RazzleberrieZ Frozen Yogurt

6751 N Sunset Blvd E-106, Glendale
(623) 877-3542

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I tried the mango, raspberry, and cotton candy sorbet. It hit the spot on a warm evening. There were an assortment of toppings to choose from. The place could have been a little cleaner, especially the floors. But considering the high volume of traffic and minimal staff, it was understandable. Located in the Westgate Entertainment District

Lesleee Lacarriere

Every time I come here they are out of strawberries!!! am sure it just that them little girls are to lazy to cut some up.

Gabriela Noriega

Literally came in and I felt horrible for the girl working there.. she was literally doing everything by herself and there was soo many people coming in! Sat there with my fiancé for maybe an hour just talking and no one came to help..


Delicious frozen yogurt, best of all is that is open until 12 am, that is great, they have a good variety of flavors and topics, the only desappoint was that they didn't had any fruits, but other than that, was great !

Jessie Smith

First off, I only gave it two stars because the employees were nice and helpful. But overall I was dissatisfied with my first time experience here. All yogurt choices were non-dairy, which wasn't a problem, I'm down for tasting new things but it was horrible. I added a few pb cups, almonds, strawberries and coconut shreds and it was still terrible. Also, the entire floor was sticky every where I walked. I'll stick to yogurtland.

jessica brown

There were only 2 flavors of yogurt and with covid they still put the toppings on for you. We have to wear gloves and can get our on yogurt but not toppings, make it make sense

Melissa Leary

Great place to stop for a quick personalized treat. The staff is always friendly and the toppings bar is always full of great options. I do wish there was a "plain" yogurt option, but thats just a personal preference.Reasonable price and selection.Definitely recommended

Jayce Bryant

I have never been disappointed with frozen yogurt and this place did not disappoint by any means!!

Godspeed Superbeast

I love the Frozen yogurt flavors and the toppings are endless

Bill Ball

I love the Frozen yogurt flavors and the toppings are endless

Terry Morrison

The wife and daughter and I really enjoyed our frozen yogurt. Their wide variety of flavors are incredible!

Silvia Aguirre

Time says they open at 12 we're here 12:30 and they still not open and no signs they will open...we wait for 40 min and the lady come out and post a sticky note saying we'll open until 1 now..what a bad experience not coming back to this place for sure...??????

Sara Nassef

I was totally disappointed when I couldn't find the original plain flavor.. It's the only unique flavor that you can't find in any regular ice cream shop.

Caitlyn Call

Super yummy frozen yogurt! They have the dole pineapple flavor, which satisfied my Disneyland nostalgia while everything is pretty much locked down. They have lots of options for toppings, and the store was super clean. Me and my husband will be back!

Jennifer lane

We got frozen yogurt . The yogurts in there I promise haha. Pretty cool you have a variety of frozen yogurt to choose from. They have a ton of choices to choose from. I would of liked to see a variety of fruit choices . As far as fruit.. cherries, and coconut...they were out of strawberries.... i didn't see the fruit that was advertised on their website. A lot of candy , chocolate like shown in their glossary was shown.. kinda contradicts their healthy motto.. The yogurt was delicious. They also charge by the ounce. So after you put everything in the cup , they weigh it at checkout . It can get pricey if you aren't careful, so don't over load. The cups shown in my pictures , that is the smallest size .... cashier was very kind ...

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