NakedQ BBQ

9405 W Glendale Ave Suite 120, Glendale
(623) 230-2199

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Mike Parker

Not the best barbecue. In fact, for the area, likely some of the worst. My sliced brisket was mostly fat and the smoke ring was barely ¼ inch on the part that had it. Flavor wise, the brisket was more like a roast with no bark on the outside. This is what I expect would happen if someone who had never had barbecue tried to do a brisket. It was simply inedible.The pulled pork was better, but still lacked any real barbecue flavor. I'm thinking they don't really smoke the meats and just hope that you will drown it in sugary sauce and eat it. That isn't what barbecue is about.The sides were... OK. Nothing special and indistinguishable from the heat and eat stuff at a grocery store. You can do better in the West Valley.. NakedQ is too naked, they need to dress their food up with flavor and quality.To those saying this is "Best on the West side"... Eric's Family BBQ, Dillon's, and even Rudy's would like to have word. As it is, NakedQ can't hang with the big boys.

G arcia

Came to eat with my family of 3 at 8:30 tonight, spent under $50 for some great bbq. Staff was excellent. Everyone was attentive to our needs and polite as well. Highly recommend this location. Thank you!

Tyesha Cato

I'm going to give an honest review. I'm from the south so maybe my expectations are higher when it comes to my bar b que. The meat was decent. The mac n cheese was a "no" for me. The potato salad wasn't good either. It would really give the restaurant a special touch if the sides were actually homemade these sides aren't difficult to make. The corn bread had corn in it definitely a big "no" for me good cornbread doesn't need it. The lemonade was good at least and I also ordered a banana pudding it was OK, but again don't think it was homemade either. I can say I gave it a try, but I won't be back

Bianca Garcia

I visited today for the first time and let me tell you that it was such a lovely and mouth watering experience. ? My party and I ordered the Big Daddy to share which came with Brisket (melted in the mouth), Ribs (fell off the bone) Sausage (with a beautiful snap when bitten), Pulled Pork (I could've just eaten this alone) and Chicken with beans and Mac and cheese. The corn bread could've been a little sweeter and moist in my opinion but other than that everything was so tasty. They had Banana pudding on the menu which I HAD to try. You don't really find that just anywhere and it was delicious ? very nostalgic for me. The only thing it was missing was some real banana bits.

Kyle B James

Amazing experience. Great food. Cool vibe. Friendly and fast service. The perfect spot to hit before a Coyotes game. They are clicking on all cylinders and there isn’t a bad thing on the menu. Highly recommended.

Sheila Worley

Customer service was awesome and kind. Facility was clean. I had the 1 meat platter with brisket, beans, mac n cheese, and cornbread. Portions were good. The quality of food unfortunately disappointing. The brisket was dry, mac n cheese tasted like Velveeta cheese and beans were very plain

B Know

Only giving the real. And if you choose to ignore this, then you’ll experience the real. The sauce is good, but the reason being is because it flavors the food. Those ribs were dry. The beans had no flavor at ALL, and tasted hard. The coleslaw isn’t worth it. The pulled chicken NEEDS that sauce. The pulled pork was really all that tasted good, with the sauce of course. That Mac and cheese… those are just boiled noodles. It seems I’m being harsh, but I payed over $30 for my meal. I feel this restaurant is quantity over quality.

Michael Moffett

Wow… I didn’t think a strip mall BBQ joint would be good, I was so wrong. The Brisket is amazing. Salty, Fatty, and smoked perfectly. Cornbread was great and the ribs were on point. My new BBQ place for sure! Staff was great at this location as well.

Barbara Tharp Bonnell

The food was incredible and the service was exceptional! I live in Mississippi and wish there was a NakedQ in my town!

Dan Chrenko

Great food and really great staff! Pulled Pork, burnt ends, brisket are all equally delicious and the sides are very good too. Plus they give you cornbread.

Michael Gonzalez

Love the food, best BBQ on the westside. Meat is smoked on site and is tender and flavorful. Sides are great too. Beer is available on tap. Love the family meals and $5 pork sandwiches on Mondays. Definitely will be back again.

Trent Sears

First time in tonight - super good.Had the brisket sandwich w/ broccoli, great flavors all around.Good sauce and loved the vinegar option.Employees were all super friendly.

Jennifer Lefrancois

Pulled pork sandwich was very good! Service and staff were awesome. Will definitely go here again!

amanda ragains

Wow all the meat was delicious ! Only reason didn't give 5 stars is we felt the sides could have been better. But the meats and the BBQ sauce are to die for will definitely recommend.

Lacee Alatorre

Just as good as the original Naked! Love the brisket so much I don't want to swallow to keep the delicious taste in my mouth....

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