Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6970 N 95th Ave, Glendale
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Casey Casey

We ordered through their app for carside delivery while driving there and finished just as we arrived. We paid through the app which also requested a gratuity, even though we weren't dining in. I was kind of put off by that but I shrugged that off since there would be someone walking it to my car (even though fast food places do it for free) and included a 15% tip. A few minutes later, a young lady came out (20 minutes before our food was scheduled to be delivered) and asked if we were there for carside delivery (we said yes) and then asked for the order name. Then she said she'd be right out with it and disappeared back inside. Our expected food arrival time came and went and no one ever came back outside. 15 minutes after we should have received the food, we went inside to figure out where our food was. Our food had been bagged and was sitting on the To Go counter the entire time and no one ever brought it out or wondered why it was there. I should also point out, they weren't tremendously busy and we were the only To Go order there. Maybe the first lady we talked to when we ordered went on break or her shift ended. I was upset that no one else had been informed of our order or that we were there waiting for it. I wish I had tipped less. To top it off, of the two meals we ordered, one was delicious. However, the other was burnt to a crisp and inedible. And for $20 per dish, I expect to (at the very least) be able to choke it down. Such a disappointment... Such a waste.

Kimber Clark

New bartender did a great job. Very friendly staff. Olive garden gets it right every time.

Elizabeth Mark

We went for a free Veterans meal. Food was great. Waiter was very attentive and nice even knowing we were eating for free. Thank you Olive Garden!


It was great! Our server Zaire was amazing and treated us well... The food was yummy so we'll definitely be back soon!!!


Went in today around 3 no wait time to be seated the server was nice got us our drinks we waited for our food I order the shrimp scampi and a Child's meal for my daughter my husband order the chicken Alfredo and in his food there was a piece of cardboard in his food and although he is nice and didn't wanna be rude and make a scene I think this bad and gross , and we told the server at the end that and even showed him he just siad okay and grabbed our plates so if you eathere keep a eye out ,fill not worth 80 bucks plus tip

Janet Fontana

The salad was fresh and crunchy, the food was hot & the breadsticks were warm and soft. Also there was plenty to take home! Another wonderful meal at Olive Garden!

just ask me

Got to love this place not only can you eat here. But you can park here and go to the game on Sundays. Southeast corner of 95th and Glendale. And a parking company on Sundays for Football game day parking and ask about there golf cart rides, Olive Garden and the old Gordon beer's, ?

Dustin Redland

This is definitely an amazing olive garden location. Yeah it's pretty new, but that's besides the point. The staff is great, they are helpful and welcoming. Our server was top notch and everything went as smooth as a restaurant experience can go. I felt very relaxed and the food was incredible. 10/10 baby boy, this place rocks. Plus they will give you bread to-go ;)

K. D.

We went for my brother's birthday and it was... Not great. We haven't dined in at an Olive Garden in at least two years. There were many notable differences in the experience.1. There were no reservations. We had a group of 8 and when we have a larger group we prefer to be courteous to the staff and make reservations at least a week in advance. We were not allowed to. Olive Garden no longer takes reservations. You simply have to show up and wait regardless of your group size. We waited approximately 35 minutes to get a table.2. Bread sticks and salad were served after we'd already been seated for almost 40 min. Salad is no longer for the table, only for the people who ordered specific entrees. It was awkward passing plates along to everyone only to have the server say, "Ah ah! Only these folks get plates for salad!" It was awkward having to take plates from certain people (Our great grandmother and toddler were two of them) and eat in front of everyone else. Therr was plenty of salad in the serving bowl for everyone, and we didn't have a problem sharing. Our bread sticks came on tiny plates instead of in baskets at first so we commandeered those because we're grownups and wanted everyone to be able to have some salad.3. Food came about 1 hour in, only about 20 minutes after our first plate of bread sticks and the salad of awkwardness. It was decently busy but again, had we been given a chance to make a reservation, our visit could have been properly prepared for. ??‍♀️Fettuccine Alfredo was disappointing as always. Find a recipe online and make your own, people. You will blow your own mind with what you can make in less than 30 minutes for pennies compared to the $15 plate of sadness you currently think is your favorite dish. Five cheese ziti was actually really good, and the lasagna fritta never disappoints.Special mention for the Zeppoli, now referred to on the menu as "Warm Italian Donuts" has been (permanently?) Discontinued? Or else too much work for the busy kitchen staff during dinner service. It was the best dessert at Olive Garden. Basically, beignets dusted with powdered sugar and served with warm chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce.Our server did the best she could under the circumstances, as did we. Olive Garden has never been the epitome of fine dining, but is definitely a more "every man for himself" experience compared to the family oriented Olive Garden of the past. If you've been thinking about visiting Olive Garden "post"-covid--Don't.

Benjamin T. HUYNH

Here in America ??, we took it upon ourselves to transform Italian cuisine ?? into something that's our own … Shockingly with a lot of HEAVY Cream ??? !!!Shout-out to our waiter Jonathan - He is amazing !!!

Christen D

I have gone to this location twice and both times I experienced VERY slow service. The servers are nice when tending to our table but we are left waiting very long periods of time for refills on drinks or any other small request such as napkins, or to-go boxes and $5 chilled to-go meal. Maybe management needs to hire more servers in order to limit the amount of assigned tables.

Brian M.

We had my neice 8th birthday there.15 of us in our party ,STAFF WAS AWESOME!!! They put our bday cake in the fridge till we were ready also my wife 4got the candles OUR AWESOME WAITRESS hooked us up with candles a lighter and even brang the staff over to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITH OUR FAMILY.. Food was EXCELLENT.. All in all awsome food, awesome staff

Queen B

This had to be a one-off issue... called weeks ahead to book an event for a wedding dinner...was told to call 2hrs ahead... 3 days confirmed...on day of, 3 different people said 3 different things... 1. We'll have a section set up & ready 2. Call 2hrs ahead 3. Will be treated as a walk-in... uuhhmmm 30 people as a walk-in!?!? Nevertheless it was a 2.5hr WAIT. Typically one of my favorite places but today was a bit too much. Tell us in advance so we can make other arrangements rather than having us show up and wait...and wait...and wait.

Charlene Segrest

Always enjoy olive garden. Staff were attentive, even though it was full. Everything came in a timely manner and food was fresh and hot. Kids enjoyed the food also. Would definitely dine here again.

Sam Bob

I had a shrimp appetizer...LOTS of garlic. I love garlic! My party shared a bit of salad and breadsticks. I took a $5 ziti home. Can't beat the price!

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6970 N 95th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305
(623) 872-0003