Taco Bell

1148 N Higley Rd, Mesa
(480) 985-0848

Recent Reviews

Robert Anderson

Always clean, very rare for a mistake to be made on an order. It's Taco Bell, so I assume you know what the place is about - this location has been one of the good ones in my book, living in the area.

Chris Hooper

I've eaten Taco Bell all over the country for years. I love the sauces and the food is even better once you get the hang of customizing items. Great location. It's clean and the staff is courteous and efficient. Once or twice I got the wrong order and they fixed it without any issues.


Hector served us and did an outstanding job! Hector was super helpful and friendly! 5 Stars for that guy! The food was excellent too!

mark handley

Normally fine but today i waited over 30 minutes to get some tacos

James Taylor

This location isn't as good as the one on power and Mckellips. The food just doesn't quite taste the same like the ratios are off or something.

Loree Anderson

The cashier, Cameron, was very polite, accomodating and efficient. They also offer a senior discount for those over 65. The restaurant was very clean and kept up well. The food was at the right temperature and was very good. I would recommend this particular franchise to all my friends. I will definitely be making return visits. I appreciate the service here.

Me V

They got new people here and they are very nice. Drive thru was fast and i came at 1210. They were out of what i wanted but the food was still good

Talem Romec

Its a great place to be,thanks taco bell..

Susan Schwartz

Very nice workers. Food always hot . Orders always correct. Good food

Thomas R.

I had to stop going to this location even though it's close to my house. Last time I went to this location was in June and I stopped going because they wouldn't get my order right. I love Taco Bell's sauces and I order extra sauce with every item. Three times in a row I ordered from here and got extra sauce in my quesadilla and all three times rather than giving me extra sauce, they gave me NO sauce. It was a big bummer eating a bland quesadilla with no sauce. It makes it worse that I paid for extra sauce. I assume they had workers who would see extra sauce and then would think it would be funny to give no sauce. I could see the mistake one or maybe two times but three times in a row just shows it was done on purpose. Find another Taco Bell.

daniel lefevre

Taco Bell was the go to place for quality food that didn’t empty your bank account. It’s bad enough to order food that is usually topped off with hot sauces of varying taste while limiting your drink to only a modest large cup filled with ice whereas you once could get a extra large 44 oz drink with your meal but no more. Then of late there is that not so enticing meal pictures on the menu along with the increase in prices giving you heartburn even before you take a bite of your taco! It’s not looking good where this is going Taco Bell!


Really enjoyed the service tonight. Greeted the moment the we came in and got fast service! Food was hot and prepared well. Good job to the team tonight and to front male cashier who took our order.

David Laughlin

I was surprised by the cleanliness of Taco Bell. They have stepped up their appearance and routine cleaning to make it a nicer place. Kiosk ordering was fairly easy and being the only place with the Baja Blast flavor is a definite plus. Their food is constantly decent, and I was surprised at the cheap drinks during happy hour and decent selection on the dollar menu.

Heather Johnson

This taco bell is actually clean. Employees are nice. People are in a good mood. Food isn't thrown together. Good job.


This is the worst for take out or using the app for pick up. No one knows anything. They make you food like trash because the figure its take out so you won't come back to complain. Spare yourself just dont go here or eat in so you can complain directly with any issues.

Mary S.

Just got home from the drive through. Order missing a taco and the special burrito I paid 80 cents. Extra for was missing the beans that was supposed to be in it. I mean it Taco Bell, we we not expecting delicious food. Maybe just getting the order right would help.

Shane Luenz

Great food, pleasant staff but it is freezing in here. Several people have said its freezing in here.

Von Garf

Nice price. Amenities have a beautiful upgrade. Nice group of folks who work here. Good customer service and fast service. Will be returning!

Ethan M.

I went to this Taco Bell and ordered two soft tacos and the side order of nachos and they gave me hard shell tacos and the three layer nachos. I went back when I realized I got the wrong order and as I rolled up to the window I saw one worker sitting on the counter and he just kept sitting there and had another worker come talk to me. They told me that it was actually cheaper to do it they way they did. I don't care if it's cheaper to do it that way, I wanted what I ordered. They made it seem like they did me a favor by making my order wrong and then said that they would make the order that I actually wanted this time. To top it off, they still messed up and made my soft tacos as soft taco supremes. I know this is a difficult job so you can't expect too much.

