Mr Claws

1130 W Grove Ave UNIT 111, Mesa
(480) 955-1883

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Dnice Myers

I was skeptical at first driving up it was empty with no wait on a Saturday night. However, this place is absolutely amazing from the food to the service! Prices are reasonable too. I will be back and I have already told my friends and family! The combo #3 was delicious.

Kathleen McComsey

Ordered from GrubHub, this restaurant decided to close early, and never informed GrubHub that they closed early, so when my driver showed up to get my food, the restaurant was closed. I was informed so late that I am unable to order dinner for my family from any place else as every place else is now closed. It's very disrespectful and unprofessional to clients trying to buy food.

Mark S

Ordered DoorDash for delivery, garlic noodles with sausage....... I’m hooked, so delicious. These guys are the best

April Turley

The seafood was cooked well, but there was nothing "Cajun" about their house Cajun boil. It was more of a sweet and spicy, Asian take, on a Cajun flavor. The shrimp in garlic butter was worth having again.

Wade Boi

Wonderful king crab legs with good flavor also , and the lady was very nice , service was very good I will return!

Marina Maroquin

Truly THE Best and Most Flavorful Seafood in town! At first, I was a bit put off by it's sort of fast food dining appearance. It's a very small place and fairly new. I just know this place will soon be flooded once the word gets out just how amazing their food really is! We were...and I emphasize on "were" die hard Angry Crab folks. Sorry, but Angry's just got kicked to the curb! We ordered Combo #3 which has King Crab, Huge Shrimp, Massive Crawfish, Oysters/Mussels, Sausage, Corn on Cob & Potatoes in their Medium Hot Cajun Garlic sauce. We were so extremely full but couldn't stop eating because it was that good! Their prices are WELL WORTH IT! You won't be disappointed. I'm so happy to have found this place. My new favorite ? ?

Alvin Nguyen

We had the combo #3. Very good portion for 2 people. The seafood is fresh and juicy. The house special sauce is highly recommended, one if the best cajun sauce I’d ever taste. The soft shell crab is also very very fresh. Definitely not the quality you get from the super market or many other restaurants.

Tonya Thurbush

Absolutely hands down the best seafood restaurant I’ve been to in my life. I could eat here everyday! I grew up with a long line of generations in the fishing industry so I had fresh seafood all my life. This place is incredible! The entire family loves it.

Miguel P.

So I stumbled upon this little gem by accident and what a lucky accident it was. Now let me start by saying that I wish I could review all their sea food but was unable to as I was flying solo tonight. This place is meant for family style eating or groups. For those who follow me you know I give a quick and lengthy review. For my quick review: I loved the place!! So quaint, so clean, so delicious! The oysters and sides were a delight! Super attentive staff in a small yet comfortable place. I will definitely come back with a group to grub on the seafood. For the detailed review: Food: I came by myself today and wasn't aware this was more of a family style restaurant. I ordered the garlic oysters and the sweet potatoes fries along with the corn on the cob. The oysters were a delight!!! I can finally say this; it does not need more garlic! It had just the right amount; a lot! Lol The oysters were very fresh and for just a moment they took me back to the ocean lol. (This is my over dramatic expression term for telling you it was hella good!) The sweet potatoes fries were also as good as you can make sweet potatoes fries short of making them from scratch. The corn was delicious and had their house seasoning which was good enough to make my taste buds cry wondering what the seafood would taste like with it. Cleanliness/presentation The place is immaculate. It is also brand new so it is to be expected. Not a spec of dirt anywhere. Service: Excellent service! Friendly staff that make you feel warm and welcome upon setting foot in the place. Server came by often and was very attentive. Very happy with the service! Overall I give the place a solid A Next time I'm coming back with my friends and we are going to town on those king crab legs OMG they look soooooooo nice!!!

Ken Nguyen

The seafood are very fresh and delicious. Moreover, the price is reliable. You should try this place!!!

Allison Nguyen

One of my new favorite places! The food is delicious. Can’t wait to come back and try some more. Will definitely be telling friends to come and try. We will be back again!

james rice

After i look this up the first time i decided to try it the first time the next day. The shrimp with the head i got 3lbs with all 3 seasons with the spicy. It was actually good but it wasn't spicy to me compare to hot n juicy but it was still and crunchy.


The food is so fresh! Great service. Will definitely be going back!

Mai Tang

This is my new go to crawfish spot! I used to only go to Hot n Juicy but this place is better! Their crawfish are huge and their house sauce is to die for! I also love their soft shell crab and garlic noodles! Their masago scallop dish is delicious as well!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Peter Nguyen

The house special Cajun Garlic Sauce is so delicious. This is my favorite spot for seafood . Highly recommended!!!!!

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