Vito's Pizza

4318 W Northern Ave D, Glendale
(623) 930-1644

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melissahuey Huey

Staff is very nice and the chicken tenders are good but I didn't like the pineapple BBQ wings or the thin pizza crust or sauce the thin crust was a little to thick and it was barely sauce on the pizza and the cheese was to thick I'm from Chicago and the Italian sausage was good and you can tell its Chicago but overall I didn't like the pizza or wings the wings had literally no taste so I put them in my air fryer and season them myself denos on grand is the best pizza

Me Mine

Hello folks I am a phx native of 47 years.I have had the privilege of going to 32 different countries via the United States Marine corps I have never ever ever had such an amazing pie.Omg every bite was amazing and allot of leftovers14 inch deep dish house special about 13 lbs of pizza.Thank you sir I will always be back amazing. God bless

Pam Smith

2nd time here. Got the deep dish the first time. Man that was SOME PIZZA. Got the thin this time n it was just as awesome. Friendly phone person n fast delivery with hot pizza n wings. Yum! Thx Vitos

Dusty Burman

Best Deep Dish Pizza. We get Meaty with onions!! Reheats great.

Sam H.

A friend has been coming here for years and recommended them. So I decided to order for a small group of friends that got together. We ordered 2 large 16" pizzas and 20 pc wings utilizing the ordering app (grubhub???) that is linked to this establishment. The food was ready for pick up within the timeline they quoted. The food was hot and looked good after getting it home. They definitely don't cut back on ingredients and the wings were flavorful. (this alone would have been a solid 3-4 star rating) They do offer crushed chilis & grated parm in 1 oz cups they pack themselves; however, when I asked for some I was given only one set and when I asked for more, the lady begrudgingly gave me another set and looked at the ticket/order. (this took away from their 3 star down 1 star for me, I'm a customer service focused reviewer). Personally, I believe this is the cost of doing this type of business and it's not like I was asking for tons...I had order 2 large (16") pizzas. While it was convenient to order & pay, Buyer Beware the pricing is significantly higher than the internet menu pricing link by $16.00+. (While this didn't take away another star, just know this fact) You are better off contacting the establishment directly and paying when you get there or ordering on site. I still would recommend one to give them a try, because you won't go away hungry, just don't order through the app and have your own supply of crushed chilis and parm.

Beard Greta

Best place for date night! Amazing food, great service, nice atmosphere

Philip S.

Before we moved to the other side of town we used to (7 - 12 years ago) get the deep dish pizza at least every couple months. We recently (about 3 months ago) decided to drive across town to get the chicago deep dish...boy have things changed. The pizza was mostly dough with a little sauce and some meet. Absolutely disappointed with this recent purchase...not dure if they changed owners or what but most likely will not make the trip back there since there are so many other excellent choices for pizza in the valley. Sorry I don't usually leave a negative review but thought it might save someone else from going through the same thing.

Katie J.

We got takeout from here and we're pleased with the size of the pizzas for a great price. They needed a little extra cutting to separate the pieces but other than that no issue. We got the Hawaiian and the sausage. Would recommend the sausage one again for sure!

Alan Kittle

Exceptionally Supurb ! Very Fresh IngredientsSatisfying It's always good to support local businesses especially at this time.

Mac V.

Delicious and always tasty deep dish. This is my go to when I want a non chain pizza.

Gillian H.

Honestly this place is great. The deep dish is the best. It really reminds me of some of the pizza places in Chicago; with the bread to toppings ratio it's exactly what I want with a deep dish.


Italian beef is good. Pizza could use more sauce. Fried zucchini is excellent. ??

Luis Gonzalez

Can't say enough the pizza "BLOWS" Oregano's deep dish out of the water A MUST-TRY everything in this menu is homemade

Lee Renee

Oh wow!! Vito's Pizza and canollis are finger lickin good. I can tell everything was cooked with love!??Two thumbs up!! Absolutely love Vito's. Friendly, and happy staff.

Chris W.

This is where I first fell in love with deep dish pizza. I'm not usually a crust guy, but they have amazing pie dough and getting a delicious bread stick at the end of the pie is a great treat. A little off the beaten path, but worth it. Completely local and one of a kind.

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