Carolyn Kelley

Only thing they got GOUNG for them is the diamondback. Special. And then, we were there Tuesday, place was overflowing. But this taco's. Hey. Dude's. Their so skimpy, you have to upgrade them to even taste like a decent. Taco. Where's. Taco Bell headed???? To me. Down, down, and down. You guys have a gold mine there. Be little more liberal with the stuffings. In that she'll. The shell was great, that's all I can say bout their. Taco's. Sorry.

Michael C.

this has got to be by far the most shittiest taco bell I've ever been to. I went over there for a bit to eat a little after 9 o clock yesterday morning and as soon as I walked in there was puddles of water all over the floor WTF. Not to mention I could of easily slipped and fell on my ass if I didn't notice all those damn huge puddles all over the floor. Also I waited in front of the registers for over 15 minutes and no one bothered to take my order. How are these douchebags able to keep there Jobs?

gustavo banks

The food was a little cold, but still not bad. And the place was pretty clean

Alexander Monson

Its taco bell. They are quick and the food is tacobell. So if you like taco bell.... you'll like this taco bell. They took out the spinny change thing where you could win a free taco, burrito. To many local kids (totally not me) got very good at it. So that's the only negative thing I can say about it. Always great food and service. I like that they get my orders right, I don't like sour cream and most places always forget to not add it. I have never got an order wrong here which is awesome!!

Sylvia Villasenor

Long lines on the fast lane, so we have to get out and go inside and then we saw a machine that you had to input your order, however for the way I wanted my order I had to wait for someone so I can tell them the way I wanted my order and that took some time too. I wanted my tacos so I had to wait.

Marybeth Williams

I just went through the drive-through and got a crunch wrap supreme it was burnt..When I went to take it back the employee said oh we don’t give refunds... 😂😂😂 Ummm I’m sorry yes you do. Get the manager!!! 💵 in hand. SMH

Queen_ OfGoblins

The staff is very nice and the food comes out hot. Something's off with the drinks though. They're watered down

Steve C.

Every time I come here the person at the window is so nice and they ask " would you like sauce " and I reply " yes ..yes I would like sauce " then they reply " what kind? " I always get excited and say " fire!" Then I come home and there is never any kind of sauce in the bag. They are very consistent and polite.

Big Psych CB2

Love the nacho fries and the prices plus mountain dew you cant beat it!

Sarah Rogers

Drive thru service was slow, but food was good.

John Shoemaker

This is a combined Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. The Taco Bell portion is awesome and I was very satisfied. The LJS food however was very disappointing. The fish now is so skinny and thin, it was a joke. It was tough too. So very disappointing as I used to love their fish.

Kris O'Connor

Food is always good. The drive thru employee was very short and had a attitude. She didnt even say hi she seemed annoyed that there were customers.

C. Hoeppner

LOVE The Watermelon Freeze❤❤

Brian Schultz

I enjoy Taco Bell. Quick, fairly inexpensive food. My order was taken promptly by a friendly associate. I had to ask for my beverage cup though when my food was ready.

Hunter Rasmussen

Its taco bell. They are quick and the food is tacobell. So if you like taco bell.... you'll like this taco bell. They took out the spinny change thing where you could win a free taco, burrito. To many local kids (totally not me) got very good at it. So that's the only negative thing I can say about it.

Zey Parraz

Its taco bell, come on! Always friendly, cheap and fast paced! Who wants to go with me right now?!

JAmes Rockwell

I feel like they shouldn't be able to use the word Mexican anywhere in their advertising.

Steven Sonkin

Food was hot and fresh, made to order. This location is pretty good about cleanliness inside too.


No place to lock up expensive road bicycle. They say use the light pole in the parking lot but it won't work with a u-lock. Bad attitude with no empathy for people on nice bicycles who don't want them ripped off for a couple of tacos. Plenty of other places for fast food.


Finally a Breakfast Crunchwrap with fresh hash browns in it, unlike most locations. Delicious!

Wade Cook

Super friendly cashier and serve was really fast