Garcia's Mexican Restaurant

5695 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 354-3610

Recent Reviews

Chelsea M

Absolutely delicious food! The chips, salsa & bean dip was so fresh and flavorful! The pick 3 I got which came with 2 sour cream enchiladas with shredded chicken inside and a shredded beef taco with rice and beans! It was so good!! Our server was also awesome too! Will definitely return very soon!!!

Kristina Abbey

Excellent food and service. My server was very friendly and helpful. The staff all seem to work together to ensure customers are served quickly. I had two tacos with rice and beans and my meal was out to me very quickly. Everything was well prepared and delicious.I will definitely be back.

Shawn Phinney

The food here is so good. The green corn tamale was so huge and delish. It was not dry at all, which has happened to me at other restaurants.Our server was awesome. Never once had to ask for a refill. Plus she gave us to go drinks to take with us.This place is def a must do

Crystal Cooper

Good food and we had the best waiter he was awesome!!

Emily Steve Burmood

best Mexican food in Blythe

Harry Legrand

Good prices, friendly and professional staff. The food is Amazing it's not too salty or bland, perfectly made and the temperature was good. The only thing I would fix was the seating felt small for our party of 5 plus a baby. I look forward to coming back in the future and I recommend this restaurant.

Diane Y.

We have been going to Garcia's for many years, I love cheese enchiladas, the problem is my husbands food is always nice & hot but my cheese enchiladas are always cold, I have sent it back numerous times but I don't like doing that, people tell me that's a bad thing to do, so I just eat them cold & the cheese isn't even melted, & the tortilla was also hard. (July 4,). I wish they could fix this problem, so I don't have to eat cold enchiladas

Peyton T.

I will have to say, it had been almost a decade since we ate here.... and to see faces from 35th and Peoria wad nor surprising. I will day our waiters recommend marinated frilled chicken Burrito wad impressive.. wife's meal was good and ny son... choked down chips through 2 Sierra mists... It wad ok

Edriss Naderi

Very good food. I would definitely recommend this place.

Joey M.

Had lunch with my girl and this is what we thought! So just as I figured. An original establishment that not only advertises fine Mexican food but delivers. Chips, salsa and beans delivered to the table as we are being seated. Amigos authentic Mexican food in surprise, take note and get with it. Drinks and appetizers very prompt along with entrees presented in a nice organized fashion. Food was excellent. Nice spices and flavor. I highly recommend this restaurant as well as the original on 35th Avenue. Our server Jen was more than accommodating and pleasant. It sure beats all the recent transplant chain or so called authentic restaurants that have been ravaging our state.

Shams AL Lami

This spot is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, different locations! Staff are always friendly, helpful, and they know their menu! I always go there knowing that I will love what ever I order on the menu, portions are BIG, they serve complimentary Chips, Salsa and beans, which are delicious! Good options on kids meals, we had Fajitas, Steak and enchiladas, Recommended this location 100%. Will definitely visit again.

Carson K.

Alex at Garcias on 56th and Bell was stellar!! Took care of every need we had and also warmed up a plate of food AGAIN, for my son who was late to the restaurant from work. Food was delicious and on time as well. The start was a little rough but Alex being very friendly and caring was all we could ask for. I would give six stars if possible!

Rob A.

OK this should've been a 2.5 or three start review honestly, based upon service. Just one of those things. When we lived in Denver Garcias was one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Sadly they closed a few years ago. We were happy to see them still alive here in Arizona. So of course we had to come and relive the nostalgia. One of our favorite appetizers was their spinach queso dip. So as we sat down and ordered some margaritas we placed an order for the spinach queso dip. It never showed up. But they give you some nice bean dip and salsa for your welcome when you sit down so we figured that was enough. Then we each ordered a three item combo. I ordered a burrito a rellano and a tamale, all smothered green. But when the server read back our order she omitted the rellano and so I had to remind her about that and then my tamale was smothered in red. Now they're red I'm sure is very traditional and has some allspice flavor to it and I'm sure that's why many people enjoy the dish, however I've never been a fan of allspice and I did not want it in my tamale especially since I had ordered green chili not red. So the waitress could've had another $10 appetizer on our tab and could've had the correct items on my plate also she forgot my burrito and instead I got a cheese enchilada. Well big deal I love Mexican food so it all was appetizing to me and I enjoyed it all except for the red tamale that should've been green and I would've loved it. All in all it was a mixed bag for a reunion because we did not get our spinach queso dip. So it just gives me a chance to go back and maybe the next time our server will get the order right. I don't want to complain about her too much because we wound up liking her personality.

Leslie F.

Delicious food. The decor is colorful and interesting. We had a very quiet and relaxing dinner.

Jennifer V.

If I could give it a zero I would. Literally found a rubber glove in the middle of my quesadilla. I assume it was in the jalapeño cream cheese sauce because it's covered in it. The most disgusting thing I have ever seen in food.

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