & eye miss them' my food was Hot Ready to eat

Mimi Lennon

The late night staff could use some improvements but for the most part everything is great. Foods is good and if there is a problem management is quick to correct it on the customer's favor.

Modern Mythos

The remodel a few years ago really made this place look great. The service is good. Having said that, the one thing holding this place back is they're always out of several things.

reyna billington

Love the waitress that took care of us, she recommended the bourbon burger. So good! I would definitely stop in again


It was alright, not too busy for the time of morning. Our server was nice until she went missing and we never got refills for a long period of time and we wanted some more pancakes for our unlimited pancakes. Then would have liked to order some more bacon. But ultimately decided it was best to just go up and pay.

perla rosas

Waited almost an hour to be seated even tho there were many open tables. Waited about 30 more to get drinks and about one more hour to see any kind of food. Never received any refills on coffee while we waited. Everyone seemed to be waiting the same amount. Tables full of plates everywhere and people waiting to be seated. Waiter only came twice to our table. Always saying give me a minute and took almost 20 minutes to come back every time. Worst Denny's I have ever been to. Never coming back!

Autumn Peal

Our server has six tables and she was super slow to do anything with us, was really nice though when she was at our table. But we were there for an hour and a half and only got three cups of coffee in that time, half of our ordered food was cold while the other half hot, and when I complained about our service to the cashier, she just apologized. Worst $50.00 I have ever spent and I'm very good about tipping but I didn't give her even a cent because she didn't seem to work like she wanted it. I know servers need tips more than wages to survive but this service was pathetic. If I had wanted cold food or terrible service, I'd have stayed home and cooked myself. We will not return to this location ever again.

Smelly B.

I. HATE. THIS. DENNYS. They are absolutely rude! No service, i sit, and sit some more and no service! It should not take 30 mins to get my diet coke on, and an other 20 mins to get a refill. Oh and food was half way decent but don't dare ask for ranch cause that is an other 20 mins. Also the they yelled at my friends and I, we tried to complain to the manager and he said that he already raised his kids he dosent need to raise us too. Like okay short man find your chill.

Diana K.

We went to Denny's because someone gave us a gift card. It was not a good experience. We had to wait for a table of two and another family came in after us with 4 people and they got seated first. They then forgot my sausage and by the time I got them we were done with our meal. To top that off when we tried to use the gift card it wouldn't work and they made us pay with another method. The supervisor wouldn't help us. I tried to call the number on the card but they said I had to go to the nearest Denny's to inquire about the amount. Sad to say I may not be using this gift card or ever go back to this Denny's.

James Butler

Food was good but service not so much.

Gloria Zuniga

I've been going to this Denny's for the past 10 years. Today was the FIRST time I had a bad experience. It took a while to get seated because a lot of people were leaving which is understandable. When we finally got seated (which was next to the kitchen), we waited for about 10 minutes before the hostess told our waitress that we were ready to be served. We only saw our waitress three times which included ordering our food, getting our food and when I HAD TO GO FIND HER to get the check. While we were eating, someone else had walked out because no waiter or waitress came to his table. The hostess went to the kitchen to tell someone and they said they didn't care and were glad they walked out. Like I said, we only saw our waitress 3 times so that means we didn't get any refills on our coffee or any service after we got our food. This is the first time I didn't tip a waitress or waiter. It sucks because this is the only bad experience I have had. Willing to try again, but was disappointed.

Ken Simmons

I really liked the sampler we shared a 4 item sampler we got to choose. We tried to order the sampler and other food tonight. But now they seem to be out of everything we tried to order. How do you not have food at a restaurant. .

Elizabeth K

After waiting 10 mins just to be walking ourselves to the bar. Was greeted fast but dirty silverware, cups. Then right away after we ordered our drinks we ordered our food. We waited 30 plus mins just for lukewarm food. There were servers who said " patience is a virtue" I understand waiting but not 30 plus minutes without our server saying anything. Normally Denny's is fast and food is amazing but today was not the case.

Jacob Kniep

Worst Denny’s experience I’ve ever had. No seriously, go look at my other reviews. I usually love Denny’s. But it took forever for us to be seen at 10 am on a Tuesday. Our server Janell was a piece of work. She came to us after waiting 21 minutes (I timed it) then when she came over and we said we were ready to order she was extremely rude and even said we couldn’t order from the 55 menu which is usually fine at literally every other Denny’s. Then she said “you know what that’s a lot to remember I have to go get my note pad” and it was just so rude and terrible customer service that we decided to leave. Do not go and if you do just hope you don’t get this awful waitress.

Diane C.

Was not even greeted while entering the manger yelled at us that it was going to be a 30-40 min wait . Very unprofessional as a server myself that is no way to greet customers no matter if you are understaffed . My family & I walked right out don't want to be served by poorly mannered employees.

Connie M.

We were there Saturday, Jan 11. Waitress was Kirland (sp?). Had to ask for lemon for my water 3 times. Ordered crispy hash browns, which came very soggy. I know she didn't cook them, but a good waitress would have caught that. Or maybe she didn't put the order in right. Had to ask for butter for my English Muffin. By the time she served other diners and finally brought it, the muffin was cold. Never did come by for coffee refills. I finally flagged her down and ask for a coffee refill. She smiled and disappeared. Again saw her taking orders elsewhere. Finally asked another waitress, who brought some promptly. Wish she had been our waitress. At the end, when we were paying our bill, the cashier asked if everything had been fine. When I said not so much, could have been a lot better, she just said thank you and have a nice day. Never questioned my response. Ugh! Back to IHOP and Village Inn.

