Taco Bell

1148 N Higley Rd, Mesa
(480) 985-0848

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Steve C.

Every time I come here the person at the window is so nice and they ask " would you like sauce " and I reply " yes ..yes I would like sauce " then they reply " what kind? " I always get excited and say " fire!" Then I come home and there is never any kind of sauce in the bag. They are very consistent and polite.

Big Psych CB2

Love the nacho fries and the prices plus mountain dew you cant beat it!

Sarah Rogers

Drive thru service was slow, but food was good.

John Shoemaker

This is a combined Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. The Taco Bell portion is awesome and I was very satisfied. The LJS food however was very disappointing. The fish now is so skinny and thin, it was a joke. It was tough too. So very disappointing as I used to love their fish.

Kris O'Connor

Food is always good. The drive thru employee was very short and had a attitude. She didnt even say hi she seemed annoyed that there were customers.

C. Hoeppner

LOVE The Watermelon Freezeā¤ā¤

Brian Schultz

I enjoy Taco Bell. Quick, fairly inexpensive food. My order was taken promptly by a friendly associate. I had to ask for my beverage cup though when my food was ready.

Hunter Rasmussen

Its taco bell. They are quick and the food is tacobell. So if you like taco bell.... you'll like this taco bell. They took out the spinny change thing where you could win a free taco, burrito. To many local kids (totally not me) got very good at it. So that's the only negative thing I can say about it.

Zey Parraz

Its taco bell, come on! Always friendly, cheap and fast paced! Who wants to go with me right now?!

JAmes Rockwell

I feel like they shouldn't be able to use the word Mexican anywhere in their advertising.

Steven Sonkin

Food was hot and fresh, made to order. This location is pretty good about cleanliness inside too.


No place to lock up expensive road bicycle. They say use the light pole in the parking lot but it won't work with a u-lock. Bad attitude with no empathy for people on nice bicycles who don't want them ripped off for a couple of tacos. Plenty of other places for fast food.


Finally a Breakfast Crunchwrap with fresh hash browns in it, unlike most locations. Delicious!

Wade Cook

Super friendly cashier and serve was really fast

David Harmison

Always great food and service. I like that they get my orders right, I don't like sour cream and most places always forget to not add it. I have never got an order wrong here which is awesome!!

Angie B.

I was impressed by the customer service today. There was a big waiting line inside and at the drivethru. Management didn't have enough staff for the lunch rush but.... the kid(brown hairs guy) was busting butt!! He was not only putting the food together he would pause and take orders at the counter fir the customers that didn't use the auto order machines provided inside. Every time and with each custom he was very professional and kept a smile the whole time. Great kid excellent customer service

Terry Harper

Staff is pleasant and food is tasty with several new options. Prices are better than average for fast food restaurant. Only complaint, new menu boards are hard to read.

Jordan D.

This Taco Bell is close to my house and I have gone here a good amount times now and the manager is nice, but whoever makes the food doesn't care at all about the food quality what so ever every time I try to order a chalupa the shell is old and stale like it's been sitting out for months. I mean Taco Bell is somewhere I already have low expectations for, but this cook deliberately sells stale food. He must really not care about his job considering he has done this to me several times let alone probably tons of other people like why would I want pay so much for stale tacos... won't be coming back and I hope you don't as well ...way to make my low expectations even lower. DO NOT COME HERE YOU WILL NE DISSATISFIED


Drive thru worker very nice and polite and very patient as I ordered! Fast and friendly service. Recommend this location

Gina M.

I had a great experience here!! My cashier was Victory S. She was very sweet, great people skills!!! We had to wait a few minutes for our food to be cooked and she gave us complimentary drinks. Very pleasant. Great to see someone in the drive thru as perky and friendly as she was!!!

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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