Taco Bell

5705 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 547-0209

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Moriah Grisham

You guys need to learn to listen. If someone orders an order of french fries and orders 2 pieces of fish then that's means they don't want it in the same box. If you're gonna do that then you should ask first instead of just doing whatever you want. Was not pleased!

Nicholas Fregozo

Arrived 2 hours after they were supposed to open but nope! They just said there opening late and could not make anything. Great job being late a whole 2 hours!

Heather Fox

The lady at the drive though had a attitude problem. We ask her for hot sauce and she rolls her eyes .it was rude

vincent list

Just garbage. The food is fine it's taco bell. The people here don't check the lobby ever, so be prepared to yell when you walk in so they know there are people. Plus there all basically 15 year old kids. So also expect them to obviously mess it up and you have to come back. They also curse all day cause they think there alone for some reason. Ya just terrible overall just fire these kids and hire like normal fkn people jeez

Jonathan Valery

My daughter is in love with Taco Bell! She loves the Supreme Tacos with extra sour cream. I personally am a fan of the original Taco Bell Chalupa. Always a crowd pleaser!

Devonee Rodriguez

I chose this rating because the food was cold; some items such as the cheesy roll ups weren’t cooked thoroughly, the service was terrible; at one point there was a line of four people (myself included) and no one came to the front to service us, so we just ordered on the kiosk. After arriving home with the food, we also noticed that some of the items were missing. From the service to the food, the experience was terrible. This location is by far the worst location I’ve ever been to.

S. DLCruz

Normally it's a decent visit. Today I was charged for a family mean and got nothing but the chicken. The person working the drive-thru was less than polite. The feedback option on the website did not offer a solution to my stolen money (the money I paid for the food I did not receive). It is pointless to go into a store with people like this because they then have the opportunity to give you a replacement that they have messed with.

Karen Osborne

It is so nice to go through the drive-thru and be able to hear and understand the person taking our order. So many times it sounds garbled.Also the staff was friendly, fast and efficient. Thank you

Monique Marie

Candice needs to either quit or get fired, horrible customer service, worst attitude ever from beginning to end, turns her back on you in mid conversation, fyi If you don’t like your job just quit simple as that honestly.Rachel is really sweet and kind, very helpful and understanding, Candice it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few things from Rachel.

Mario Orsini

Great taco bell to go to. Fast drive thru and friendly staff. Got my large order taken perfectly. Our food was still warm when we got home! Awesome place

Roberta Radford

This is the best taco bell around! Foods always packed with meats and cheeses and never cold/stale. Consistently awesome, glad we live nearby!

Muh Sketchy

Earlier this evening we went to the Taco Bell located at 57th Ave and Bell Road in Glendale, Arizona primarily cuz my partner wanted Long John Silver's while I wanted a bean burrito. This location houses both restaurants so it saved us a trip... theoretically. But just like with cash money, sometimes those 'savings' just aren't worth the cost.I ordered two (2) beef & bean burritos, extra beans, extra beef, but without the tortillas. They were instructed to put the food on plates due to my gluten sensitivity. I was asked if I wanted onions, red sauce & cheese and I answered in the affirmative. They got the bulk of the order correct but if THAT is EXTRA I would hate to get a regular burrito...it would be NOTHING but sauce & tortilla. I was ASKED if I wanted onions & yet I found exactly THREE diced pieces of onion on my plate, never did come across ANY cheese.Long story short, it made a PITIFUL BURRITO when all was said & done. Yes I said burrito cuz Mission DOES make GLUTEN FREE tortillas so there is NO reason Taco Bell cannot offer them to their customers.

Shenaz L.

DO NOT EAT HERE THEY ARE THIEVES! Quick update. The two young ladies are felons and have stolen more than 6 customer credit cards through the drive thru, and attempted to use or did use them at Walmart in the same shpppong center. One week later Glendale police involved and they are still working at this location. The young lady taking orders was too busy speaking and laughing with her counterpart to pay attention to the orders being given so they had to be repeated 5 times. When arriving at the window the counterpart was giving disgusting looks to the driver and passenger of the car. And finally the nacho bell grande was missing at least 1/2 of the nacho cheese and crunch wrap supreme had the same issue with subpar nacho cheese and meat. Overall a very disappointing experience. This was all met with my missing debit card.

Stevie Bridges

I went through the drive through. I ordered my food, paid, and had my order in under 5 minutes. My food was hot and tasted great. Better than some of the other locations I've experienced recently.

Latonya Lewis

They would have received higher, but I can't understand how they could make a mistake with the easiest order in the world. Party Pack of 12 tacos, 10 soft shell just cheese & meat, 2 crunchy regular tacos, 4 cina twist, 1 chicken enchilada. They gave me the Party Pack then asked for it back because they made all the tacos normal. The 3 is because they caught their own error. I've never had that problem at the Taco Bell at 43rd Ave & Bell, but my daughter says they always mess up her same order. I'll go back because I love Taco Bell. However, 8 must say, I make my own tacos once a month and they are good as well. But I just love Taco Bell.

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