5795 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 863-1322

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adrianna ilioi

I’ve been waiting to try this place for so long! Kind staff and very tasty snacks. The corn in the cup is delicious ?

D Maxey

The coldest drinks in town. personal service. Opened this year so good tropical. Latin american frozen treats plus great nachos

James Gray

What you see on the menu is exactly what you get! Everything is bright and colorful and inviting.It's not like McDonald's, where the pictures are amazing and the burger is terrible.My drink looked 100% just like the photos on the menu, and tasted absolutely incredible!Next time I'm gonna try a Sonoran dog and see how it compares to my favorite place in Tucson.

Jessica Mora

Love it!! The raspados and Piña colada amazing and they have thrifty ice cream my fav!!!

Bronson S.

I got the dulce de leche flavor raspado here and what I had of it was really good, but they put very little of the syrup so most of my raspado was just plain ice. I think they could fix this issue if they layer a bit of ice and then syrup until its filled up like they do at sole other places.

Toscha Mijasik

Excellent authentic food prepared with a lot of passion, you can tell. My favorite quick snack is the corn in a cup. Excellent service and friendly staff.

Stephanie C.

We got the Tosti Loco and Sonoran Style Hotdog. Very good! The inside is modern and super clean. I thought it was random that they only played Kpop music videos, but I enjoyed it, entertaining. I will be back for the Thrifty icecream!

Jenny A.

We just moved back to this area and were so excited to find this place tonight! We usually have to drive about 15-20 minutes away for some good Mexican snacks. I got the tostielote and it was delicious and my husband got the mangonada and he loved it. I looked at previous reviews for this place and I think the store has improved on peoples complaints! My food was super flavorful and the corn was not over-liquidy.

Patricia P.

I have tried a lot of the menu items frutilandia has and everything was perfect and tasty, my favorites are corn in a cup, fresas con crema cause you can add al kind of stuff like pecans, ice cream and granola and much more stuff. Nachos supreme and carne asada fries are so good, but sonoran hot dogs too. Its hard to pick a favorite one. The costumer service is always friendly and the store is super clean and modern.


So far I’ve only had drinks here but they are so delicious. I have gone to this location three times now and each time the drinks seem to get better and better if that’s even possible lol. Although they do have many other items to choose from on their menu. I will be going back in the near future to try something new. The facility itself is super clean and a great atmosphere and the staff is very helpful and friendly

M G.

Was excited to try this place with the family since it's the only Mexican snack place in North Glendale/Peoria but very disappointed. The hype is what drew us in but I wouldn't return. My son wanted tosti-elote but settled for elote in a cup because with chips it was about $10. Nacho sauce was not warm..I had to ask for jalapeños when it is advertised with jalapeños. The elote was a lot of juice and not much corn. Raspados were a lot of ice and hardly any juice and had to pay extra for lechera...fresa con lecha came with no granola...for the over priced food and drinks I expected more. We were all disappointed with how long it took for our order. we spent well over $50 for a family of 4 for snacks. We were still hungry when we left...Hope you guys can make improvements soon and if possible lower your prices or don't be stingy on the serving size.

Brooke E.

Honestly was excited to try this place out. I left disappointed. I ordered my two favorite things & they were flavorless. The cup of corn was mainly liquid with a little bit of corn. There are better places that have good mangoneada & elote.

Paola P.

We were excited to visit this place but ended up very disappointed. The prices do not match what you end up with. We tried the corn in a cup and the chamoyadas. The chamoy was disgusting and it tasted like you're drinking straight ice water with some gross chamoy. The corn in a cup had zero flavor. I wouldn't recommend this place it's too expensive for it to be so flavorless

Anjolie Flores

I really liked it here! The food was good - I got the Sonoran Dog & Ceviche - and the atmosphere is nice. It didn't take long to get served & the staff was friendly.

Jamie Williams

Wow. This place is delicious! Just popped in one day. Food and service are equally fantastic.

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