D. Adams

I've been to several Denny's in the valley and other places in Arizona and never had any major complaints. The food was good...better than I expected for sure. So, for a Denny's I can't complain. It did the job for a hungry man

Zakiyyah Adams

Came here yesterday. Worst service I've ever experienced at a Danny's. The waiter appeared to be drugged up, she was so extra hyper. Bad service. My apple juice tasted horrible like bleach and tea. The utensils were dirty as well as the drinking glasses. The waitress was rude and sarcastic. Music was blasting from the kitchen over powering the dinning music. 2 other staff was acting with the same behavior and they were encouraging eachother. I will never go back here.

Joshua Echevarria

As much as i like dennys. The service is horrible. My girlfriend an I had to wait for awhile just to be seated. Once we got seated WE never even got our drinks but other people were getting attended. As empty as it was I figured it would be fast. The food is good just wish the service was! 5161 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale. Not the best dennys.

Alex Kephart-geist

Food was tasty, hot, and well prepared. Service was slightly lacking even though it wasnt very busy. Overall it was a decent visit.

Jamie G.

Currently getting back in the car, in the rain to go somewhere else because of how completely rude the staff was to every customer there. I have never been so off put by an establishment in the first five minutes ever. The staff had an attitude with every customer between customers asking about what toast they could order, asking when they would be sat after putting their name down, or requesting where to sit. Responses included, "No our shipment isn't in you can only have white toast", "No I'm not sitting you there", and "I can't tell you when you'll be sat. You will sit when I seat you". And keep in mind that was for a party of one inquiring when they would be sat. That's pretty awful, even for a Denny's.

Alexandra Miller

The service was extremely slow. When our food finally came out, I was missing my toast and one of my companions, got a different kind of soup than she ordered. It took awhile for the server to bring out the missing toast and some bacon and sour cream. My companion asked for lemon after her drink was brought out and she didn't get it until the server brought her refill.

eric wallgren

I ordered a club sandwich. And my mom ordered biscuits and gravy. The waitress came back and said what did you order I said a club sandwich. My food came out it was not a club sandwich. And my mother could not eat all her biscuits and gravy because it was like tasting salt. Will not come back to that place

Jana Thompson

I don't know if they were short staffed or what but it took a while to get seated when there were only 2 tables being used, because the Hostess did not remain upfront. My seat, when I sat down, had greasy hand prints and crumbs. We tipped 20% but would have loved to have tipped more. The food was good but the service could have been better.

Sara Kathleen

10 months now going about once a week....... Count on bad service. Unattentive staff, even quite blatantly MEAN..... Food is alright, although I hear complaints about it about once a month on average. Thrasher type music in kitchen is heard at times while contemporary upbeat music is playing... I wish their restroom and tables were not sticky all the time. Unreliable.

Bonnie Baker

Better than I expected, seated promptly and waitress was able to help me make a good meal, as I am on a strict/ special diet. Plus the place was clean and quiet.

Debi Surber

On Veterans Day this location is out of pancakes and refused to substitute French toast. Very disappointing...and they have no hash browns, and other items. They are turning people away. I had to get up and finally go and get my own water.

Don S.

We don't frequent Denny's, as for a long time most of them were nasty That is no longer the case, from our experience. However, service was somewhat spotty, although courteous. We like iced tea almost everywhere we go. No so, at least at this Denny's. Didn't seem watered down. It was just had a poor taste. Checkout was quite slow. It seemed like there was adequate staffing, but they were uncoordinated. Will we come back. Probably, although it won't be on our top 10 list.

Azalea R.

If ALL Denny's know it's Veterans Day!! How does this location run out of food . It's 9 AM and can't provide good Service. Don't say you support Veterans when you don't. So sad.

Michael Norris

The food was all over cooked, but I can't understand how it was all cold. Waited for ever for half of one order, the bathroom smell like an old put toilet and my feet stuck to the floor. Over all it was a horrible experience.

Joanna Stookey Walker

Great meeting space! Betty is an excellent server...always takes great care of our group!

Dolores Blazzek

They weren't that busy. Took a while to get seated and get our drinks. Floor not clean. One waitress had half a cigarette behind her ear. Will never go back to that Denny's again.

Brandon Brewer

The wait was very long, even though there weren't alot of people. Probably just short staffed that night. Other than that, the food was great and we had a lot of fun!

Michael Duncan

Great food value for the price. Clean and service was friendly. Didn't have to ask for senior discount it was just given. Yeah, I am a senior. For old fashioned consistent quality food, stop by.

Charles Day

Not a great place to eat at .the food came Luke warm. Not got at all . Eggs came with the outside crusty all around. The potatoes were some what hard on one side . THE only thing that was a good hit was the meat.

Alaina H.

My fiancée and I came to this Denny's today. We had to wait to be seated for quite a while when multiple servers and workers saw us and walked by without greeting us. Then when we were finally seated, we waited for ten minutes and got up and left because no one took our order or introduced themselves as our server. We were not pleased and left without any drinks or food or service. We went to iHop instead.

Alyssa W.

The worst service ever! Waited over an hour to receive food and the food we received tasted old and expired!! Dont eat here!!

Chris Nairn

I would not recommend this location. Took way to long to get our food. One of the wait staff even told us they shouldn't have even come in that day. I got the impression that some of the wait staff had come off binders from the night before or something. One big clusterf**k. It was like this a couple of months ago as well so I think its an ongoing problem

Michael F.

Avoid Bad service bad food. Under staffed for Sunday breakfast. Rude hung over waitress. Really really bad food. I sent back the Moons over my Hammy `for a remake it was so bad The waitress says .... guess I will have to slap the cook.....I could go on with horrible service. We had to grab another waitress to get some coffee refills. I could go on but what is the point.

Daniel White

Always good food and service. Their crepes were wonderful!