Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill

6070 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 547-9366

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Wow, what a terrible experience. If you are looking for a good time out, look else where. The bartender LLOYDA is an awful person, I'm not sure she has ever held a customer service position before or communicated with her kind at all. Perhaps she just hates women, her job, or hell even herself. Either way, this location will ruin your night if you have to interact with her, and maybe even week.The rest of the staff was great and understanding that LLOYDA is typically a downer.

Mark Vyborny

Met up with family, eleven of us, and there was plenty of seating. Regular bar food selections and the food and service was good. Average prices. Pool tables and games kept us occupied as well as the cold beers and drinks.Food: 4/5

Bryan Orosco

Usually a good experience but today the pizza was under cooked and the wings were dry and seemed old. Didn’t notice till I got home and opened everything. Feeling kinda like I was given what was left over for the day.

Layze Alfieri

ordered my Sunday football pizza and wings over the phone for the entire party at my house. my pick up driver got to the bar, to be told we never had an order placed yet the woman who answered the phone asked if I know what location I am calling. said yes, on 61st and bell? yes what van I get for you. Told my driver to just leave and we ended up ordering Barrows. you are better than this


Went on 10/6/22 at 12:50 pm and it just came to my attention that the waitress gave herself an extra $1.00 tip! I put the tip amount and total so the fact that a $1 more cleared my checking is crooked/forged! It is not about the extra $1 it's the fact this is illegal forging/altering people's finances and no different if I had wrote a check and she altered that!!! I will be deciding what steps I want to take next and contact my financial institution. WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS PLACE THAT HIRES CROOKED STAFF!

Ryan Brueggeman

I love this place! The food and drinks are good as well as the music, seating is plentiful and they show major sporting events such as UFC shows etc. What really grabbed me about this place was how friendly the other customers were. There is a regular group here that was very welcoming, and struck up conversations. We decided to go back. A few days later and the same group remembered my name and welcomed us back to the bar. It's a very friendly environment without drama. Love it!

Susan Davis

Went to watch Sunday night football and our waitress Nicole was amazing. She is super sweet and funny and such a pleasure. If more places had employees like her their business would benefit. Definitely be back again

William Noll

Given the limited staff on a Saturday night, service was great. Kinda crowded, kinda loud with the live band (who weren't that bad). Food brings down the rating. Boneless wings and cheese curds were what you expect at a sports bar. But the small supreme pizza was not up to par. Toppings were sparse and hot, but the dough was completely not baked at all. Now I can forgive a little undercooked if the dough is good, but this was just not good...


Walked in saw a sign to please seat yourself. We seated ourselves and waited over 15 minutes with no service. I then waited up front for another 5 just to talk to someone about it and still no service. We had a waiter or waitress walk past our table 4 times and never once acknowledge us. I used to like this place but unfortunately won't be going back.

Dean Spencer

I didn't want to even give a one star for what happened tonight .We ordered food and Waited 50 minutes The bartender never came back to check on us or say that our food would be out soon So we ask a different bartender To check on the food which was was never even ordered all we got was oh sorry I forgot , then when I paid with Tailgators cash that was not even done correctly she charged my cc more and said I had only given her 3 $10 certificates and to her surprise when she showed them to me there were 4 just like I said. She told me I could not tip on them which I had no intentions of doings so - I was going to have that put on my debit card. But with the lack of professionalism that did not happen no tip. Over the year we have been going to this bar and the service has just gotten worse and we don't feel like they even care so WE WILL NEVER BE BACK AGAIN !!

Bizzy Mommee

Walked in on a Tuesday night. There was a live band playing. Stood at the door, waiting to be seated. No one came to seat us… so we grabbed a booth next to other diners. Fifteen minutes later still no service. We left… won’t be back.

Jacalyn Danchise-Edie

Had the all you can eat fish fry. It was very good.

Amber Remington

Excellent employees, very friendly & nice.Even after someone left a purse and when we returned to pick it up, had to stay for dinner. The food was good, I couldn't say no to the fried pickles ?

Ronda Thompson

Sat at the booths next to the bar. Had the lovely floor show of over served people screaming at each other with atleast 10 F-bombs! 10 tables sitting w mouths open n bartender going to the table twice! Finally man leaves n a waitress brings yet 2 more drinks with a huge hug! I've owned a bar/restaurant ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. $$ not well spent!!!!

James Harding

Good food - IF you can get it. I've ordered from them probably 10 times and only actually gotten a meal twice. I don't know what is going on over there, but they are losing my business... and (probably) a TON of money.

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Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill

6070 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308
(602) 547-9366