15591 W Roosevelt St Suite 110, Goodyear
(623) 322-1999

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Sky A.

I live an hour from this location & found it through 'The Green Plant' instagram (an online plant store with 2 collab locations this being one of them) looking for a hoya plant at an awesome price. I do love boba so I made the trip. When you walk in it feels super clean, spacious, & the staff are very welcoming. Plants are displayed in beautiful pots on shelves & a couple tables, it really felt like beautiful minimal decor. I found the Hoya Obovata I had been seeking at only $15 and bought two thai tea's with classic boba. I had the option to purchase the pot with the plant or just the plant, and while my boba was made, the lovely boba-rista answered questions about the plants care, and made awesome suggestions about the best way to get my wonderful drink. I hadn't had Thai Tea in years, it was amazing. They also have gelato and other sweet drinks. I had a great experience and love the plant/boba collab, I'll definitely be back

Lexi I.

I'm late doing this review but I wanted to be sure to get it done. I came in last Sunday 10/4 while visiting with my brother. Literally best service we received during my entire trip out in Arizona. All 3 employees were super friendly and knowledgeable. The drinks and gelato are amazing! And the set up is super cute. I most definitely will be coming here every time I'm in Arizona. Can't recommend this place enough!

Maggie B.

My friend and I stopped in here to try it out for the first time. The location is absolutely beautiful. Super minimal, but very inviting. The service was wonderful. There were 2 younger girls in there who smiled the whole time, made great conversation, and were just genuinely happy and friendly. My friend ordered the Thai Tea (he is a Thai tea snob), and said it was delicious and not too sweet. I ordered a jasmine green tea with guava and strawberry flavor at the recommendation of one of the girls, and passion fruit boba. SO. REFRESHING. It was exactly what I wanted. I will be returning regularly. Oh, and all the plants and pots in there are for sale!Highly recommend!

Joyce W.

Bobazona: The pure combination of two things I love --- Boba + Arizona!Both times I had stopped in, I had ordered the jasmine green tea with the salted crema foam. Upon first sniff and first sip, I thought it was legit creamed butter on top. The second sip brought a mouthful of refreshly bright Jasmine tea. Excellent! Don't you dare think about mixing the tea with the foam because it will lose the unique buttery goodness only found at Bobazona. So based on me trying only one drink in two visits so far, a solid 4-stars! I really need to try The CPR!I haven't had their gelato either of the times I've been to Bobazona but that's all my homie gets so it must be good. He's had the hazelnut gelato (like a fine Ferrero Rocher) and the tiramisu.It's very clean and spacious inside and the staff is really helpful when it comes to recommendations so don't hesitate to ask! If tea is the drink of love, then brew on!

Kristen F.

My first time here and the employees were very helpful, and genuinely nice. My chai tea latte was made half sweet and I had black sugar and tapioca pearls added. It was very good. (FYI- Black sugar tastes like molasses and maple, in my opinion.) The environment of the place is very calm and relaxing. I'm going to try the gelato next time, which looks delicious!

Gretchen M.

I personally don't like boba drinks, but my daughter and husband are boba snobs. They are super picky, and love this place! They like that you can mix and match all of the elements and said all the drinks they've had (7+) taste great. I took a sip of my daughter's blueberry jasmine tea and it tasted really good.

Deya C.

I was super excited for this place to open, finally a boba place down the street from my house! I ordered 2 Thai teas with boba and I was very disappointed! It tasted nothing like Thai tea and the boba was super slimy. I don't think I'll stop by again a rather drive a little further to get something good, tasty and worth it!

Betty C.

Cutest place to stop by and refresh with amazing drinks and gelato to die for!! Employees are quick and always so helpful.

Amy Lee J.

Love this place! Clean, friendly, gelato is delicious, and the boba is always soft and fresh. We've gone 4 times since opening and everything has been amazing! Love the milk teas, not too sweet and yummy flavors!

Marie G.

Great flavors! Great atmosphere! Good quality boba and gelato quick and pleasant service. Clean, positive and great customer service!!

Rachell Logan

Love this place! So delicious and great service! We will definitely be back!

Jenn Baird

Clean with friendly staff. Several options without decision fatigue - will be making this a regular treat!

Crystal Rajab

When I first walked in I noticed 2 things, I looked very clean and it SMELLED clean! I loved how the gelato was laid out, very decorative. Sometimes it's the little details. I had some gelato and a cold brew. Both were delicious! I got to take few minutes to talk to one of the owners and she was very sweet and personable. I highly recommend this place.

Nicole V.

I love this boba spot! All of the employees are so friendly, and the shop is super clean. I highly recommend coming here to grab some boba (they have so many options) or a cup of gelato!

Javier Carlos

Loved this little spot and especially loved getting to talk to the owner! It’s simply a treat when you can meet the owner and know they love their work. Who can beat amazing Gelato and great music ?

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