El Pollo Loco

5810 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 268-6611

Recent Reviews

Ed Paquet

El Pollo promotes fresh grilled chicken. The double chicken bowl is a good choice.Food: 4/5

David H.

Best tasting food I had . Clean and food and salsas are tasty . I wish the one by my house was this good

Jasper icejumpson

Came for lunch in the drive thru and was out really quick which is great. Got a “double” chicken avocado bowl and it was okay but barely had any chicken and surely didn’t have much avocado either. Not a fan of shredded lettuce for a salad either but not a deal breaker.

Terry Cirre

Good quality food and fire grilled chicken. Lots of salsas and sides upon request. Fast service. Clean. The $6 meal combos can't be beat!

David Barnett

El Pollo Loco is one of my favorite places to eat Chicken. There are a variety of ways to order. From purchasing each piece separately to complete dinners. Service at this location was great. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Theresa M.

I work all day and the last thing I wanna do is have to cook a full meal. I grew up eating el pollo loco as a child as a teen and as an adult and I love to share it with my family today after work when I went to go pick up my order my chicken was like beef jerky. I don't know if it was reheated, but I have never ever experienced. This picture will be included. I would drive to another. I'll Pollo Loco out of the way next time.

Antonio Sanchez

Overall very efficient staff, very clean restaurant with excellent hot food! It's really nice to receive excellent customer service!

Alex Pina

Service was fast. I love app ordering but the app is not very user friendly. The chipotle chicken burritos is my go to meal. ?

Meredith Schild

I placed a catering order for my daughter's volleyball team. The manager took my order over the phone and even gave us an amazing discount! When I arrived to pick up the order, everything was ready to go and the staff was so amazing in helping get everything out to my car. Thank you Ana for an amazing experience! We will be back!!

kevin simcox

Quick lunch but not bad, I didn't try their chicken on the grill but I'm curious about it but I'm a very picky eater when it comes to chicken and meat...

Brad Kingston

Horrible salty rice and fatty chicken. Wanted no beans, but got beans. Waste of 6 bucks

Abel Arroyo

We go to El pollo Loco for many years. We order the family meal (8pc) The prices continue to go up but the chicken is so darn tiny it won't even fill my 4yr old. I'll be going to KFC from now on. It's not worth the money. In order to make it a meal for 5 of us (3 small kids) I have to make extra sides just to substitute for the lack of chicken.Won't be going again!!

Alan Tarin

Would be nice if I got the food that I pay for. Something is always missing. If you offer the chips and guac, i pay for it, then why would I not get it with my order?


El Pollo loco is actually really good for Mexican fast food chicken! The meal for two is great!I've had way worse food at some sit down restaurants.

Roberta H

Haven't been here in a while and decided to use one of their coupons to get a meal for 2. In the past, going late would mean receiving older dried out chicken. Frankly, that's one of the reasons that we stopped going. Our schedule always means late dinner.This time the (4 piece dark) chicken was fresh, moist & flavorful. It came with 2 small sides (your choice), 2 salads & 3 churros. The meal was excellent. So if you run across their flyer, clip the one that says meal for 2 - $10. I'm glad to see more of their flyer ads again as it's always a great value. There's many more deals to be had on this latest one.

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