First Watch

9425 W Glendale Ave Suite 110, Glendale
(623) 292-6930

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Texas Travel Gal

Being from out of state, it is always nice to find places to eat that are welcoming and have delicious food. I stopped in during the morning breakfast time and during lunch time. Both times were really busy but when seated the food came out really fast for it being so packed. Both meals were delicious and the staff was very friendly and helpful with local recommendations. This is my new favorite place to eat when in town.


What a breath of fresh air walking in here. The menu options and drinks are amazing. Good prices, will be back soon.

Vanessa “Nessa” R.

I was visiting Glendale for the football game and the Airbnb we stood at recommended this place for Breakfast/Brunch. It was busy so my son and I decided to eat at the bar. The waitress was nice, the food looked and tasted delicious, and the atmosphere was great. I didn't get to try their fresh squeezed juices, but those looked Awesome! My son ordered the cinnamon crunch cinnamon roll, but I forgot to take a photo.

Scott O'Brien

I’ve been to several First Watch through out the country and have yet to be disappointed. This location is no different. Friendly service. Good food. Not much else to ask for. I would recommend them changing up the menu from time to time.

Berry P.

The wait is sometimes an hour. This may be only on weekends but I have left many times because of the wait. The food is good. I would like to recommend it but my friends would not like the wait.

Alex H.

If you are super hungry, don't come here because there is always a wait.. but I think it's worth the wait. The food was really good, pretty healthy. The costumer service was really good. Would definitely go back again.

April B.

First visit, and likely last... Quickly seated and she was ready to take our order. Picked up the menu, ordered drinks and when Esther returned I asked what she recommended for gluten free. She pointed to two quinoa bowls and also told me the potatoes are gluten free as well. Wanting a more traditional breakfast I went with The Works Omelet. (Generally an Omelet should be safe from gluten and she made no remarks otherwise) Breakfast was brought and I realized I wanted to try the millionaire bacon and ordered that a well. The bacon came right out quickly, room temp and it's honestly the thin cheap type bacon with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of a "little heat" sprinkle. It was the saddest portrayal of millionaires bacon I've ever seen or tasted. Shortly after that our bill was brought and would we like a refill. I had barely finished 1/2 my glass, a piece of bacon and few bites of omelet. We caught the next waitress and asked for a to go container and tea to go so we could clear the booth. I brought the website up while writing the review and see the omelet had gluten?!?! I'm hoping not after substitution if gluten free toast? (tosses the leftovers in the garbage, millionaire bacon still inside) I hope the waitresses that assisted us gets part of the tips left!

Christine Geltner

Great food. Healthy alternatives.

Carlos C.

The food and service was first class. We had the Hash and healthy turkey omelette. It was delicious. The coffee was really good too. We will be back

Cheryl S.

I love all the food at this place. If you like oatmeal, their steel cut oatmeal breakfast is 10/10, waffle is 10/10 and their roast beef and arugula sandwich is 10/10 if going for lunch as well as the Monterey club.

S E B.

Fantastic no matter what day of the week you go! Always fun and exciting seasonal specialties! Fantastic drinks! The staff is impeccable in their greeting, serving and smiles! Treat yourself any day to an experience That will elevate your brunch game!

Doc D.

Excellent experience. We are a big fan of First Watches and have visited multiple locations. Quality across the board and friendly server. Our server was very chill and great to have him. I had the chickichanga which was made perfectly and my wife had the chorizo hash dish. Although I was a bit envious of her dish, we both loved ours. We had a 5 mins wait, which was nothing compared to the line that was present when we left. Nonetheless, convenient parking, great food and friendly staff will keep us going back.

Marnel T.

What a cute brunch spot! Went here on the fly driving by the location & I was not disappointed! The food was delicious, everything was fresh & tasted very good. The drinks are TO DIE FOR! I don't drink alcohol or soda so usually my drink options are very limited, but this place had many hand crafted drink options that were very tasty! It was hard to choose which one to get. Waitress was incredibly friendly and gave us very good recommendations for food and drinks. Allowed us to customize and substitute our food without hesitation. This place is close to home so I will definitely be returning. The wait was about an hour on a busy Saturday morning but it was well worth it.

