Domino's Pizza

13706 N 51st Ave, Glendale
(602) 439-3030

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doug hare

Really Joaquin? I place my order at 1:45am (yes, I know its late, but with my kitchen torn apart for renovations I don't have many options for late night food) and you wait until RIGHT before close to cancel it? So I can't call the store and ask anyone whats going on? Ridiculous. This store has so many issues... this is my first review because I am legitimately frustrated, but they mess up EASILY every other order I place.

bryan McIntyre

So I order from this dominos atleast once a week since I moved to this side of town. They constantly mess up. Forget boxes or sides. And honestly I let most of it slide because it's not worth the hassle. Today my order was just to raw to eat (see photo) there response...that I shouldnt do business with them.

Beverly Dillon

Ordered from this Dominos several times and everything was great.

Frannky Valdez

They put my pizza on the hood of my car in my driveway and didn't even knock on the door my pizza sat outside for over an hour and I've currently been on hold for 30 minutes

Fahad S.

I ordered at 11:37 PM. My order went through. On the app showed that my order was in the oven. Then someone was checking the quality and it was out for delivery. My family and I wanted for about an hour and a half. We never received the order. It was very unprofessional. Just because they were lazy to make my food. They made me wait all that time. So they can cancel it last minute. I will never order from such unprofessional staff.

Thomas Price

I would work for these guys if the area wasn't so bad. The philly cheesesteak is respectable. Long liva lava cake

ellyah cacucii

Rude called in because my card was charged but never got a confirmation. Laddie kept hanging up. Super unprofessional and do not recommend. Take your money to McDonalds

Elvie Perucho

I ordered an hour before the delivery time, because i do not have the time to stop and buy food goin to work. By the time of delivery somebody called and told me they do not have the driver. And Bryan said he did not make the food and hang up, while i am talking. Asking him if he did not make the food why he did not call me a bit early to let me know bout the problem! Then after 7 min He called back and said the driver is back and he already made the food and it should be here in a few minutes.. this is missed up!!

Krystal H.

Your pizza was terribly undercooked and inedible. Never again. I asked for extra crispy and light sauce. You gave me the exact opposite... maybe on purpose I don't know and don't care. Your pizza is trash

Dyllon Patterson

Chelsea was so fast at delivering my food and super friendly. She deserves a raise, she made my night.

Zack Haddad

This location is awesome. I am mostly impressed with their quality and service. The pizza comes out just right.

Ryan Shannon

Allways quick, always friendly, and I've never had a problem with anything I've ordered off the menu. And Domino's Pizza blows away the quality of PizzaHuts!

Tom A

Order was good, but I had to endure stupid commercials. I wanted to track my pizza. But for some unknown reason, I couldn't. I had to guess when my pizza would be ready.

Jake Shetler

Kenneth was was helpful over the phone!! He helped us with all of the specials and he even delivered our pizza.

Nicole Henthorn

I really don't understand why this store can never get it right... everytime I order, either the pizza is missing toppings or the toppings are completely wrong... The driver's are always super nice and friendly but who ever is making the pizza just can't seem to read the screen properly. This is the 3rd time in a row that I've ordered because I'm not able to get delivery from the other store nearby. I can't change stores because I'm in this one's delivery area. They need to start double checking their orders before they go out...

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