Sushi Catcher

6334 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(623) 748-8006

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Tookas FoodFever

Looking forward to another visit to this place but to actually eat there. Came here for the first time & got a pick up order since it was almost closing time ! I got an Alaskan Roll ( CA Roll , Fresh Salmon & Sliced Lemon on Top) & a Philadelphia Roll ( Salmon , Cream Cheese & Avocado) & of course Salmon Sashimi. Yes I’m Obsessed with salmon & this place was definitely 100/10 ? the salmon tasted fresh and the roll combinations were delicious . Can’t wait to actually sit down & eat here again !

Stephanie Hale

Best sushi I've had in years!! The owner, Fei, is really personable! Great customer service, delicious food! I recommend the beef bowl & the Tootsie roll!! The prices are really good too, lunch for 2 people was under $30 before tip!


The Sushi Catcher consists of a quaint dining room with eight tables, and bar seating. Soulful tunes play on the speakers. ? The hot green tea was perfect on a cool evening. I tried the spicy edamame and the tootsie roll. The fish tasted fresh as it was prepared...very satisfying. Hands down, one of the best places that I've eaten sushi at.Great for family or date night! Located in a shopping strip, so plenty of parking. Accessible entrance.I enjoyed the experience!


It took over 30 minutes to just get our water. Then 50 min to get half of our order which was 2 sushi rolls. Waited another 20 min before getting the second persons order of salmon teriyaki it was only this time that they came to refill our water cups. The service was extremely slow. My husband and I will not come back.

Alexis P

Very very good. Me and my husband ordered three different rolls and all three were delicious. Worth the wait and prices were good as well. We will be back!

Darren Marchner

My daughter and I opened up this fine establishment years ago...and now, as we sent her off to College, she asked that her last dining experience be SUSHI CATCHER. Good times, wonderful food, fantastic memories.

Nom Noms

This place used to be my favorite. You would feel welcomed when walking in and treated as if you are were a priority. The food used to be amazing as well. The last few times coming here though hasn't been the greatest experience. Whenever my family and I would walk in, we would be one of the first few people to be seated. But lately we'd sit 1 - 2 hours waiting for our food all while watching other people come and go with their food and paying. We'd be the last to get our food. On top of that, the food hasn't been the same anymore. Our ramen would be rushed and would have too much spice in it or have overcooked noodles. Our sushi just seemed like it was slapped together lately and bland. The teriyaki chicken has been dry and not as saucy as it used to be. I think I'm done coming here because I don't think I want to wait 1 - 2 hours anymore for food that's not as great as it used to be. It was good while it lasted and I enjoyed the past experience but it isn't for me anymore. Thank you Sushi Catcher.

Kevin Walsh

Don't come here expecting instant service. This place is ran by one, yes one, master sushi preparer. And she does the best to deliver the absolute freshest, most delicious sushi you can get from a little hole in the wall. Best sushi in the area hands down.

Randy N.

This restaurant has always had very slow service. I thought I would give them another chance today and I went there for lunch. I was the only person in the seating area. Nobody made any effort to wait on me. After 15 minutes I saw someone peaking out at me through the curtains. After another 5 minutes I left. I will not go there again. There are other places in the area that have good sushi and treat their customer's time with respect.

Elleni Ptak

Small local business I've been coming here for over 5 years. Located in a strip mall. Fey the owner is super friendly and when you get to know her will treat you like family.The Salmon collar is my favorite menu item comes with salad and dressing. Absolutely delicious.Be prepared to wait a bit they are short staffed but worth while.As you wait for your service you will notice all the repeat customers that Fey knows by name. The menu is extensive so should find something for everyone in your party. Highly recommend having Sushi Catcher become part of your sushi destinations.

Colin G.

I've been to sushi all over Arizona and this is by far the best sushi I've ever had. It was well worth the wait the owner was by herself and handled it beautifully. We ordered about six different rolls and all were to die for. 12/10 would DEFIANTLY recommend. If you need some GREAT freaking sushi and you're not in a rush, come Here it won't disappoint!

Anthony M.

Pretty packed for a Saturday evening. Did take quite a while to get each plate but like mentioned, it was busy. The spicy crab roll was really good! The gyoza was amazing with sauce as well. The Pokémon roll was alright, but my gf loved it. As for the ramen, was not aware that the broth was going to be spicy, but regardless it still had a good taste. Noodles were nice and firm, egg and meat were whatever. Overall it was good! but the main thing brining it down was the wait.

Michael Repman

Always delicious food when I go there. Freshen on the spot. The lady that does all the preparing and cooking is super sweet and such an awesome person. 10 of the 10 will always go there when I'm craving sushi. Thank you so much!

Mary V.

Best sushi place by far!! I drive 25 minutes to get to Sushi Catcher. The food is amazing, this is not a place to go if your in a hurry. So if you want a great meal with great food this is the place! If you like spicy you have to try their spicy miso ramen! A must try for sushi rolls is the Baja roll!!

Sara B.

The best sushi in Glendale! I got the Lava roll, Hawaiian roll, Las Vegas roll, salmon and yellowtail nigiri and it really was the most delicious sushi I have had close to my house. The rolls were so flavorful and the fish was good quality and clean. I will be going to Sushi Catcher from now on. Wish I took pictures, didn't realize it was going to be so good.

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