Taco Bell

2028 N Power Rd, Mesa
(480) 325-1195

Recent Reviews

DethAngel88 Tommy Tucker

No complaints, but since this is Taco bell I can never give a 5 star rating. They're great in a pinch, not my first priority for food choices.


Iv been going here for years and they’ve always been quick and efficient. If they ever get my order wrong they’ll let me keep the extra and won’t give a fuss and correct it. Always give plenty napkins and sauce packets which I love. And they don’t cheap out on the amount of ingredients they give you on each item.


Buncha homies at this TB. Just a good crew.

Taylor Finklea

Every taco bell in this area has excellent customer service and quality food. This is the same level of quality, will definitely be going back.

Genevive D.

Ordered ice coffee and a few tacos. Ice coffee was warm with no ice, and none of the requested sauce was in the bag. Disappointing visit.

Jess Bock

Chips and cheese. How difficult is it to put both in the bag? Twice now, this location has messed up my order. The first time they gave me chips but no cheese. This time I got the cheese but no chips. I only ordered one other thing with my meal, I don't understand why it is so difficult to put chips AND cheese in the bag!

Robert Clarke

He is the godfather of hair, been cutting and styling 4 generations of my family

Slayton Bazzle

I think it's one of the best places to eat

Saoirse Smith

Safety is key. They clean up and make sure to clean the restrooms and tables. Great food and kind staff.


The owners here fully understand safety for not just the employees but for the customers as well. They have instituted a method of service second to none that I have seen. All business I have dealt with so far are looking out for the employee, leaving the customer vulnerable to passing from one person to the next, seriously. Employee puts Gloves on and then with same gloves touches every customers credit card or cash. Potentially spreading a a deadly pathogen from one person to the next. You want to see how it's done, and feel safe come on down. Kudos to Taco Bell to figure it out.

Amelie Hill

I went through the drive through last night to order a freeze for my son, who is very sick right now. I was shocked when I pulled up to the window and the nice young lady said “it’s on the house”. This was such a pleasant gesture in such a stressful time

Lynn Baker

One of the better locations, staff is friendly and gets order correct more often than not?

Janee Q.

We have been going to this location for about 12 years. They are usually pretty good about making sure everything is ok and in the bag. Went here last night and my nacho supreme looked like someone had emptied crumbs into it! No sooner did I say something about that my 9 year old daughter actually started choking on a piece of plastic in her taco!! Not ok! Intend to call corporate about this!

Angelic Huizar

Daughter and I had lunch time and we left happy ! Good customer service.. Thank you!

Robert L.

This is our Taco Bell and aside from the occasional forgotten hot sauce or missing cinnamon crisp they do really well. Most of my business is through the drive through. Don't let a long line at the drive through scare you as the lines always moves fast. They are very efficient.

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