Sara P.

Located in a big plaza close to the stadium. A lot of parking but current a lot of road work going on (July/August 2022). Put our part of 5 (3 adults + 2 children) on a waitlist, which i googled, and it said it was. 20-30 minute wait. We got there in 20 minutes and we're seated within 5 minutes of checking in. The host/hostess was friendly and were friendly enough to ask if a high chair would be needed for our babe. We were seated near the front window in a large table. The inside has a lot of seating arrangements/options, they also have a since outdoor seating space. The bar seating area had outlets if you wanted to plug in or do some work there. The interior in general was very pretty and definitely provided a farm house/farm-to-table feel. The workers all also had similar uniforms to for that same vibe. Quinoa chicken pesto bowl, this was so good. The quinoa was cooked perfectly, the tomatoes were so tasty. The chicken was not dry and the basil pesto sauce was great. Nothing was too over powering, i would have liked a bit more cheese but overall would highly recommend 10/10 Traditional/trifecta - eggs were good, sausage was a bit salty, the toast was fine and the waffle was amazing. Soft/airy on the inside and crispy on the outside/edges. Not too sweet, butter was super good and the Jam was just the right amount of tart/sweet. house potatoes were not cooked on the inside but were burnt on the outside. This was the only thing that wasn't great 8/10 Kids waffle/pancake - the kids enjoyed these. Good ratio of chocolate chips in the pancake, not super sweet and a good portion for kids. Nice mix of fruits with the half waffle (blueberry, pineapple and grapes). 8/10 Millionaire bacon - these were a great salty/sweet. They aren't thick cut but we're super crispy/candied to perfection. Nice peppery/tad spice to them. 8/10 Side cheesy grits - these were so good. The fries were cooked well, slightly buttery taste and the cheese was ooey gooey nicely melted. 10/10 Barbacoa Benedict - amazing flavor, slightly Smokey/mesquite. Meat was tender and great filling to tortilla ratio. I would personally get it without hollandaise or get it on the side. I realize this is was makes a Benedict but it was so good by itself with the pico de gallo. Also served with black beans which were really good too 9/10 Side turkey sausage gravy - wow. Such a good and flavorful gravy. Not watered down or super floury tasting. You can 1000% taste the sausage and wasn't overly salty. I ate this by itself for the most part, but dipped bacon, sausage and ate with black beans here and there. 10/10 Morning meditation and watermelon wake me up - both drinks were very refreshing. Morning meditation had that slight earth/dirt taste which i imagine Is from the beets. Not saying the drink is gross or dirty because it not, it's just a very distinct taste i find with root vegetables. The watermelon wake me up was not overly sweet and slightly tart from the pineapple. I wish there was a tad more mint flavor to it, still good. 8/10 Overall, i would definitely be back. Service was quick (~5-10 minutes to be served all our food). The staff was friendly and the ambiance was beautiful.

Li Y.

It was love at first bite! Or more like love at first sip and continued throughout the meal. Ordered the morning meditation to start. A deliciously refreshing juice consisting of OJ, beet juice, turmeric and ginger. So good I have been trying to recreate it at home! For food had the triathlete plate made up off an egg white omelette with homemade salsa, fruit cup, and toast. Packed with protein and taste! Other dishes ordered around the table included a regular omelette, strawberry pancakes, a potato hash with eggs, side orders of regular bacon and millionaire bacon. Loved that this restaurant served healthy options. Loved that the menu gives full disclosure on the amount of estimated carbs and calories you maybe intaking. Love the tasty food and drinks. There is a reason why there are multiple "First Watch" restaurants in town; twenty in Phoenix to be exact! There are a lot of people who love First Watch. Expect a little wait, especially on the weekends. Love that the website gives you an estimate wait time for the different locations. We ended up waiting about 50 minutes for a table. Well well worth the wait! Can you tell I loved First Watch? If I lived in the area, would definitely make this place into my regular rotation.

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