5795 W Bell Rd Suite 4, Glendale

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Rachael Hyatt

Tried this location 3 times each time they either messed up my order. Served me half frozen food or did not have what I asked for even though they took my order and had me pay for it. I have them 3 chances because they are a new location. But I would rather take my business elsewhere from here on out.

Cheyanne Lillywhite

If I could give this location a zero I would. They constantly make my drinks wrong. They never stir my coffee so all the syrup and sugar is sitting at the bottom. They forget my food. They take forever to make their food. And when they do make the food at a decent pace they forget things you ordered. They never have a full donut case. We came at open the other day and they said they were out of sugar donuts. I used to work for another Dunkin location and I know how simple it is to make them. The male supervisor at this location is lazy and I think the entire team needs retraining. There’s a female employee who never seems happy or smiles at customers. We asked for a corporate contact today and the supervisor said they don’t have one which is a lie. My next visit to Dunkin will be to have a talk with the manager. Maybe she’s the one who needs retraining. Again 0/5 stars. 0/10 recommend this location or their employees.

Sara Armitage

Very modern smaller Dunkin. I LOVE the orange chairs in the sitting areas. Polite staff. Great drinks good donuts.Food: 5/5

Debbie Finley

First time going to this Dunkin Donuts. First of all, it's very hard ordering donuts through the drive-thur there is no menu for donuts. Every donut I asked for they did not have, like a cinnamon roll or anything with cinnamon. So, I bought an apple fritter, it was so hard I could not even bite into it. I hit it on my countertop and it sounded like a rock. I hope your experience is better than mine.

Shanee Walker

I got burned at the drive through window. I came back because my coffee was nasty. The lady at the drive through emptied the cup and put the coffee back inside the same cup. When she gave it to me the lid had came off and the coffee burned my hand and leg(i had screamed ). I was only offered some paper towels.

Elissa Fontaine

I'm sorry, but when you order breakfast and ask for hashbrowns and they don't even fill up the bag half way, thats insane!! 6 hashbrowns...are they serious with this!!I will NEVER order breakfast from this location again.

Allainnia D.

I normally have a decent experience at this location and visit frequently. Today.. I go through drive through as normal. And order my regular. Large frozen matcha, no sugar, with whip. I get to the window and the order was totalled at 5.45. Knowing my order is 6.05 I question the register operator... She said.. frozen coffee .. I corrected her. She then changed it to matcha latte... Which still did not total the correct amount. I gave her the 5.45 I received the receipt and advised she got it wrong again. And handed over the receipt. By this time ... You could tell she was getting agitated... Pasting a smile on her face while huffing loudly. Meanwhile... I just want to make sure I get what I ordered while paying the correct amount. She yanks the receipt from my hand and says .. yes you owe a few cents more. I asked her how much the previous ticket was again.. she then reiterated loudly.. I owed more money... I asked again how much the previous ticket was... Since obviously she had no clue how to do the math. So I gave her .60¢ and asked her to listen next time instead of argue... She responded she wasn't arguing... She went to get my drink... Came back... Shoved it at me... I was trying to make sure this situation wasn't going to ruin her day... So I said... Just think about it... When was the last time a customer argued to try to give you More money.... She turned and looked at me dead in the eye and said...I was just trying to make it cheaper for you... Then told me to leave.... What the Actual FK???? Yeah... I am a true coffee snob... My normal place is coffee bean tea leaf.... I just shake my head and should be avoiding stupidity... lesson learned...

Mosh Family

Been here 8 times, usually in the morning. They are always out of 90% of the donuts. Their favorite line here is, oh we’re out of that.Needless to say I won’t waste anymore time here.

Gerry DeLaTorre

I've been disappointed with Dunkin' Donuts lately. The selection has diminished, the donuts are smaller, and the service is poor. The coffee is always good but they should go back to what made them popular in the first place.

Jonathan Valery

If you haven’t tried the Dunkin’ breakfast tacos you are missing out! I have never had a better breakfast taco in my life! The bacon with grilled corn was incredible! Can’t beat a smooth roasted Carmel Cappuccino ether!

Michelle Everett

Went thru drive thru ordered a coffee, 2 breakfast sandwiches, 2 hashbrowns & 25 doughnut holes. Got coffee, sandwiches, 4 tater rounds per order & only got 6 doughnut holes cost $24. Bad service bad food. Won't go back.

Matthew Criscuolo

Service is just ok, not terrible, but not great. Donuts for some reason at this location are always stale. Idk if they just leave out the previous day's donuts, but you would think on "national donut day", they would have some fresh ones in the morning.

Anjelica With a J

I would give this dunkin time to grow and learn, I went and nobody knew anything I felt really bad for the workers and mad at the management for letting them work without understanding what is going on. On my trip here I got a sandwich but they didn't have any in stock but come to find out the workers didn't know where anything was, I saw 3 employees standing and the other employees started yelling at them asking why aren't they doing anything during a busy rush, the ones standing said they didn't know how to make anything they weren't taught. I felt so bad for these employees. I was talking to another couple that was standing waiting for food and drinks and the man told me that he thinks they are all lost and confused what to do, because they been waiting for over 30 minutes and I believed that because I was waiting for almost 15 minutes to speak to someone. I would avoid this one until management trains properly or the franchise owner helps out in this process.

R Tilman

Walked in. Stood infant of the counter for 5 minutes while 3 workers had their back to me. Didn't say a thing.Finally ordered a simple cup of coffee. Sat down. Waited... waited.... waited. Apparently pouring a basic cup of coffee and adding cream is a long process around here. 25 minutes in. I walk up to the counter. Ask about my coffee. They look at me like I'm 10ft tall. I just left. Unbelievable. I'm usually a dunking fan but this was absolutely shocking.Went down the road to Daily drip and it was delightful.

Jared Schottin

I’d give it zero stars if possible, this place is understaffed. Owners should be ashamed. Took me 25 minutes to get a glazed donut. I don’t know why I didn’t just leave. Employees are running around with their heads cut off. Certainly won’t be back, the employees are borderlines abused, I’d love to see this place closed down and try a new place cause this is obviously a joke

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