Long John Silver's | Taco Bell (29514)

5705 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 547-0209

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JoJo Yvan

Over the past year, I've noticed the staff putting more and more focus on cleanliness and customer service. It's quite nice.While I'm not a fan of fast food, I do love the options here with TB where I can substitute meats for black beans. I also prefer the kiosk for ordering. Typically this mix of details opens up the options for more mistakes in making my meals, but this location has never messed up an order. It's quite refreshing.They have improved a lot over the past year, they are good at customer service, and they make tasty food.

Cheryl Necamp

Fried chicken and shrimp were old and over cooked enough that at least one employee should have noticed before sending my food out.

Tony 10020

Everything was too greasy. Not fresh at all. Old oil.

Michelle Pachter

Amazingly quick and fresh. Love the option to get tacos and fish!

Alex Boos

Nice clean place, gave senior discount without asking, which is unusual. Food is what you expect from Taco Bell.

Marco Felix

First time going into this Long John Silvers/Taco Bell.The store was clean and the cashier was professional and helpful. I ordered a breakfast crunch wrap meal which came with a drink and cinnamon bites. My order came out fast and was accurate. I recommend you try this testuramt.

Joanna B

The food was no where near what it used to be. The shrimp had a lot of batter that was soggy and sane with fish in the middle. I just ate around the outside. It was as if the food was cooked the day before and thrown back in oil to warm it or thrown in a warmer. Not fresh and not in anyway as good as it was.

Mr. T.

The food didn't taste like garbage this time good job guys.

Mario Orsini

This location does the sea shares that others stopped months ago. This is my new favorite taco bell and long john silvers combo. The shrimp are nice in hot and not soggy like others locations. The taco bell side is fast and everything comes out hot too. Their employees are friendly and patient when looking and giving order.

Trevor Berrington

This is a Taco Bell / Long John silver's I have been here a few times and it has always been good for me but just like any place i get food to go I check my food before I leave

Everett Abbott

Adverts for "Tacohell Breakfast" on the window. Doesn't open the drive thru until 10am. Tacohell app thinks this location opens at 8am and will totally let you order at 8am then wait until 10am to pick it up. Phone is busy before the store even opens... For a while.


Nothing tasted good from the fish to the chicken and to the shrimp….I’m sure it has something to do with nobody wanting to work but it also could have been old cooking oil

Brian Monaghan

Order the fish and they had no tartar sauce

jeremy tamayo

Excellent. Tall guy working the front is a superstar. The long johns fish was good and only waited maybe 5 minutes for it. The dining room is open so you can sit back relax and have some fish.

Justine Weaver

It was really clean, fast, and good. The staff were helpful. I was using a coupon and it wouldn't scan off my phone. He figured it out and all with a smile. When the staff was helping customers, they were wiping down surfaces and cleaning.

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Long John Silver's | Taco Bell (29514)

5705 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308
(602) 547-0209