Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

9455 W Glendale Ave Suite 120, Glendale
(623) 248-9472

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The Life of Marian

I was excited to come here with my daughter to get a drink and perhaps a bowl for the first time. When I asked the young lady what she would suggest, she seemed annoyed and was very unhelpful. So I decided to only get a drink for my daughter and avoid spending money on any additional additional items

Jorge Ace

First time didn't know what to get so just asked and they recommended it . Was refreshing for az heat

Lord John

Thought I would take the wife in for a treat of lemonade, just a the two (2) of us. Was charged for three drinks (3), when they offered the refund for the 3rd drink they processed it incorrectly and then when told, incorrectly again, they refunded without the tax. The place is clean and neat. The staff are friendly but timid. It seems they need a little bit more management of their staff. It got VERY loud when they use their blender. Drinks were good BUT strong. Might repeat, but no rush. Not Wow Wow but Ho Hum.

Michael F

Wanted something refreshing after hiking so the wife and I popped in. Great lemonade, had the pineapple ginger, wife got the mango pineapple. Both were great. Food options are not overly tasty but very healthy options

Nancy Entero LewisSalamat

First timers, but we’ll be back . So yummy snd healthy

Michelle M.

A hot day so came in here to grab a drink. I typically don't get the frozen lemonade but wanted to try it. I still prefer not frozen but very tasty!

Vanessa Rodriguez

Horrible lemonade!! Nothing like on island! I lived on Oahu and was excited to see this store in Arizona ! I traveled from Tucson only to find they didn’t have the glass cups but more importantly all flavors of lemonade my family and I ordered were terrible. A waste of $30 because we trashed them after one drink. It tasted like an over sugared, over priced Country Time lemonade. Nothing like the refreshing lemonade I remember. Please don’t waste your money folks... better off going into the malls and getting a lemonade from Pretzel Time or Auntie Ann’s.

Angelica Logan

The lemonades were pretty okay. It was expensive for the quality. Although an employee who must have been off for the day, they were wearing an aloha shirt, brought a kitten into the store. Even though there were plenty of people waiting for drinks the employees kept stopping to say hi and let and I did not see any of them wash their hands after going back into the kitchen to make the drinks

Casey H.

First time at Wow Wow in Glendale/Westgate and I will definitely be back. Got an Açaí bowl that was so fresh, granola sweet and so yummy! My husband got the egg and avocado toast, which was a must have for a morning treat. As for drinks the kids smoothie hit spot, as well as the strawberry pineapple lemonade so damn refreshing! I can't wait to go back - they found a new fan in me!

Lauren R.

i truly love this place, the food is great but i have gone in on multiple occasions and the staff has seemed to be a let down. All they seem to do is stare and is not particularly friendly. disappointed.

Mireya R.

Was really excited to try this place and the service was awful. They sat in the back room and we had to get there attention for them to take our order. Smoothies were good all though the cups were given to us a 1/4 empty.

Dri Cristina

It’s a very nice chill atmosphere with plenty island drinks and different bowls to choose from. Fresh and sweet fruit everything was tasty ?

Summer Wyatt

If you love lemonade this is your place! So many flavor options, frozen or fresh!

Danica R.

Loved the açaí bowls from here. It's really clean inside and it definitely reminds you of Hawaii if you've ever been.

Daniel Locke

Very clean and welcoming inside. Super nice staff, Mackenzie was very helpful at the register as it was our first visit there. Lemonade was amazing and we will definitely be back.

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